Wednesday, 24 September 2014

There is no answer

God wants us to toil. To sow. If we have the answer to everything, there would be no social ills whatsoever. Life is perpetual. There is no end to the human race. And so I think.

Many gave up. Why is there so much heartaches and sad stories? We read it in the news, over radio and even experienced it ourselves. Why do we feel bad for no reason at times? It's an enigma.

We tried. We did. We learned. And yet there is very much more to learn. And yet so little time to spare. We adjust our disposition too to fit into the society.

Being a boring person is doomed to fail. On the other hand, there is a catch in being an interesting and entertaining soul to your associations. Overdo it and you will be treated as a clown. Ironically, to some extent, our objective in life is not so much of too pre-occupied with entertaining our associations. We have a job to do so to speak.

Whom doesn't want an interesting and meaningful life? Having fun with the right crowd. Friends whom understands. Those whom stick with you come rain or shine. Like a love story, an interesting and exciting plot is what most of us are looking for. An exciting career too. Unless you are square, the above doesn't apply. You will be missing out the real life big time.

It's a dream. It takes effort. Passion. Desire if one don't wish to waste one's precious life away. One lifetime. And time is fleeting.

Do not be square and learn to read between the lines. Most importantly, don't believe everything you see, hear or listen. It's what you want. Listen to your heart and do take great care of yourselves.

See no hassle, hear no delay, speak no risk. Health and happiness is in your hands................

Long marathon

Endless obstacles. No horizon in sight. Energy and stamina to continue the race. Help is scarce. Everybody is jostling for a slice of the cake. Putting in countless effort rules the day. Otherwise one would be left behind. Biting the dust.

More so at the bottom of the social hierarchy. The battle is fierce. Can turned ugly, wicked and cruel if one is not careful. More so in handling human affair. A give and take society. To gain respect and earning a day's work is prerequisite.

To gain competitive advantage, one has to harness the best that the body, mind and spirit can offer. A lack of resources will put one down the economic ladder. Extra input will be needed to produce the same goods.

It's a marathon we can't afford to fail lest we will suffer the consequences. Like poverty and begging for handouts. The people whom suffer the most definitely are the homeless. No roof over their head and deprived of a good rest.

Like a boat looking ashore, the struggle is painful. And confidence is important to pull any success of making a kill in the unforgiving present market. Overheads run high and the clock is ticking away at feverish pace. Time waits for no man.

Many try the happy-go-lucky attitude but at the end of the day, it boils down to bread and butter issues. Better late than sorry.

It's a tiring race. Giving up is not an option. Unless you don't need food to survive, the show must go on. Family and friends are alike. Co-operation is a 2-way relationship. Based on the fundamental of act of kindness. God bless..............

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Looking for solution

Look at the bright side like endless hours on TV. Make believe. What to expect? 48. Aging. Wished I am a good looking 28-year-old lady. At least making a living would be much easier. Selling insurance for instance.

Desperate to replenish reserve. Like printing and handing out namecards. Not to mention prospecting through various media. Legwork too. Getting help in high places is another story altogether. Getting entertained? Audience? Either you are lucky or pure kidding.

The bucks don't stop here. Idling means no income. Pure and simple. Giving someone a treat means extra expenditure. Prospects and friends are alike. Unless you have deep pockets, drinks and meals on the table does ring the cash register. The onus is on you. Double trouble.

Sitting tight at home calling for retirement spells trouble too. Whom is going to upkeep our livelihood? Being square is no help either. I believe miracle is our only saviour in desperate situation. Perhaps the magic of Disneyland.

Get real, we must be crazy to convince the masses of our magnificent cashcow before earning our first dollar. Like giving out free samples. Doing charity, mad advertising etcetera. These pre-occupation will only made us look like cartoon characters in this ever realistic world we live in.

No wonder it's called the rat race. Ever searching for the Holy Grail to bring us food on the table with an honest day of work.

For those whom has little choices and limited options, life is definitely getting more and more stressful. Love is just not enough. Our mind, body and spirit needs nourishment. Many live in a sorry state due to malnourishment. Sad and tragic.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pointless and useless

Even though nobody is listening. Paying heed. Have a heart etcetera. To keep soldiering on come rain or shine. Gone as far as the horizon searching and looking for friends of a feather. To no avail.

Looking for both sympathy and emphathy. So pathetic. Am I to blame? Do I have a choice? In this city built of concrete, love is as thin as ice. And money is the root of all evil.

Hanging by the fingernails, many toil each day to make ends meet. Incomes are rare. Many times none. Startups require money. And seldom take-off. What with the present economic scenario.

Breadwinners have mouths to feed. Keeping sanity at bay is like scaling Mount Everest. Competitive market doesn't help either.

Everybody is doing its' best to look after itself. Unless one needs a haircut or requires a surgeon, chances are, they are doing just fine managing oneself. It's no surprise that reaching out to someone in time of need gets harder by the day.

Perhaps we are lack of hormones or suffering from hormone imbalance, the brain is working overtime in the name of survival. Our health and physique needs attention too. Otherwise we will suffer big time in the present rat race.

Feeling worried and down brings no benefit too. We know damn well that life has to go on no matter what phase we are in. Selfishness and greed are the greatest evil. Love shall triumph but the odds are great.

Last but not least, self-sufficiency rules the day as asking for help is an ever difficult task for most in these stressful society we live in now. More so in time of emergency......................

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Funding blogger

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Feeling refresh and fine. Happy and gay. Everybody loves a good piece of news. Like a new born. Like the launch of a new shuttle. Postman bringing you the latest love letter. Whom doesn't love good surprises?

Having a long scented-bath. Watching a new movie. We go to great lengths to acquire refreshing experience. Not to mention the cost of procurement. Like changing a new car, a new house and a new girlfriend for some.

What is the price of starting a new chapter? A refreshing new leaf? Only the wise can tell you the game people play. Unless you are dumb, open your eyes and you will realise that everyday people harbours dream of their own. Do you have one?

Getting stale and bored with mundane living hit the nerve of many in several parts of the day. It takes stamina and mental strength to overcome fatique. People find ways to refresh. A glass of iced-cold lemonade perhaps. Catch my drift?

To wake up refresh tomorrow requires ample sleep. In modern terms, sleeping needs practice. So-called sleeping pattern. For those whom are dead tired, sleeping is not a problem at all. If I have a million bucks, I presumed I will sleep like a baby and waking up refresh like a beaming sunflower.

Nothing beats our soul and mind when it comes to refreshing our wallet. I bet that's why each and everyone of us is working so hard to make ends meet. No issue here.

Begging for money give one a bad name. City of angels are harping a puzzling tune...............

What do you good at?

Paperwork. Painting. Multi-tasking. Talking too. There are a myriad things one can do. And good at. Many don't realised their skill until the later years. Never too late to start on the starting block. All it takes is passion and desire.

We might not get a handle on a certain task initially but good skill can be honed at no time. Books, advice and pure observation can get us far. Focus and determination are the main ingredient.

Coming to monetary term. We all penchant to be paid for our work. Chances are we stick to a 9 to 5 routine to earn paycheck to paycheck. On the other hand, many start a business which they think can bring an honourable return.

Overheads and sustenance are parts and parcel of everyday living. The living cost. Utilities, rental, car maintenance, repair over roof leakage etcetera. All these are chalking up to a handsome figure. Sleepless nights are norms for the unfortunate.

We resort to making a reasonable if not handsome income to overcome the above predicament. And we can only earn such income by doing what we good at. No point wasting our time on vocations that are not tailor-made to our qualification and expertise.

Maximisation of income with minimum effort is ideal. But in real life, plenty of effort and energy are required to manouvre and steer our ship on course. Especially in problem-solving. Don't take too much time to fail. Increase the rate of failure and learn big time.

Are you taking steps to better yourself? What have you done lately? God bless...............

Monday, 18 August 2014

What i can do

I am able. Knowledgeable and experienced. There are people whom care though few. I cherish them all the same. My brand of writing is likeable to a broken gramophone. Just tell me I can change.

Thinking myself to a corner is catastrophe also. I am making it a point to be more creative in the near future. New issues and happenings. Like my recent job-huntings. I came to realise that the jobs I am looking for is just not me. Making a big fool of myself. Wasting precious time, money and energy in the process.

As a last resort, I am betting on faith alone. My loved ones whom I hold dear to my heart, my treasured belongings and last but not least my fondest work which is writing.

I have no intentions of hurting anyone or imposed hard times on my friends neither is to me. I just loved to share my periodic feelings over what I had become and the steps I have taken to overcome them. So far so good. Thank God. I need all the blessings there is. I really do.

Keeping a tight rein on personal hygiene and healthcare is utmost. I am doing all I can to my best ability to see them through. Looking for silverlinings and lights at the end of the tunnel pre-occupied my time. I learned to relax and think clearly too. Stress and strain is hazardous to good health. I know.

I am big enough to think for myself. Nobody would. That made life more challenging. I am taking obstacles astride too. One at a time. Not to hurt myself big time. Have a heart and handle life with care. It goes a long way.

Meanwhile, my motto and modus operandi is true, kind and necessary ( :

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The dilemma of over-reliant on a single person.

Oh yes. It's good to have friends. When we are young, our parents always bail us out whenever we get into trouble. The same goes to whenever we are working for someone. We seek solace with a single entity. As we grew older, we realised how important it is to have a network of friends.

For advisory. For a helping hand. For a shoulder to cry on. To share our inner thoughts. In time of trouble. In good times. If we are over-reliant on a loved one, we bound to get hurt when things go wrong. We are left high and dry. Resulting in long cold wintry night.

In time of peace, have some caring for people you know. Stay in touch and exchanges of goodwill shall flourish a friendship in many ways.

Do not underestimate the power of friendship. It's a give and take situation. Stop cheating our friends. Be honest and sincere. Good friends are hard to come by. It takes effort.

To win friends, one needs the right attitude. A good ear for listening for instance. One doesn't have to splash money to win friends. One can spot a genuine friend when he gets to know her well.

With a network of friends, life grew easier when co-operation in many form are essential. We get hurt by over-dependent on a single source that is likely to let us down. Many got cheated by blind trust.

As time goes by, we learn to choose and sticking by our faithful friends. Nothing is more scary than relying solely on someone or something that are not trustworthy or likely to hurt us in many ways.

Choose wisely and start looking for new genuine friends..................

Do you think I am a joke?

I blog. Many things people do. Spending most time with the phone. Driving incessantly. Working around the kitchen. Reading. Watching television.

Sharing my thoughts with the masses. For those whom cares. For those whom browse. And for those whom are catching a glimpse on what I am writing from time to time. The feeling is the same. Godwilling and Godspeed.

We can turn cuckoo at wit's end. Long hours in the office. Commuting in traffic jams. Hurried lunch hour. And waiting for that special someone.

Not to mention calamities that befall us. Looking after the sick. When our car broke down. When our roof leaks. Or even when payments are due. Many had sleepness nights trying to make things right. Pity.

We get into the scheme of things in order to make a living. Staying by the sidelines is a spectator's sport. For the rich perhaps. But then again, how many are they rich folks out there? Majority are struggling for a living. Debts and rentals are the norms.

No joke. No crying wolf. Better late than sorry. Never say never again. Looking for options and finding solutions to everyday problem occupies the mind.

Meeting and talking to people rules the day. No man is an island. Money don't fall from the sky or grow on trees. They come from people. It's a reality. An honest day of work means everything.....................

Are you a reckless person?

Do you listen? Do you give another person the opportunity to talk? Are you so pre-occupied with talking most of the time?

There is a reason for communication. Understand and be understood. Otherwise we defeat the purpose of talking in the first place. Annoying and proving to be a nuisance at the same time.

Keep it short and simple. Waiting for response. Is an art form. Getting to know a person too in the process. No hurry. No jumping the gun.

Like in driving, drinking and smoking, reckless behaviour will be detrimental. It becomes a habit. We get hurt sooner or later. Time to change. Better late than sorry.

Going for fast result, fast money, fast car, fast woman will only quench short term desire. The decadent consequences runs deep. Caught in the web of influence.

Leading a simple life, smelling the roses and penchant for small things are more considerate living. Staying out of trouble and having means of celibacy shall proof worthwhile in the long run. Many lives through their 90's.

Experience never lies. Older and wiser. Don't lose your soul to the Devil. It's a battle worth fighting for. Every bit.

Anger might get things done. But faith is a better option in the long run...................

Is it worth our time, energy and money?

Is there appreciation? Accolade? Merit? For the things we do. Blood, sweat and tears. Many lost their soul in the rush hour. Gasping for air. Getting a foothold.

Making ends meet takes everything we got. Need all the help we can get. Nobody can survive alone without the help of buddies. Co-operation and connection. Working hand in hand to pass the buck.

No one is above the rest. Superior not. Everybody is good at something. Specialisation. We gain insight and knowledge from people whom are good in their field of work. Learn to listen and understand.

Great achievement don't come overnight. Long hours and patience in the waiting are norms. We can't force matters down people's throat within short notice.

Whatever we aspire to instill in our fellow buddies like confidence and trust needs time. It's no coincidence why many waiting by the cellphone to receive potential calls.

Getting our message across when opportunity comes takes preparation and readyness. Take your time and make your intentions clear. Do consider the outcome too.

No matter what we work for, keep our goal in mind and be prepared for Plan B and so forth. A reserve pipeline.

We can't rely on a sole proprietor for our livelihood. In time of peace, be prepared. In time of danger, there's no fear.................

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Don't lose your nut

Something we good at. Handicraft. In the kitchen. Accountancy. Engineering. And even the magic we weaved when we speak. Not to mention special care for our loving spouse.

Carefree? Going slow? Taking it easy? There are ways we go about things. Nothing worse than losing our nuts. We feel lost in the ocean of people.

Time to crank up that old engine again. To keep it in running. Gear one, gear two and so forth. Of course we are going somewhere if we know the destination. To win a heart. To sell a glass of lemonade. Or even real estate if you aspire great task.

Our house. Our car. Our gadget. They are perfect companion for a life of comfort. How fortunate we are. And our spouse. They are meant the world to us. We will trade anything for something that is meant so much to us. Can't live without.

In order to sustain our love, we need to work hard making sure they are not slipping out of hand. Leading an irresponsible life will only spell disaster one way or the other. Better late than sorry. Let's buckle up and pulling up our socks for the next ride.

The road might be bumpy. Obstacles seem insurmountable. Against all odds, we are looking to yet another sunny day to ply our trade. We might fail. But as long as we are doing our best, any success that comes our way shall taste the very much sweeter.

We choose. We decide. We act.......................

Doing all we can

To earn a living. To gain respect. To do a good job. Otherwise we will be wasting our time. Like holding on to a job, an honest day of work is no easy task. We often cheat ourself with the alloted precious time. What should we do?

There is no limit to what we can do as the saying goes. But it takes knowledge and experience to do a good job. Older and wiser. Bulldozing our way and doing things blindly is a disaster. We gotta learned.

Comes to selling our product and services. Selling points and easy to the ears. It must be special and ring a bell. Attention span is short. People are impatient. To catch the rush hour, many are losing their breath. Not to mention their bearings.

It takes two to tango. Better in step and in tune with the opposites to strike a chord. To cut a deal. To gain an understanding. Most importantly, for future rapport.The hallmark of good salesmanship and goodwill. All the right attitudes and standings.

This is not an article on selling. The truth is, we need to sell. Everybody does. What is the gimmick? Any free samples? Any discount? Coupons? We encounter sales gimmick everyday. Going to great extend to give a good impression to our Boss in the office too. With the work we do. Same goes to our trait and responses to our Superior too. Our job is at stake to put it nicely.

Nobody wants to be square. But the way we sound and how we communicate speaks volume. Don't be fool. People are listening and watching. Judging too. They are just not telling you in the face.

Inculcate a good character and personality in you. It goes a long way....................

Thursday, 24 July 2014

There is a reason for everything

Why aren't people listening to us? Why the things we do doesn't hit the target? Why are we losing so much time, effort and money? We are banging on the wrong problem.

The truth is nothing is easy. Otherwise nobody will be working. This is not the answer. Selfishness and greed is evil number one. A give and take situation. No free lunch.

Our knees are weak in time of crisis. We feel lost. What really matters by any chance is money. People resort to great measures for fund. Get a job. Be patient is rule of the game.

In between work, we collect our thoughts to move on. Losing control over our life spells disaster. On the other hand, over-focusing on our livelihood leads to burnout. No choice. Sanity is over-bearing. In order to live on, we use our senses to tackle every situation. And to make the best of it.

We are living in a community. In order to survive, we need to play our role and function within. Standing alone will only leads to starvation and incarceration. Reality bites.

Choices is not an option. We better be moving. Strike the next iron. Cook the next meal etcetera. We shall enjoy the process too no matter what. Otherwise we will lose interest of the job at hand in no time. Back to square one.

In time of turbulence, getting back to basics is not bad afterall. Being emotional and splashing our money on matters that we don't need will only spell disaster time and again. The vicious cycle of life is mean. Our perception, motive and action must be clear and justified.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What should we do?

When the reserve is low? When nobody seems to care? When everything you do seems hitting the wall? Tried seeking solace. But time is running out. Feeling tired. Perhaps a question of confidence.

Moving forward and staying put bringing the same result. Resources are dwindling and potential income are far in the horizon. What should we do? The most popular answer, be patient and wait out the storm.

Meanwhile, what should we better be doing? Homework? TV? Internet? The present society are so orthodox when it comes to solving immediate problem. Stress and pressure has cornered us to become less creative and productive than what we really are. No choice.

To break out from this chain of dischord, many falls deeper and deeper into desperation. Like holding on tight to a job they no longer desires. Like seeking solace in cup after cup of coffee and smoking a pack per day.

Our health meter is running. And it's not a happy meter. What should we do? Habits die hard. Abstinence is impossible with the ever increasing strain in family life.

in order to make a living, many rise before sunset and goes home after sunset. Family time is compromised. We become heartless due to the stress and constraint of time. Everything must be done fast and quick. No more i love you. No more i do care.

Reality bites. The truth is sad and tragic. Of course, the poor suffer the most. Ekeing out a living and surviving on bare necessities and hope is bare minimum. Question left unanswered...............

Shooting blank

Menopause. Taboo. When everything you do doesn't made sense whatsoever. Depressed and not feeling happy for our ownself in the first place. Feeling listless and useless at the same time.

Staring at the ceiling and the four walls. Numb and powerless towards all efforts. Doesn't feel like doing anything. To regain our composure and start living again requires a miracle. Like a magic antidote falling into our laps. Money falling from the sky and so forth. All wishful thinking to no avail.

Men and women alike. The lost of passion and desire is tragic. it's a psychological thing. No cure in sight. Perhaps we have our ownself to blame. Stop cheating ourself. With all the disguises, hypocrisy and tall tales. Many suffer in silence.

Like a mice in a treadmill, we go over the same track time and time again. Getting tired and fed up of the long process of survival. Better late than sorry. We should come out with a solution to solve this vicious cycle of depression before it affects our health big time.

Getting hilarious and inculcating a happy-go-lucky attitude only gets you so far. Everything takes its' toll. We couldn't be lucky all the time. Before we know it, we might have been skating on thin ice.

Jumping the gun and reckless lifestyle is a bad karma. Time to reflect on what really counts in life. Love, affection and handle life with care.

These might be fairy-tale sayings but at the end of the day, before calamity falls upon us, it's better to heed the warnings and early signs with caution. Have a heart and be kind always.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

So close signing a deal but a slip of tongue. Missed the flight just because you forgot your passport. Missed your favourite party because of feeling moody. Your sweetheart called to say no at the very last minute. Well, we are always so close to the endgame when it matters.

Like a striker whom wasted a chance of a lifetime in front of the goal post. Not to mention missed opportunity. The most bitter truth of all is destiny playing a wicked and cruel hand on us. Swallowing in self-pity just don't made the cut.

What shall we do when the end result don't go our way? Tired of Plan B? Fed up of taking the same route again? Like lining up the same old pieces after a chess game?

Jumping the gun and being reckless are the norms in everyday living. Heartbreaking. No choice. No peace. Whom are we to argue and complain as everybody is so busy with the current of life?

Rules are meant to be broken. But to do away with the hassle and impending punishment, many toe the line. Painful yet compromising. Time flies. We are only digging the sand. Skin deep. And the sunset.

Have to settle for another day. To get enough sleep is a chore for many. We won't be surprised they are those whom don't slept for days. Panda eyes is a phenomena.

So close yet so far. The journey is long. For those whom are tired of living, one advice. Be patient as everything is temporary in nature. Have faith.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hindrances and obstacles

Stumbling block to success. To apply the extra push. Putting in more resources. Not many are genius. We are only human. Can only do our best in every situation. Sad thing is, our very best is not good enough. Or smart enough. What can we do?

Desperate for a way out. Going in circles. Talking to everybody we met. Heartaches, disappointments n frustration. Perhaps we are destined to fail. Luck is not on our side. Or perhaps God is trying to teach us a lesson.

Like a salesman knocking on the door for the 100th time. Like attempting to close a document at the office for the 20th time. Or even trying to whip our car back to good condition for the 10th time. Eventually, it breaks the camel's back.

Unfortunate scenarios do happen everyday. it keeps repeating itself. Frustration can bring us down big time. Whether we are man of steel or Ironman, the burden of challenges coming in waves is just too hard to bear.

in time of crisis, we can only kneel and pray for the Almighty God. There are certainly matters beyond our control. Staying calm is utmost.

Happy reading material

Yes, everything rosy, entertaining. No cloudy perspective. No sad story. Like fairy tale, happily ever after. We gave up many times. Laid on the sideline. Confinement at home. No place to go.

Being happy is serious business. A fling with a woman maybe. Or perhaps going wild at the casino. Not to mention shopping spree in Paris. Taking its' toll anyway.

Getting sober is like taking a glass of water, getting enough sleep, being kind to your loved ones n so forth. Not stepping out of line, time is the essence. The passage of time can mean anything. A phonecall you received, a sudden turn of event at the workplace or even a new development in your relationship with your spouse.

Everybody likes a good story. Spellbound, intrique, twist n interesting dialogues in a plot. A happy reader, mesmerised, time well spent n craving for more.

On the other hand, dull moments in the storyline, just like real life will bore our objective. Shying away n kissing the next appointment goodbye.

Searching for happiness is a quest. A quest that requires resources. Don't leave out money. And of course precious time that only the rich can afford.

The journey is long. Patience is a virtue. Complacency is a demon too. it's up to us to juggle n balance-out the eventuality n probability of success n happiness in our enterprise at every turn.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Living straight

Can we live straight? No succumbing to temptation. Strict regiment. Living frugal. Be a nice gal? Boredom n fed up of the norms often derailed us from our objective. Standing up again n again after a fall.

Like taking the same route to work each morning, we tend to make way for familiarity. Be a regular guy. Employment. Responsible for ourself n taking up our role in society.

We are smitten with intermittant joy like coffee break, chatting up n the occasional movie. A blessing. A silverlining if we relate to those whom are less fortunate.

Therefore, living straight ain't that bad afterall. From time to time, we pray for health n happiness. Let's not forget God. The Almighty.

Everytime, we did something wrong, we adjust the sail, steering our wheel n instill back the right conscience in order to stay on track again. it's an enigma. Can't explain n can't complain either.

Everybody is afraid of sanctions. Comes in reward n punishment for every little act we take. To do away with the sense of guilt, we bridle our act in every way we can.

For those whom has wild imagination, sudden impulse n prone to mood swing, the above is nothing more than a fiction. Maverick attitude n reckless behaviour rules their life.

There comes a time when we need to settle down eventually. No more break neck speed n heart-stopping habit. Have a heart, be kind for a change. For our own good that is.

Am i improving myself?

Am i making money? Am i making good use of my time? Am i getting more respect? i keep asking myself when i can stand on my own, with earning power n the rightful living.

Well, i definitely need the support of people to endorse my work n get paid in the process. And that needs time. i have to wait. i can't forced people to accept n bear testimony to my work prompto. Everyone is busy.

i need to eat too. For the time being, working on ends is utmost to keep the wheel of life spinning. i just can't idle n daydream all day.

in the back of my mind, i know deep well what i can do n what cannot. That boils down to hard-thinking on my part. Thinking myself to a corner is not much used too.

Prayers to God. Hoping for the best n prepared for the worst is all i can do. Meanwhile, doing my very best with my work is all that is. Hoping for returns. Money.

We are all money-spinners. Once we stop working, the bucks stop. it's crucial for us all to work regularly like a clock. The biological clock.

Keeping our sanity is important. insanity bankrupts us. Meanwhile, staying calm n doing our hard day's work is a rude regiment. Do we have a choice?

The choice is clear. Struggle or bear the brunt of complacency.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Are we okay?

To be able to sleep well at night. To be able to relax. To be able to do things at our own sweet time. Taking it easy. Going slow.

it's a dream. Hoping for miracles. Magical change. Aspiration is different from reality. We need to squash the orange, thrash out our disappointment, raising our voice, travel the distance, closing the deal etc.

We seek comfort. But comfort comes at a price. Dilly-dallying with precious time, socialising at a cost, unproductive hours at home are the demons of enterprise.

No win situation. Like a game of chance, the chips are down eventually. Living frugal is painful. Bare necessity n bare minimum. The poor has it.

Flambuoyant living is joy. insanity at a price. Going broke in no time. And yet like a year without rain, when the rain comes, money is spent like water. Catch 22.

Being okay requires sanity. Soberity too. Don't wanna get off-hand. Nor off-guard. But then again, this spell will not hold long. Boredom is the culprit. Falling back to bad habits again.

i believe mankind has a history of repeating itself. Repeating our mistakes. Betting on the same horse. Falling for the wrong one again. And of course old habit dies hard.

Even for a multi-disciplined human being.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Fear is enemy number one

Fear of the unknown. Never tried. No time. No friends. No infrastructure. No money. The list is bottomless. There are those whom couldn't care more too.

Life goes on. Wonder why those whom are bed-ridden are eager for action? injured footballers whom can't wait for the next game? And employees whom are in anticipation of the next paycheck?

We are all players in the circle of life. Hakuna matata. Time wait for no man. And no man is an island. The ball is on our court whether we like it or not. Retrieving n sending the ball to its' rightful place takes plenty of wit n vigour.

We are creature of comfort. Many times, we just lazed around n cozy up to the surrounding n leave everything to chance. We can't wait that long, can we?

Comes down to motivation. We need love n affection to live a life of bliss. A good companion is really a great blessing. i am looking forward to it.


Everybody loves it. Grapevines, gossip. Fall for another man. Lost everything at the casino. Just have another baby. Quit her job. Oh yes, music to the ears.

On the other hand, weatherman doesn't have such accolade. Dull n numb to the cheek. in every piece of conversation, we try to spice things up another level. Exaggerating, stacking up the chips to gain listeners. Like politicians on the run-up to an election, the launch of an exquisite project or simply trying to woo the opposite sex.

in all corners of the world, people are desperate for attention. To be seen. To be heard. Talk show. Fastcar, splashing the latest designer outfit are the tickets to stardom. in the limelight, highlights of every n any events.

Those whom work behind the scenes are aspiring for some sort of achievement too. Like appreciation, accolades n awards. Not far from the citylights, there are people whom live life of a different sort.

Depends on one's aspiration, there are no obstacles or hindrances that hinders one's ambition. Likewise. for those whom work hard, the reward will come sooner or later. Touchwood.

Different mode

Peddlaring our product. Words of mouth. Thru prints, social media. Pictures n audios. We are trying all means to capture the audience. Otherwise, deadlogged n push to the back-burner in no time.

Advertisement. A daily affair. Like going back to our woman everyday. Gotta tell her how much i care. Nothing is more pervasive than the constant reminder that we care.

Perhaps the game-plan is arduous n requires playtime. But all work n no play makes Tom a dull boy. How true. Video games n consoles playing a major n pivotal role in present day. To while away empty times n shy away from boredom.

Same goes to our vocation. The things we do. The things we don't do doesn't count. Pulling strings of contention preoccupy our precious time. To seek, to find that special moment that pull matters n people together is a surefire.

The onus of redemption rest on our shoulder yet again.

One step closer

To what? Why not just walked thru the door? To lay our hands over the other side. To savour the delight of being. Being a human. With senses. With spirit.

Fear is another factor. Fear of the unknown. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. We are only human. Enough said. What are we going to do about it?

Treading the same course? Walking the same old thin line? Or venture out experiencing the wild? Get caught up in the scheme of things in the process.

Chalking up mileage requires resources. Talk n action alike, following thru a plan requires all the resources we need. Creativity to produce is utmost too or there will be no product.

A product that is saleable, monetary-wise n worldly. Otherwise they will be dumped into the basket of oblivion. Oblivious to our effort, our blood, sweat n tears.

Getting closer to our dream is like a cat on a hot thin roof.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Artistic pride

A work of art. Need no explanation. it touches the soul. Among million other things. We come so long to project an image. An image of love, compassion.

We feel so empty at times. So lonely. So desperate. So restless. A by-product of everyday life. Toiling. Waking up from bed. Rushing to a destination. Trying to convince someone.

Like a bull in a China shop. Like a mad man scavenging for coins. We are numb n powerless to the overpowering waves of civilization. A moment of reflection on the sidewalk or having a cup of coffee on the couch seems comforting at the very least. Learning to relax is an art.

We have no idea what we are talking whatsoever. To a stranger n a loved one alike. Besides, our mind is clouded with illusion n clarity thinking to no avail. We know that.

What constitutes the rightful way of life is yet to be discovered. Playing time, getting busy n laying our hands on instrument of joy only buy us lapses. The lapses of self-denial, betraying oneself n most disheartening cheating ourself in the process.

i love art. it cherishes the unthinkable, brought out the child in us n provide solace from the wicked world we lived in. More so the one off relation in everyday conversation we are trying so hard to indulge n fathom.

Last but not least, a time for rest n reflection is really a good change. A change for our impatience attitude, a change to our vicious routine n most of all a realization on what really count in life.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Don't say a word

Words don't matter. Misconstrue at times. Between the lines, the opposite is true n so forth. And neither is action. Nobody cares, do they? in the name of Christ, we are people who do. Sleep notwithstanding.

Diary of a professor or a Princess Diary. We love to keep them in words, don't we? in everyday conversation, proses n phrases are heard in subways, in the office n even in elevators. Communication pull us together. They can torn us apart too.

Short n simple words are sweet. Trouble is people don't get enough. Bookstores still thrive. Magazines are selling like cupcakes n music CD is a turn on.

Giving up on words is not an option. We need to talk. As simple as ordering a cup of coffee. Reporting to the Boss n explaining your taxes. i don't know about you but i love pillow talk. Whispering, chissing. And the kissing as cherry topping.

Words are not enough to say the least. Neither is action. More so in the present world. ironic money still stay supreme when putting people to work. Silencing the harshest critic too when it matters.

How stupid can we be?

Banging on the same drum. Putting our wallets n keys at the same place. Slouching on the same couch. There must be change.

Traveling the world. New reading material. Watching Transformer 4. You get my picture. The feelings too. Like savouring a new dish for the 1st time. Making love to a brand new woman.

Whom didn't love surprises. Like a birthday present you've always wanted. The thing is, we are so entrapped in the scheme of things, we often unaware that we are placing our juice into the same mold over n over again. Like bad habit. Smoking for instance. Filthy.

At the workplace, rushing matters is order of the day. No brainer. Like a train running on track, same old station, same old schedule, kowtowing to the same head. Nothing creative. Nothing rings nor knocks.

We are feeding our soul with make-believe at home too. Drowning ourself with hobbies n heartwarming moments. But then again, everything runs thin. How much is too much? How little is too little? it takes lots of spirit to uplift our mood.

We can only relate to life experience as we do. Like watching a movie for the 1st time. 1st love n 1st of anything. it all depends on us to fill up the vacuum in our heart with new found freedom, new pockets or even a new found friend whom is heart rendering at its' best.

Stupidity has no limit, quote Einstein. it's all up to us to make life journey a happy one.

Feeling fresh?

Better do something creative n productive before you felt asleep. Be it in the wee hours or late afternoon, our biological clock is ticking away. Cozy up, pull up thy socks n start heading for the door or your desktop. Doesn't matter where you're heading anyway, catch my drift?

Our performance are compromise when not guarded selfishly. Craps. We are. With the notion that we are doing okay will just leave the neighbours pull down their curtain.

One thing rest for sure, the river flows, the sea tiding over n the sun also rise. Minting money with our work is all that is. Never enough. Never feel happy. What do we really need? Sex? Speed fiend? Gaming consoles? Hard to please humans. We are.

Feeling fresh let us have the freedom to restart, reboot n unplug again after a long haul of desperate acts. We know deep inside what really counts. Problem is we just don't have the time to think it over.

The next morning rush, grabbing our coffee, smacking our body into subways n slumping over a deskjob completes a vicious cycle.

No respite. No peace of mind. No peace............

Now what?

So what? No agenda in the calender. Errands to run. Or people to call. Banging heads on the wall hoping to shake off flaks that is harbouring in one corner of the head. Only one head. And that's a blessing.

Tried everything. Spending money in every corner of the world literally. To cure symptoms of lethargy, hopelessness n desperado. One limelight, there is certainly growth n improvement to progress. Bumping into roadsigns n cautions in the wind is a real wake up call.

We won't be wasting our time afterall if not for the overwhelming desire to look for groundbreaking clues. Don't have any concrete clues yet but i supposed with determination n the momentum, we will be okay just fine.

Meal after meal to keep us fit for the next challenge. Why wouldn't we? Energy is everything. Like a coal-miner picking for diamond, the struggle is  relentless nevertheless. Once the diamond is found, we won't be complaining afterall for the hardwork.

Meanwhile, fingers-crossed, touchwood, we need all the blessings there is to chalk up some mileage in our adventure. Discovery is not far off for the courageous. Success favours the brave as the saying goes.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Brand new year. Spearheading a new goal. New prices. New spending pattern. Older n wiser too. Modus operandi changes. So-called new apps.

Spring cleaning, uncluttering wardrobes, marching into the 3rd quarter in no time. What's your new resolution? Any amorous feeling? Stains that you'd like to shake off? Offsetting any due payments? Everyone's agenda seems to be clogging up to be pegged off like a check-list.

And these requires action. Plenty of them. Do you have the required stamina to outdo the above? i can faint if i truly put myself going thru this process. However, look at the bright side. We can always take a bite n chew along the way.

Circumstantial assistance like running mate, serendipity n lady luck do play a hand in getting us out from the deep end. Do worked up the momentum to touch base when the need arise. Like replenishing, catching up on our sleep n eating nutricious food.

To stay fit for a ninety-minute ballgame so-to-speak. in order to outlast the game, wits n vigour are important to win the race. And there is no better race than racing against ourself.

Stop looking

isn't here. isn't there either. We travel half the globe looking for that special something or special someone. No, not at home either. Like a game of hide n seek or a game of snake n ladder, we breathe in n breathe out. Like making love too, holding tight n letting go.

No sign of letting up in life. Unless you want to spend a life unperturbed. Like spending the rest of your life writing a book by the seaside. Our forefather n grand dame did that. A legacy remembered n forgotten at the same time.

City life is burgeoning with all walks of life. We don't know our neighbours anymore than they know us. Saying hi over the mobile seems remote. Dogs n cats roam the living room. Nobody is taking out the thrash anymore. Neither is fixing what is broken. Consumerism rules.

Perhaps we couldn't care less but the present society have program n tune us in such a way that having time for someone is like the Beauty n the Beast having a first meal together.

People don't reach out anymore. Anymore than saying their name, where they are heading or even can't commit when they will see each other again. The song "When will i see you again?" is playing fervently in the back of our mind like the needle of the gramophone resting on its' groove.

New path

Taking a new route. New hobby. Spending on new items. Designer food. All in good times. Holding tight will only give us thyroid. Letting go n finding new means of outlet like reading poems for a change, watching cables, thronging a new mall etc.

Stop looking for answers. Keep treading. Keep doing or staring at the same old walls. Limber up n clawing our fingers thru our hair, stretching those legs n swinging thy arms are invigorating. The dance of our life. Ekeing out a living is a sorry state of mind. Both body n spirit.

Routines are killing. inevitable. Breaking these chain requires ingenuity. Sometimes we are caught numb n powerless. Keep an eye for revolution LOL. For change, for new stuff in the freezer n new upcoming movies in the channel.

Before long, we might be better off ploughing the next field for new 'crops' before saying sorry. One thing utmost, sanity n health is foremost to leap the next faith. Otherwise old bondage will ruin any chance of revival in our plan.

Momentum is one thing, calling it a day sounds true when the bell isn't ringing anymore. Not in the near future. instances perhaps but the remoteness of luck play a hand nevertheless.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


No, not hunting for food. Hunting for jobs perhaps. Hunting for lines. Dialling, SMSs, emails. You named it, all laid out on the table. The ubiquitous dailies at the newstands. We all get a hand in one of these from time to time. Not in the old days when we sharpened our tools to hunt for elephant.

On the destop, we hunt for information n knowledge. Not all are useful though. But we struggled to siphoned as much as possible nonetheless like finishing up a bottle of icy Coke. i love cheesecake too for the record. All comes with money.

Holding on to a job doesn't guarantee everything. But the days seem worthwhile. What with the paycheck at the end of the month. Like reaching the shore after a month of tossing n turning in the middle of the ocean. Not a pervasive figure of speech afterall since many are settling for the same trade, employment.

At the end of the day, cleaning ourself, savouring our meal n hitting the sack seems to be the daily ritual. Thinking out of the box can be just that coz the morning after we are back at work pronto.

Like grapefruits in a blending machine, we are beaten up by the ritual of time. Prayers for blessings are important too. To have a save passage. Good health n glad tidings..................

Queueing society

Long queue. Bumper to bumper. At the check-out point. Queueing up to pay the cashier at the mall. Taking turns at the clinic. Pending court case. Waiting to be seated. Longing for paychecks. Whooshh! The Gods must be crazy. Do we deserved these?

Only silverlinings, the plans in our head can wait too. To wait for Mr Right. To wait for deep pockets. Being couch potato at home, commercials are brainwashing our grey matters in great numbers. Jingles seem marching in single file right through our ears. Streams of visuals are hassling into our eyeballs like commuters packing into a bus.

No panacea to solve queueing problem. Ever i guessed? One thing seems certain. People are dead stubborn when it comes to consumerism. Like all men to one woman. Take your lucky guess. The next refueling station is miles away. Why not settled for the good old coffee aroma?

At home, feeling at ease is not an option too. Not at the present world. Fidgeting with smartphones, compromising on buffer time is an example of queueing too. No let up here. No thinking here.

When it comes to life n death, obviously there is no queueing. We can snapped anytime, anywhere. With the way we abused our body, mind n spirit, only God has the answer. God bless....................

Gonna make sense

it takes a while. Or a lifetime before it made perfect sense. Seldom people care. Well, they have their reason. Much obliged.

Kicking the ball n thumping our fist don't made a better Humpty-dumpty. Gotta clicked with people when we want something gets done. Otherwise the answer will be no. Outright rejection. Wasting our time. Money speaks too. Make life more convenient. Buying our way to Nirvana.

For the time you have, complacency will only helped in digestion. Doing our sacred work will carry us far at least for the day. Don't pushed your luck. Don't bother either.

When the time is right, at the right place, talking to the right people helps a lot. Just like one of those days. Bad days too. But that doesn't count.

Come harvest time, our pocket speaks the loudest. Without a care in the wind, following whims n fancies occupy selfdom. Not forgetting to sow for the next season too. With the hope of better return, the least setbacks etc.

Meanwhile, staying alive is a privilege. One sort.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ring a bell

The bell tolls. The bell chimes. Does it ring a bell? Make us want to act out of the blue. Putting on our clothes, rising up from bed reaching out for car keys. Off we go.

Striking a chord in our nerve to iron out creases in every chore. Not forgetting the occasional meal too when the need arise. Cravings marhh. For those whom are addicted to tobacco, fishing out the next stick is inevitable. Hazardous to health.

Looking for clues. Window shopping. Googling for news. The new starlet. Singers belting out new songs. New movies premierring n so forth. The calender is smoking hot. Day by day, day n night.

Home is strewn with rubbish. So much for decorum. Hire a maid perhaps to tidy up the mess. Chalking up expenditure in the process. Giving too much thought on spending can made us cuckoo. Shrugged it off then. For now.

Stocking up on goodies at home to keep us occcupied works wonder too. Venturing out too much can leave a bitter taste to our mood. Too much to stomach maybe but we do fine all the same. Until we find another sweet spot, settling for the present might just do the trick.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Don't like what we see. Don't believe what we hear. it doesn't matter to us. How often do you get excited about something? Everything seems to be a rerun. Like spinning of the wheel going nowhere. We get this feeling from time to time. Doesn't helped.

On the other hand, when we believed in something, we tend to hurt ourself by following blindly the sweet spot in our head. Easily got hurt, don't we? Coming back to disbelief. We shrugged off everything n everyone in our path because of remorse n disgust. That doesn't helped either. What is the purpose of life anyway? Gonna find the answer. Real quick before it hits home.

Of course, there must be something or someone that tugged at our heartstring. Problem is affair of the heart is fleeting. We gotta worked real hard to keep our love alive. in limbo, airborne n within grasp. Lots of work erhh? That's my point.

Self-indulgent like listening to our favourite music, reading our best book, going to our familiar vacation spot n making love to our spouse are real joy n fun. The so-called honeymoon period. Come Monday, we are back at work n the vicious cycle of pain n joy continues.

Gonna believe in something eternal. Like spiritual. Like worldliness. is there any other?

Friday, 6 June 2014

Rushing things

There is no mercy. Meeting deadlines. Unfinished business. Tying up loose ends. Bread n butter issues. i bet i am not the only one.

Being sedentary is meaningless. What with the myriad of chores hanging around your neck. Breaking free requires action. To defy gravity. To kick asses so to speak. it's not an option. Taking a bath, brushing our teeth, refueling, paying utilities n comtemplating the next move. Life never ceased.

To call it a day. Easy for you to say. Money is chalking up mileage in one's pocket. Gonna buckle-up n ride the next job. Complacency hurts in many ways. Awareness wins.

Before we go overboard, well-beings are important too. But that can wait, we keep telling ourself. Life at the office is like a factory. Fitting in like a running cog, we must be crazy if we don't have feelings. Even cold-blooded animals will take a run for its' money.

Until we find a befitting solution, work is all that is. To put food on the table, roof over our head. The feeling is not mutual. Like soldiers on the battlefront, we keep striving forward until the battle is won. Some respite in the bunker maybe but the call of nature is always there.

it's real n it's here to stay whether you love it or not. Tough life.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Try to resist

Resist to act. Resist of accepting the truth. Resist irony. To no avail. Coz we are dying for survival. Don't know what tomorrow brings. Gonna share our thoughts n ideas with our loved ones before it's too late.

Skating on thin ice, saying too much for our own good just taking it to the next level. Writing something spicy perhaps but the intentions is clear. We are only human, not made of steel. With heart n soul. There are heartless beings out there. Just leave them alone. ignore them. That's the best we can do. For our own good too.

Resistance is futile. Just like action-flicks, the hero n heroine goes to great extend to save its' skin. More true in reality. No one will fight for us. We have only ourself to blame when the chips are down. Don't go begging if reality rears its' ugly head. Brace ourself.

Taking it too easy? Reality bites. Hope for the best n prepare for the worst. Saving every dime for a rainy day for instance. Goliath always win n David is ekeing out a living believing in gratitude that is shoved their way by irresponsible soul. Afterall, we can improved on gratitude. Take it one step further by improving our livelihood.

Real life never stops. Sitting on our ass is.

Will it worked?

Do more. Stop expecting. The question is a stupid one. Work harder, place more bets n take more chances. Resources might be depleting but it depletes anyway no matter how you played the game. Don't lose hope n don't spent too much time hoping either. Just tidy up our work n let faith do the trick.

We are hitting the walls. Speed trap n potholes muddles with our life. That doesn't mean we stop the journey. No time to enjoy the view coz we are keeping an eye on the road. A ladder perhaps to enjoy the view at the top. That can wait too.

Meanwhile, have a good meal, a good sleep n listen to some folksy music to enlighten the soul before it gets squeeky. Torrential of thoughts are cloudying our mind. Start by sharing. Social media, at the workplace or talking to someone to share the burden. it might works, you know. Therapeutic too.

Whether it works or not doesn't matter coz we are glad to be alive. The great redemption for our body, mind n spirit has just begun. Keep an eye for results n remember failures do not justify the end.

Keep trying..................

New strategy

if you tell someone, it ain't new anyway. Gonna show them it works. For the 1st time if you may coz it doesn't smell right the 2nd time around.

Plucking a different route, work harder n spice up our act is an alternative although doesn't worked all the time. Gotta try marhh, better than sitting around with wishful thinking.

Time runs. Before you know it, sundown is in. To raise the curtain on another day. Sometimes, same shit, different day. Groundhog day. Feeling good can be tiring if there is no outright achievement on our part. Gonna cracked our head n our soul to please that very special someone. Dislikes doesn't matter a bit coz we are aiming for the bottomline. Disheartening.

To venture out on our own can deplete resources in no time. Many tried n never give up. Just like keep putting on your chips on the table at the casino. Losing one's pants in the process. A classic tale of David vs Goliath played out in present day.

Keep working to the bone so to speak to garner two meals on the table before it's too late. Everybody knows that idling just won't do. Like adding salt to the wound, it can only get worse. Therefore, keep up the spirit, stop thinking shit n move on. God bless......................

Friday, 30 May 2014

Tell me when?

Oh yes. Paychecks. The rain. Good impromptu. We all need one. They are so finicky to the bone. Luck is everything. Perhaps the lottery shop. Keep hoping. Keep praying. Doesn't mean anything anyway. Gotta carry on with our life. Many hows?

People might got us wrong. Our intentions. Our livelihood. But then again, who cares? Start selling lemonades perhaps to the neighbours. Literally speaking if you wished but the conundrum holds water. Or we will die of starvation with wishful thinking.

Stop asking when? Stupid question. Coz it may never will. Sleep our way thru. No-no. Funny you know, coz sleep is the only marathon that requires no effort. Sad thing is, it takes up lots of time. Be my guest, try tackling time more creatively. i have no answer here either.

Til you found the pot of gold, keep a keen eye on magical rainbows that weaved before you. Can't get those at night though. Gonna wait after a heavy downpour. Coz that's when the enigmatic rainbow appears before us. Choose your colour stripe. God bless............

Sunday, 25 May 2014

True or myths?

As we are older, we grew wiser. Once burn twice shy. Whom never learned the lesson? Children afraid of darkness, adults afraid of daylight. So ironic.

So many has been said. What needs to be done is did. Long history. Since time immemorial. Deep down we knew what is true n what are myths. No bethrayal here.

Sad thing is, many follow the wrong teachings n end up losing. Many types of losses if you follow my blog. Catch my drift? The saddest case is having the wrong belief n the resulting mindset ruin many innocent life.
it stunts growth n malignant in nature. Like cancer, it ruins the carrier's life until he realised what's really eating him/her in the 1st place.

Everyone is unique. The path each n everyone of us is travelling is different. Every problem is unique. And every unique problem requires unique remedy. One rule of thumb though not universal is to keep an open mind. Patience is a key though it doesn't worked all the time.

Treat life as a mystery. Let it unfold before you ruined any chances of recovery by taking drastic action. Remember that temporary action to temporary problem can have permanent result.

Whether it's true or myth, you be the beholder. God bless..................

To please

People talked about stop pleasing everybody. What's the point? People still do it every time. it's the mechanics of human interaction. Try it n chances are people will give you the cold shoulder. Grimaces notwithstanding, you can kissed future collaboration goodbye for good.

Talk is cheap. And action brings consequences. We might have good intention but people don't see it that way most of the time. We are wasting our time. Better luck elsewhere. The hide n seek game persist to a new level where the finder not necessary be the keeper. i rest my case.

Pleasing our superior, our breadwinner n not forgetting our spouse can give you a mouthful of candy. Or it can backfires. Good intentions is not a sure betfire. Tough luck. Tough days. What else there is in our daily struggle if not to get the acceptance of our paymaster.

Do more than expected as the saying goes. Stay out the comfort zone etc. i sincerely hopes these do hold water in the long run. As the Chief Economist, John Maynard Keynes profess, we are all dead in the long run. A better way of putting matters in perspective is much sought after.

Last but not least, what we manifest must be true, kind n necessary. Otherwise they will hold sway the thoughts of the innocent. in bright daylight

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Getting easy

Get the feeling? Where everything hang loose. At a crossroad where everything is possible. Having extra cash in the pocket. Need to go any further?

And yet on the other end, being stubborn of where we are heading, can't get over our ex n problems at the office that can't seem to go away are just driving us nuts.

The lesson to be derived from this is we take matters into our hand too seriously. Much better to leave it to benefit of doubt. More n much better outcome will proceed if we leave it to chances. Chances that we shall take, chances that is there for the picking like low-hanging fruits. Try it the very next time you faced with a dilemma. instead of letting problems eating you away like stubborn stain.

Learn to be relax. For the record here for the umpteenth times, easier said than done. in these ever rush-rush rat race we live in, the call of duty always win. As a result, the call of nature took a backseat.

The only privilege time we can call it easy is when we are left alone in the verandah, in our room or in the middle of composing a romantic poem. Got what i mean.

So, therefore, let your hairs down, release your energy n bask in every opportune time whenever n wherever you can call your own. Seize them

Leaving it to chances

At times we feel like having it all. Chances are we aren't. Unforeseen circumstances. Calamities n rejections. At wit's end. By taking the next step, we increase the chances of success. if we don't, the answer will always be no. Everybody knows that.

Working thru our fingers, backbreaking act wouldn't promised anything but it's everything that we got. Nourishing our body, taking the requisite nap n intermittant joy will feed our tired soul n spirit. Not forgetting the money we spent in the process.

Feeling lonely in this cold world is inevitable. No complains here. Like a Captain steering its' own ship, looking for a shore to harbour is likeable to looking for a companion to share a shoulder. A total respite. We can't chase after what that doesn't belongs to us in the 1st place. Until the right one comes along, we leave it to chances yet again.

Waking up in the morning whether we plan the day or not, chances are playing on our fate. By having a good faith alone shall determine the outcome of our every endeavour. We can't get whatever we aspires, can we? The bottomline is our bread n butter issues more or less are determined by the acceptance of the masses. Can't forced a mouthful into our object's throat, literally speaking.

Having faith in the Almighty Lord shall do us just fine. God bless...............

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Go ahead n write

Even a person with a life of shit can write something good. This applies to me. Matters just crossed my mind n the urge of letting them all out is natural indeed. Second nature. 1st nature is enjoying life to the fullest like working on my available resources. Sipping that cup of coffee n googling for amusing anecdotes henceforth.

i am no Stephen King or Jeffrey Archer either. Just the everyday James stirred not shaken. No lack of materials to write on, everything i wrote came from hands-on episode in my daily struggles. Not far from a personal diary. An old man's diary. Appealing or not i don't know. You be the judge.

Perhaps i could send this to the editor n get it published to earn some pocket money. i wrote an article before in my 20s with the length of 500 words. Editted to 120 words eventually. i got paid 4 Ringgit Malaysian money at that time. The article served as a comment on the importance of fastening seat belt on Malaysian road. Oh hell, i still remembered the 4 Ringgit. What's writing worth huh?

Sitting comfortably on my lap, striking these keys on the keyboard feels like sowing young shoots on the padi field. Guess what, the time to reap maybe never. Why do i care? i enjoy writing marhh. Whom knows?, one day i might become another J.K. Rowling or Charles Dickens or someone in between. One never knows.

For now, i might be better off sharing my daily snippets with those whom cares. Can't go overboard.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


Losing carkeys. Losing virginity. Losing at the casino. Feeling lost at the mall. Feeling lost in an ocean of people. Nothing is more unfortunate than losing our thoughts. The mind wandering aimlessly. Time stood still. Negativity come flooding in. Paralysing our body, mind n spirit. Yes, i am talking about losses. Sad thing is, we are not aware of it.

Cutting the habit of smoking, drinking n womanising is a good lost. Discarding unused n unwanted materials from home is a good lost too. Keeps our house clean, organized n uncluttered. Not to mention toxic friends that don't entertained you anymore. These are examples of both good n bad losses we are dealing with in life.

Nothing wrong with feeling lost. it's the implication it brings that creates impact in our daily life. Like not getting over our ex or the lost of a job, it's pure futile dwelling on them far too long. Forgetting is hard. Learned the lesson well n better ourself for future encounters. Move on.

Losing is good too in a sense. When it comes to losing our health, we suddenly learned to realise what really counts in life. Being kind to ourself n others is pertinent. What else there is? We might get hurt in the process of being kind but we are living right. Conscience clear to the dot.

So next time you suffer losses, take note. identify them. There's a valuable lesson to be learned.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Feeling bad for no reason

At times, we just feel bad for no reason. Why? No explanation. Our mind just going nowhere. Powerless.

Searching for clues to rebound. Not unusual.

The good thing is taking the next step. Try not thinking of it too much. Getting a foothold on things of interest will lights up our mood again. Like taking the next stop on a train ride. Looking for new inspiration. Something that tickles the body, mind n spirit.

Everything is getting stale. Our regular meals. Routine at the workplace. Banging on the same mode of leisures like watching reruns on movies, browsing n scrolling the daily facebook n drowning ourself with youtube. Stuffy things.

Going outdoor n doing extra-curricular activities are refreshing. Hassle n cumbersome though. Win some lose some. The sad thing is, when u had enough, it's a long way home. And the deadly cycle of stuffiness n intermittant reprieve rear its' ugly head again. Only solution is to forget the whole episode altogether. Our subconscious mind is really a stubborn stain to play with. Playing truant with our heart.

Learning to adapt is getting more important in the present society we live in. With the distractions. With the rising cost of living. And most importantly, in realising what really counts in life.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Why relations don't last?

Benefits is the keyword. Nobody wants to stay in a stale relationship. Especially true when it comes to monetary concern. Let me touch on these later in this article. For both young n old, psychological benefit form a friendship do chalked up mileage too. So-called emotional dependency. Sorry i won't go further on this coz i am not a psychologist.

Money gave us bad name. But everybody needs money. For every economic endeavour if one does it as a hobby or charity alone he or she would be starving to death. For this reason alone, people always used money as a barometer in everything he/she does. Money isn't everything but we can't live without one. Realism bites.

in the old days, barter trade are ubiquitous. For instance, one has to look for twenty chickens to trade for one cow. No puns intended. But with the advent of money, one can simply carry cash with him in the pocket when going to the market. On the other hand, imagine there is no money in transaction. Resources will be depleted sooner or later due to over consumption by the masses both rich n poor. Enough said on the history of money. So let me comes back to my perennial question why relations don't last.

it works as long as both parties in a relationship puts in effort for it to flourish. Simply put, once a party or friend or even a loved one get neglected, the relation is off for good. There are people whom disowned their friends n family members too. Sad but true. A real heartbreak story. One can see it in movies too. Chances are betrayals, backstabbing n money issues play a pivotal role in these break-ups.

Coming to handicaps. There are the most neglected of all when it comes to forging a relationship. There are regarded as lesser capacity individuals in legal terms. More so in reality. Handicaps in another term are those whom are incapable of looking after themselves, the blind, old folks, hearing impaired, autistics n those whom are sicked for a prolonged time of period. Feedbacks on why relations don't last are welcomed......

Monday, 20 January 2014

Watching tv

Getting excited over serials. Episode after episode of non-stop action. Favourite heroes n heroine.

Commercials too to get an update on the latest offerings in the market. Brandy n bargains side by side.

They are news bulletin too as an alternative to newspapers. Weather report n share market indices. Scoresheets on the sports' front never stops to amaze ( :

The remote control is like a magic wand. Surfing channels at my fingertips. i bet the same scenario happens in every household. Modern amenities marhh.....

We can watch for hours on end. it's a miracle what technology brings into our home.

No other appliance works wonderfully like a tv set. Versatile, economical n entertaining.

Need to say more?

Copyrighted James Chow

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The next level

No holding back. Don't let setbacks tying you down. Remember thunderstorms don't last. Don't let it lingers in your head. And affect your work performance.

Time flies. Seize the moment. Enjoy it while it last. Bear in mind, good times never last (( ;

We are responsible for our own well-being. Do whatever's possible with your capacity. And more.

Sometimes the goings get tough. Put in more effort lol. Stop being calculative. This too shall pass.

Getting into other people's shoes also has its' benefit. A matter of understanding n be understood.

Might be profound n poignant too to the things we do. Especially when doing it for someone special.

With love interest. Without strings attached. Tugged at the heartstrings. One never knows.

Daybreak is a wonderful sight indeed. A new beginning (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Captive audience

We have our reasons. Whom read u? Chances are remote. Few in between too. But that's not all.

We never know. There are those whom are interested. But that's not the reason. Knowing n be known is a cats n mouse game. Life is a game anyway. Play it ( :

A channel to profess. A conduit to propel. An all-purpose vehicle. Take the ride. Enjoy the view.

Mediums like tv, social media, videos n audios are abundant. People are spoilt for choice. Churn out your best articles n pictures. And cast your net. Blue marlins are beckoning. You bet.

Winner takes all. Place your bet. Many forms like business dealing, setting out on a career or plain sailing out into the blue yonder.

See no hassle, hear no delay, speak no risk (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

Thursday, 16 January 2014

What would you do?

To improve your coffer. To woo that special someone. To enpasse your career.

Doing business? What business? Gonna have a wide selection of clientele. Meeting people. Setting up meetings. Over lunch n dinners. Plenty of work. Enjoy it if you may.

Skills in maneuvering our every thought n action counts. Customers don't wait forever. And they are impatient. What would you do? Can't go on a wild goose chase forever either.

Must be good if not better in the work we do. Otherwise customers will look the other side.

How often do people look you in the eyes?

if it does, good luck to you. Better be prepared than sorry.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Copyrighted James Chow

My choice

it takes many years of toil, trials n errors to come up with the choices i made. Love life, career, money is on the line. Stringing them like beads around my neck. An ornament to my friends n family.

Better prospect. Better people to be with. Better cars to drive. Better sunrise n sunset. Things can only get better. Hope n miracles do happen. Touchwood.

Meanwhile, at a juncture, the route to take tantamount to the reserve i have, friends i made n the work i do. This process will go on n on. i am here to play the pieces like a game of chess.

Resources can be exhausted. Replenishing them with new blood n vigour is utmost. Like nutricious food, rich supplements n tonics.

Vacations n spa are a good option too to rest the soul n finding new fortitude.

All in a day's work. The treadill is running. At times, breaking the stride is requisite in order to take stock of my well-being.

Like fun n play for instance (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

Going gaga

Amusing to the things people do in time of stress. Biting fingernails. Going in circles. Heavy drinking. Heavy puffing. i bet many have gone thru this kind of experience.

We are only human. God has made us. Perhaps this is a form of syndrome signalling the next course of action. Bucking up, pulling up one's socks n sit tight for the next ride.

Sanity will bore us down in the long run. insanity will do us no justice either. it boils down to enjoying our life momentously with the things we do well. And loving every minute of it.

Monetary concern is a form of restraint. While on the other hand, what society impose upon us is constraint. Be wise, stop thinking too much n start listening to your heart is a good option if not the best.

Come on, swallow one's pride one bit, be foolish n playful once in a while will chipped off the block upon our shoulder for sure.

For now, carry on with what's left off n join in the caravan of love.

Copyrighted James Chow

The urge

itching for action. Reflex. Taking the very step. Towards your prey.

Shopping for that special something. Connecting with that special someone. Working on an indomitable project.

Adrenaline is rushing high. Waiting to be tapped.

Finding channels to propel ahead.

Both offensive n defensive. Juggling, balancing n rationing.

Like a painter whom paint with 3 colors, the combinations are perplexing n amusing all at once. There will never be another chance. A masterpiece yearning to be borne.

Came delivery time. The finest hour. Like climaxing in lovemaking, the experience lingers n longing for more.

Need to say the less, the rest i leave it to anyone's imagination (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

Music carries me away

Drifting further n further away from shore. Yes, i can get drown with music. Transporting me to another era. Back n forth.

i can leave the radio on for hours on end. Daybreak, bedtime you name it, i done it.

Audio n visual are playground of the present day. Not one day that goes without.

Just like coffee n grapevine, it's one of the favourite pastime of the masses.

Music that i grew accustom to. Oh i am so naive. The music is not about me (( ;

People whom grew attached to ipod too. Earplugs that resemble body parts, headphones that looks more alike to muffler.

Tickets to Philharmonics n live concerts are selling like hotcakes.

Thank you for the music.

Copyrighted James Chow

Writing is not a glamour job

So pathetic. Flushing my thoughts with alphabets. Perhaps i can do better.

What to write next. Occupying time with both adversity n nicety. Can't tell which one it is.

Don't settle for less either. Driving forward with a piece of my mind.

Belting out sentimental n pop culture. For instant current state of affair n those not so new. Future tasking too.

Whom is reading me? From the pageviews, i have a clue that somehow someone has the time to browse a thing or two.

Terms of endearment or social interest i am taking my guess.

I never know.

Copyrighted James Chow

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Working as a team

Plenty of give n take to make it work. Everybody is tied up with work. Time lapse n waiting time is inevitable.

Sometimes backlog of cases push us to the limit. Deadlines to be met. Fouled-up in meetings n missed opportunities are the norms. Chasing the ultimate goal.

Life is not fair. it's a fact. Compromise rules the day. To get something done is a blessing.

There is only 24hours in a day. Time pass by quickly. To seize the day n quick on our feet are requisite.

Unless we fail most of the time, we must buck up to close the deal at lightning speed.

A challenging time indeed. Have mercy, God!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Office work

Oh yes the 9-5 treadmill. Clocking in getting your first cuppa coffee. Switching on the terminal n start punching away.

Putting in lots of thinking too as jumping the gun would produce shoddy document. Going with the flow works wonder. All fell into place.

Lunchtime is another affair altogether. Having it with fellow colleagues, chit-chatting n grapevining over a plate of hotmeal be it noodles, rice or even English bread.

Resuming work with more intensity to beat the deadline is playing on my mind. To achieve that is a blessing. To avoid any backlog marhh.

Coffee break at the office pantry is refreshing. As the day is coming to a close, tidying up spreadsheet for the next day is a requisite.

Going back home is a tight affair. Beating traffic n the occasional heavy rain is foreseen. Well, all in a day's work at the office (( ;