Saturday, 21 June 2014


Brand new year. Spearheading a new goal. New prices. New spending pattern. Older n wiser too. Modus operandi changes. So-called new apps.

Spring cleaning, uncluttering wardrobes, marching into the 3rd quarter in no time. What's your new resolution? Any amorous feeling? Stains that you'd like to shake off? Offsetting any due payments? Everyone's agenda seems to be clogging up to be pegged off like a check-list.

And these requires action. Plenty of them. Do you have the required stamina to outdo the above? i can faint if i truly put myself going thru this process. However, look at the bright side. We can always take a bite n chew along the way.

Circumstantial assistance like running mate, serendipity n lady luck do play a hand in getting us out from the deep end. Do worked up the momentum to touch base when the need arise. Like replenishing, catching up on our sleep n eating nutricious food.

To stay fit for a ninety-minute ballgame so-to-speak. in order to outlast the game, wits n vigour are important to win the race. And there is no better race than racing against ourself.

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