Friday, 4 July 2014

Am i improving myself?

Am i making money? Am i making good use of my time? Am i getting more respect? i keep asking myself when i can stand on my own, with earning power n the rightful living.

Well, i definitely need the support of people to endorse my work n get paid in the process. And that needs time. i have to wait. i can't forced people to accept n bear testimony to my work prompto. Everyone is busy.

i need to eat too. For the time being, working on ends is utmost to keep the wheel of life spinning. i just can't idle n daydream all day.

in the back of my mind, i know deep well what i can do n what cannot. That boils down to hard-thinking on my part. Thinking myself to a corner is not much used too.

Prayers to God. Hoping for the best n prepared for the worst is all i can do. Meanwhile, doing my very best with my work is all that is. Hoping for returns. Money.

We are all money-spinners. Once we stop working, the bucks stop. it's crucial for us all to work regularly like a clock. The biological clock.

Keeping our sanity is important. insanity bankrupts us. Meanwhile, staying calm n doing our hard day's work is a rude regiment. Do we have a choice?

The choice is clear. Struggle or bear the brunt of complacency.

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