Monday, 31 July 2017

Never too late

To start over with a bang! 10,000 steps a day, dance our breath away too. Plenty of fluid to replenish our dry bodies after a heavy workout.

The day is short, night beckons. To hit the pillow with a thud before calling it a night.

Good night love ones, pleasant dreams.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Good morning friends

Time for a hearty breakfast with toast and hard-boiled eggs. Venturing out for a living before sundown. A long marathon so to speak, doing the things that are close to our heart.

Meeting new friends along the way. We never know what we gonna get, God bless.

Do have a nice day, my dear friend!

Late night calls

Fidgeting mind, anxious body. Looking for enlightening avenues. Las Vegas, the City that never sleeps, cafe with sexy chicks, pub with overflowing beers. I bet majority love to take chances to an otherwise dull regime with endless work that seems to have no finish line.

Work, play and sleep, the rule of one third. To complete an 8-hour-cycle of sleep is the hardest. To be able to do so is an achievement, similar to striking the lottery. Work and play comes naturally, it's an enigma.

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On a new starting block

Hey love ones, feels great to make a comeback. How are you doing, really? Me, myself getting older of course, 51 to be exact. Not as glamorous as the young ones harrhh? Trying my best though to make an impact in these wide wide web.

Thank you for being my audience once again. I could be reached via my Mobile +60104327663