Friday, 30 May 2014

Tell me when?

Oh yes. Paychecks. The rain. Good impromptu. We all need one. They are so finicky to the bone. Luck is everything. Perhaps the lottery shop. Keep hoping. Keep praying. Doesn't mean anything anyway. Gotta carry on with our life. Many hows?

People might got us wrong. Our intentions. Our livelihood. But then again, who cares? Start selling lemonades perhaps to the neighbours. Literally speaking if you wished but the conundrum holds water. Or we will die of starvation with wishful thinking.

Stop asking when? Stupid question. Coz it may never will. Sleep our way thru. No-no. Funny you know, coz sleep is the only marathon that requires no effort. Sad thing is, it takes up lots of time. Be my guest, try tackling time more creatively. i have no answer here either.

Til you found the pot of gold, keep a keen eye on magical rainbows that weaved before you. Can't get those at night though. Gonna wait after a heavy downpour. Coz that's when the enigmatic rainbow appears before us. Choose your colour stripe. God bless............

Sunday, 25 May 2014

True or myths?

As we are older, we grew wiser. Once burn twice shy. Whom never learned the lesson? Children afraid of darkness, adults afraid of daylight. So ironic.

So many has been said. What needs to be done is did. Long history. Since time immemorial. Deep down we knew what is true n what are myths. No bethrayal here.

Sad thing is, many follow the wrong teachings n end up losing. Many types of losses if you follow my blog. Catch my drift? The saddest case is having the wrong belief n the resulting mindset ruin many innocent life.
it stunts growth n malignant in nature. Like cancer, it ruins the carrier's life until he realised what's really eating him/her in the 1st place.

Everyone is unique. The path each n everyone of us is travelling is different. Every problem is unique. And every unique problem requires unique remedy. One rule of thumb though not universal is to keep an open mind. Patience is a key though it doesn't worked all the time.

Treat life as a mystery. Let it unfold before you ruined any chances of recovery by taking drastic action. Remember that temporary action to temporary problem can have permanent result.

Whether it's true or myth, you be the beholder. God bless..................

To please

People talked about stop pleasing everybody. What's the point? People still do it every time. it's the mechanics of human interaction. Try it n chances are people will give you the cold shoulder. Grimaces notwithstanding, you can kissed future collaboration goodbye for good.

Talk is cheap. And action brings consequences. We might have good intention but people don't see it that way most of the time. We are wasting our time. Better luck elsewhere. The hide n seek game persist to a new level where the finder not necessary be the keeper. i rest my case.

Pleasing our superior, our breadwinner n not forgetting our spouse can give you a mouthful of candy. Or it can backfires. Good intentions is not a sure betfire. Tough luck. Tough days. What else there is in our daily struggle if not to get the acceptance of our paymaster.

Do more than expected as the saying goes. Stay out the comfort zone etc. i sincerely hopes these do hold water in the long run. As the Chief Economist, John Maynard Keynes profess, we are all dead in the long run. A better way of putting matters in perspective is much sought after.

Last but not least, what we manifest must be true, kind n necessary. Otherwise they will hold sway the thoughts of the innocent. in bright daylight

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Getting easy

Get the feeling? Where everything hang loose. At a crossroad where everything is possible. Having extra cash in the pocket. Need to go any further?

And yet on the other end, being stubborn of where we are heading, can't get over our ex n problems at the office that can't seem to go away are just driving us nuts.

The lesson to be derived from this is we take matters into our hand too seriously. Much better to leave it to benefit of doubt. More n much better outcome will proceed if we leave it to chances. Chances that we shall take, chances that is there for the picking like low-hanging fruits. Try it the very next time you faced with a dilemma. instead of letting problems eating you away like stubborn stain.

Learn to be relax. For the record here for the umpteenth times, easier said than done. in these ever rush-rush rat race we live in, the call of duty always win. As a result, the call of nature took a backseat.

The only privilege time we can call it easy is when we are left alone in the verandah, in our room or in the middle of composing a romantic poem. Got what i mean.

So, therefore, let your hairs down, release your energy n bask in every opportune time whenever n wherever you can call your own. Seize them

Leaving it to chances

At times we feel like having it all. Chances are we aren't. Unforeseen circumstances. Calamities n rejections. At wit's end. By taking the next step, we increase the chances of success. if we don't, the answer will always be no. Everybody knows that.

Working thru our fingers, backbreaking act wouldn't promised anything but it's everything that we got. Nourishing our body, taking the requisite nap n intermittant joy will feed our tired soul n spirit. Not forgetting the money we spent in the process.

Feeling lonely in this cold world is inevitable. No complains here. Like a Captain steering its' own ship, looking for a shore to harbour is likeable to looking for a companion to share a shoulder. A total respite. We can't chase after what that doesn't belongs to us in the 1st place. Until the right one comes along, we leave it to chances yet again.

Waking up in the morning whether we plan the day or not, chances are playing on our fate. By having a good faith alone shall determine the outcome of our every endeavour. We can't get whatever we aspires, can we? The bottomline is our bread n butter issues more or less are determined by the acceptance of the masses. Can't forced a mouthful into our object's throat, literally speaking.

Having faith in the Almighty Lord shall do us just fine. God bless...............

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Go ahead n write

Even a person with a life of shit can write something good. This applies to me. Matters just crossed my mind n the urge of letting them all out is natural indeed. Second nature. 1st nature is enjoying life to the fullest like working on my available resources. Sipping that cup of coffee n googling for amusing anecdotes henceforth.

i am no Stephen King or Jeffrey Archer either. Just the everyday James stirred not shaken. No lack of materials to write on, everything i wrote came from hands-on episode in my daily struggles. Not far from a personal diary. An old man's diary. Appealing or not i don't know. You be the judge.

Perhaps i could send this to the editor n get it published to earn some pocket money. i wrote an article before in my 20s with the length of 500 words. Editted to 120 words eventually. i got paid 4 Ringgit Malaysian money at that time. The article served as a comment on the importance of fastening seat belt on Malaysian road. Oh hell, i still remembered the 4 Ringgit. What's writing worth huh?

Sitting comfortably on my lap, striking these keys on the keyboard feels like sowing young shoots on the padi field. Guess what, the time to reap maybe never. Why do i care? i enjoy writing marhh. Whom knows?, one day i might become another J.K. Rowling or Charles Dickens or someone in between. One never knows.

For now, i might be better off sharing my daily snippets with those whom cares. Can't go overboard.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


Losing carkeys. Losing virginity. Losing at the casino. Feeling lost at the mall. Feeling lost in an ocean of people. Nothing is more unfortunate than losing our thoughts. The mind wandering aimlessly. Time stood still. Negativity come flooding in. Paralysing our body, mind n spirit. Yes, i am talking about losses. Sad thing is, we are not aware of it.

Cutting the habit of smoking, drinking n womanising is a good lost. Discarding unused n unwanted materials from home is a good lost too. Keeps our house clean, organized n uncluttered. Not to mention toxic friends that don't entertained you anymore. These are examples of both good n bad losses we are dealing with in life.

Nothing wrong with feeling lost. it's the implication it brings that creates impact in our daily life. Like not getting over our ex or the lost of a job, it's pure futile dwelling on them far too long. Forgetting is hard. Learned the lesson well n better ourself for future encounters. Move on.

Losing is good too in a sense. When it comes to losing our health, we suddenly learned to realise what really counts in life. Being kind to ourself n others is pertinent. What else there is? We might get hurt in the process of being kind but we are living right. Conscience clear to the dot.

So next time you suffer losses, take note. identify them. There's a valuable lesson to be learned.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Feeling bad for no reason

At times, we just feel bad for no reason. Why? No explanation. Our mind just going nowhere. Powerless.

Searching for clues to rebound. Not unusual.

The good thing is taking the next step. Try not thinking of it too much. Getting a foothold on things of interest will lights up our mood again. Like taking the next stop on a train ride. Looking for new inspiration. Something that tickles the body, mind n spirit.

Everything is getting stale. Our regular meals. Routine at the workplace. Banging on the same mode of leisures like watching reruns on movies, browsing n scrolling the daily facebook n drowning ourself with youtube. Stuffy things.

Going outdoor n doing extra-curricular activities are refreshing. Hassle n cumbersome though. Win some lose some. The sad thing is, when u had enough, it's a long way home. And the deadly cycle of stuffiness n intermittant reprieve rear its' ugly head again. Only solution is to forget the whole episode altogether. Our subconscious mind is really a stubborn stain to play with. Playing truant with our heart.

Learning to adapt is getting more important in the present society we live in. With the distractions. With the rising cost of living. And most importantly, in realising what really counts in life.