Saturday, 28 June 2014

Are we okay?

To be able to sleep well at night. To be able to relax. To be able to do things at our own sweet time. Taking it easy. Going slow.

it's a dream. Hoping for miracles. Magical change. Aspiration is different from reality. We need to squash the orange, thrash out our disappointment, raising our voice, travel the distance, closing the deal etc.

We seek comfort. But comfort comes at a price. Dilly-dallying with precious time, socialising at a cost, unproductive hours at home are the demons of enterprise.

No win situation. Like a game of chance, the chips are down eventually. Living frugal is painful. Bare necessity n bare minimum. The poor has it.

Flambuoyant living is joy. insanity at a price. Going broke in no time. And yet like a year without rain, when the rain comes, money is spent like water. Catch 22.

Being okay requires sanity. Soberity too. Don't wanna get off-hand. Nor off-guard. But then again, this spell will not hold long. Boredom is the culprit. Falling back to bad habits again.

i believe mankind has a history of repeating itself. Repeating our mistakes. Betting on the same horse. Falling for the wrong one again. And of course old habit dies hard.

Even for a multi-disciplined human being.

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