Saturday, 28 November 2015

Topping-up on running blogs

So much infotainment from Google. Does it help? Is it true what we are reading? Will we go the distance striking out on our own brand of thinking? These are the lingering question. Why is besides the issue. What are we looking for actually? For every befitting situation comes a befitting idea. Will we take the time to fathom our thoughts.

Arrhhh.... the feeling is consuming. We feel dumb chewing on our fingernails at times. Switching to a productive mode meant stress and strain on our well-being. Inculcating the passion into the things we do need motivation. No idea how long it's going to last. Doesn't matters anyway if we do it on the weekend. Deviation from work at the workplace is another story. I bet you caught a similar dilemma.

Interesting content in writing is everything. So do Playboy Magazine of yesteryears. Catch my brief. To capture valuable audience to our writings take ingenuity and prowess. Why do readers keep coming back for more? Just like fuel guzzling automobiles keep visiting petrol stations. There must be something addictive in the articles we wrote. We won't be surprising if some readers go over the same article for the second, third time and so forth. The big question is why do writers write?

Under the influence of busyness in our daily work is a dead-end phenomenal. No way out. Unless Lady Luck, the God of Prosperity give us a hand so to speak. Anyhow, life goes on. Nobody cares about the mileage we chalked anyway. Show up is paramount. The #1 reason why people fail in life is they prefer the comfort of staying in the background for comfort and ease sake.

Do you like to become famous? Just be careful not being caught up in the web of notoriety. See you and farewell friends.

Friday, 27 November 2015

New ideas that matters

Tonnes of knowledge but no application. Get a job is obvious. 9 to 5 Mon-Fri. Sounds familiar? Then comes entrepreneurship. Money is needed bridging the gap between our last drawn salary and finding a foothold in a new career. Guess what? Extra expenditure during time lapse is killing. All too familiar.

That isn't all. What's holding us back. Life goes on, we need to eat, that's obvious. Arrhhh... finally. The act of doing our best work do just fine. No turning back. No time to waste. Sorry for my brand of writing. My followers know me well. Short, simple, precise and vivid. Pause for reflection and catching my breath.

The world evolving at neck-breaking speed. Doing something to exceed expectation ensure perpetuity. Mediocre performance will be downgraded not recommendable. To guarantee progress in an organization require initiative on a daily basis. Slacks don't look good on our performance sheet. Worst still, we might be even shown the door.

Benefit of doubt can only hold fort for so long. Sooner or later, the tiger will show its' stripes. But that's not the point. The purpose of writing this article shouldn't go off -track or deviate from its' origin "new ideas that matters".

Not the least, the search for new ideas is common. Stop looking! Just do it!, like the Nike commercial. With what we have, where we are and the skill we possess.

Plenty of guidelines can be gleaned from Google. Don't follow blindly. Have a little imagination of our own as loving ourselves is the greatest love of all. Do not fall into the trap where someone told you so. We can only grow wiser.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Not the finest yet

Piece by piece, journey by journey we go about things. Hoping it turns out fine. So what? There is always hopping to another task.

No explanation to the things we do. Just do it for a dollar's worth. A penny for my thought. Do we think of what we are doing most of the time? A dire situation when it comes to thinking how much we waste our time on mundane and trivial pursuit.

But then again, so do sitting casually with a cup of coffee and sleeping. We need it all the same. Be it watching a movie, listening to a song and looking upon the moonlit sky. We felt dumb at times but these are the things that make life worth living. What's your favourite pastime? Care to share?

Enjoying the moment is a blessing. Can't have it at the workplace. Do we have a choice? Yes, we do. We might be left high and dry in the cold starving if we don't buck up. Even the very rich make it a point to do some serious work from time to time. We would rest in peace someday. Ohhhh... sure we certainly would. But until that very day, complacency is wishful thinking. It certainly holds true for the working class. The pressure, stress and strain is always there. Nothing we can do about it.

Satisfaction with life is a subjective matter. Let's be honest. Our self-conscience won't lie. We can fool others but fooling ourselves do us no justice.