Saturday, 10 May 2014


Losing carkeys. Losing virginity. Losing at the casino. Feeling lost at the mall. Feeling lost in an ocean of people. Nothing is more unfortunate than losing our thoughts. The mind wandering aimlessly. Time stood still. Negativity come flooding in. Paralysing our body, mind n spirit. Yes, i am talking about losses. Sad thing is, we are not aware of it.

Cutting the habit of smoking, drinking n womanising is a good lost. Discarding unused n unwanted materials from home is a good lost too. Keeps our house clean, organized n uncluttered. Not to mention toxic friends that don't entertained you anymore. These are examples of both good n bad losses we are dealing with in life.

Nothing wrong with feeling lost. it's the implication it brings that creates impact in our daily life. Like not getting over our ex or the lost of a job, it's pure futile dwelling on them far too long. Forgetting is hard. Learned the lesson well n better ourself for future encounters. Move on.

Losing is good too in a sense. When it comes to losing our health, we suddenly learned to realise what really counts in life. Being kind to ourself n others is pertinent. What else there is? We might get hurt in the process of being kind but we are living right. Conscience clear to the dot.

So next time you suffer losses, take note. identify them. There's a valuable lesson to be learned.

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