Saturday, 2 August 2014

Do you think I am a joke?

I blog. Many things people do. Spending most time with the phone. Driving incessantly. Working around the kitchen. Reading. Watching television.

Sharing my thoughts with the masses. For those whom cares. For those whom browse. And for those whom are catching a glimpse on what I am writing from time to time. The feeling is the same. Godwilling and Godspeed.

We can turn cuckoo at wit's end. Long hours in the office. Commuting in traffic jams. Hurried lunch hour. And waiting for that special someone.

Not to mention calamities that befall us. Looking after the sick. When our car broke down. When our roof leaks. Or even when payments are due. Many had sleepness nights trying to make things right. Pity.

We get into the scheme of things in order to make a living. Staying by the sidelines is a spectator's sport. For the rich perhaps. But then again, how many are they rich folks out there? Majority are struggling for a living. Debts and rentals are the norms.

No joke. No crying wolf. Better late than sorry. Never say never again. Looking for options and finding solutions to everyday problem occupies the mind.

Meeting and talking to people rules the day. No man is an island. Money don't fall from the sky or grow on trees. They come from people. It's a reality. An honest day of work means everything.....................

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