Saturday, 28 June 2014

Are we okay?

To be able to sleep well at night. To be able to relax. To be able to do things at our own sweet time. Taking it easy. Going slow.

it's a dream. Hoping for miracles. Magical change. Aspiration is different from reality. We need to squash the orange, thrash out our disappointment, raising our voice, travel the distance, closing the deal etc.

We seek comfort. But comfort comes at a price. Dilly-dallying with precious time, socialising at a cost, unproductive hours at home are the demons of enterprise.

No win situation. Like a game of chance, the chips are down eventually. Living frugal is painful. Bare necessity n bare minimum. The poor has it.

Flambuoyant living is joy. insanity at a price. Going broke in no time. And yet like a year without rain, when the rain comes, money is spent like water. Catch 22.

Being okay requires sanity. Soberity too. Don't wanna get off-hand. Nor off-guard. But then again, this spell will not hold long. Boredom is the culprit. Falling back to bad habits again.

i believe mankind has a history of repeating itself. Repeating our mistakes. Betting on the same horse. Falling for the wrong one again. And of course old habit dies hard.

Even for a multi-disciplined human being.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Fear is enemy number one

Fear of the unknown. Never tried. No time. No friends. No infrastructure. No money. The list is bottomless. There are those whom couldn't care more too.

Life goes on. Wonder why those whom are bed-ridden are eager for action? injured footballers whom can't wait for the next game? And employees whom are in anticipation of the next paycheck?

We are all players in the circle of life. Hakuna matata. Time wait for no man. And no man is an island. The ball is on our court whether we like it or not. Retrieving n sending the ball to its' rightful place takes plenty of wit n vigour.

We are creature of comfort. Many times, we just lazed around n cozy up to the surrounding n leave everything to chance. We can't wait that long, can we?

Comes down to motivation. We need love n affection to live a life of bliss. A good companion is really a great blessing. i am looking forward to it.


Everybody loves it. Grapevines, gossip. Fall for another man. Lost everything at the casino. Just have another baby. Quit her job. Oh yes, music to the ears.

On the other hand, weatherman doesn't have such accolade. Dull n numb to the cheek. in every piece of conversation, we try to spice things up another level. Exaggerating, stacking up the chips to gain listeners. Like politicians on the run-up to an election, the launch of an exquisite project or simply trying to woo the opposite sex.

in all corners of the world, people are desperate for attention. To be seen. To be heard. Talk show. Fastcar, splashing the latest designer outfit are the tickets to stardom. in the limelight, highlights of every n any events.

Those whom work behind the scenes are aspiring for some sort of achievement too. Like appreciation, accolades n awards. Not far from the citylights, there are people whom live life of a different sort.

Depends on one's aspiration, there are no obstacles or hindrances that hinders one's ambition. Likewise. for those whom work hard, the reward will come sooner or later. Touchwood.

Different mode

Peddlaring our product. Words of mouth. Thru prints, social media. Pictures n audios. We are trying all means to capture the audience. Otherwise, deadlogged n push to the back-burner in no time.

Advertisement. A daily affair. Like going back to our woman everyday. Gotta tell her how much i care. Nothing is more pervasive than the constant reminder that we care.

Perhaps the game-plan is arduous n requires playtime. But all work n no play makes Tom a dull boy. How true. Video games n consoles playing a major n pivotal role in present day. To while away empty times n shy away from boredom.

Same goes to our vocation. The things we do. The things we don't do doesn't count. Pulling strings of contention preoccupy our precious time. To seek, to find that special moment that pull matters n people together is a surefire.

The onus of redemption rest on our shoulder yet again.

One step closer

To what? Why not just walked thru the door? To lay our hands over the other side. To savour the delight of being. Being a human. With senses. With spirit.

Fear is another factor. Fear of the unknown. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. We are only human. Enough said. What are we going to do about it?

Treading the same course? Walking the same old thin line? Or venture out experiencing the wild? Get caught up in the scheme of things in the process.

Chalking up mileage requires resources. Talk n action alike, following thru a plan requires all the resources we need. Creativity to produce is utmost too or there will be no product.

A product that is saleable, monetary-wise n worldly. Otherwise they will be dumped into the basket of oblivion. Oblivious to our effort, our blood, sweat n tears.

Getting closer to our dream is like a cat on a hot thin roof.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Artistic pride

A work of art. Need no explanation. it touches the soul. Among million other things. We come so long to project an image. An image of love, compassion.

We feel so empty at times. So lonely. So desperate. So restless. A by-product of everyday life. Toiling. Waking up from bed. Rushing to a destination. Trying to convince someone.

Like a bull in a China shop. Like a mad man scavenging for coins. We are numb n powerless to the overpowering waves of civilization. A moment of reflection on the sidewalk or having a cup of coffee on the couch seems comforting at the very least. Learning to relax is an art.

We have no idea what we are talking whatsoever. To a stranger n a loved one alike. Besides, our mind is clouded with illusion n clarity thinking to no avail. We know that.

What constitutes the rightful way of life is yet to be discovered. Playing time, getting busy n laying our hands on instrument of joy only buy us lapses. The lapses of self-denial, betraying oneself n most disheartening cheating ourself in the process.

i love art. it cherishes the unthinkable, brought out the child in us n provide solace from the wicked world we lived in. More so the one off relation in everyday conversation we are trying so hard to indulge n fathom.

Last but not least, a time for rest n reflection is really a good change. A change for our impatience attitude, a change to our vicious routine n most of all a realization on what really count in life.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Don't say a word

Words don't matter. Misconstrue at times. Between the lines, the opposite is true n so forth. And neither is action. Nobody cares, do they? in the name of Christ, we are people who do. Sleep notwithstanding.

Diary of a professor or a Princess Diary. We love to keep them in words, don't we? in everyday conversation, proses n phrases are heard in subways, in the office n even in elevators. Communication pull us together. They can torn us apart too.

Short n simple words are sweet. Trouble is people don't get enough. Bookstores still thrive. Magazines are selling like cupcakes n music CD is a turn on.

Giving up on words is not an option. We need to talk. As simple as ordering a cup of coffee. Reporting to the Boss n explaining your taxes. i don't know about you but i love pillow talk. Whispering, chissing. And the kissing as cherry topping.

Words are not enough to say the least. Neither is action. More so in the present world. ironic money still stay supreme when putting people to work. Silencing the harshest critic too when it matters.

How stupid can we be?

Banging on the same drum. Putting our wallets n keys at the same place. Slouching on the same couch. There must be change.

Traveling the world. New reading material. Watching Transformer 4. You get my picture. The feelings too. Like savouring a new dish for the 1st time. Making love to a brand new woman.

Whom didn't love surprises. Like a birthday present you've always wanted. The thing is, we are so entrapped in the scheme of things, we often unaware that we are placing our juice into the same mold over n over again. Like bad habit. Smoking for instance. Filthy.

At the workplace, rushing matters is order of the day. No brainer. Like a train running on track, same old station, same old schedule, kowtowing to the same head. Nothing creative. Nothing rings nor knocks.

We are feeding our soul with make-believe at home too. Drowning ourself with hobbies n heartwarming moments. But then again, everything runs thin. How much is too much? How little is too little? it takes lots of spirit to uplift our mood.

We can only relate to life experience as we do. Like watching a movie for the 1st time. 1st love n 1st of anything. it all depends on us to fill up the vacuum in our heart with new found freedom, new pockets or even a new found friend whom is heart rendering at its' best.

Stupidity has no limit, quote Einstein. it's all up to us to make life journey a happy one.

Feeling fresh?

Better do something creative n productive before you felt asleep. Be it in the wee hours or late afternoon, our biological clock is ticking away. Cozy up, pull up thy socks n start heading for the door or your desktop. Doesn't matter where you're heading anyway, catch my drift?

Our performance are compromise when not guarded selfishly. Craps. We are. With the notion that we are doing okay will just leave the neighbours pull down their curtain.

One thing rest for sure, the river flows, the sea tiding over n the sun also rise. Minting money with our work is all that is. Never enough. Never feel happy. What do we really need? Sex? Speed fiend? Gaming consoles? Hard to please humans. We are.

Feeling fresh let us have the freedom to restart, reboot n unplug again after a long haul of desperate acts. We know deep inside what really counts. Problem is we just don't have the time to think it over.

The next morning rush, grabbing our coffee, smacking our body into subways n slumping over a deskjob completes a vicious cycle.

No respite. No peace of mind. No peace............

Now what?

So what? No agenda in the calender. Errands to run. Or people to call. Banging heads on the wall hoping to shake off flaks that is harbouring in one corner of the head. Only one head. And that's a blessing.

Tried everything. Spending money in every corner of the world literally. To cure symptoms of lethargy, hopelessness n desperado. One limelight, there is certainly growth n improvement to progress. Bumping into roadsigns n cautions in the wind is a real wake up call.

We won't be wasting our time afterall if not for the overwhelming desire to look for groundbreaking clues. Don't have any concrete clues yet but i supposed with determination n the momentum, we will be okay just fine.

Meal after meal to keep us fit for the next challenge. Why wouldn't we? Energy is everything. Like a coal-miner picking for diamond, the struggle is  relentless nevertheless. Once the diamond is found, we won't be complaining afterall for the hardwork.

Meanwhile, fingers-crossed, touchwood, we need all the blessings there is to chalk up some mileage in our adventure. Discovery is not far off for the courageous. Success favours the brave as the saying goes.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Brand new year. Spearheading a new goal. New prices. New spending pattern. Older n wiser too. Modus operandi changes. So-called new apps.

Spring cleaning, uncluttering wardrobes, marching into the 3rd quarter in no time. What's your new resolution? Any amorous feeling? Stains that you'd like to shake off? Offsetting any due payments? Everyone's agenda seems to be clogging up to be pegged off like a check-list.

And these requires action. Plenty of them. Do you have the required stamina to outdo the above? i can faint if i truly put myself going thru this process. However, look at the bright side. We can always take a bite n chew along the way.

Circumstantial assistance like running mate, serendipity n lady luck do play a hand in getting us out from the deep end. Do worked up the momentum to touch base when the need arise. Like replenishing, catching up on our sleep n eating nutricious food.

To stay fit for a ninety-minute ballgame so-to-speak. in order to outlast the game, wits n vigour are important to win the race. And there is no better race than racing against ourself.

Stop looking

isn't here. isn't there either. We travel half the globe looking for that special something or special someone. No, not at home either. Like a game of hide n seek or a game of snake n ladder, we breathe in n breathe out. Like making love too, holding tight n letting go.

No sign of letting up in life. Unless you want to spend a life unperturbed. Like spending the rest of your life writing a book by the seaside. Our forefather n grand dame did that. A legacy remembered n forgotten at the same time.

City life is burgeoning with all walks of life. We don't know our neighbours anymore than they know us. Saying hi over the mobile seems remote. Dogs n cats roam the living room. Nobody is taking out the thrash anymore. Neither is fixing what is broken. Consumerism rules.

Perhaps we couldn't care less but the present society have program n tune us in such a way that having time for someone is like the Beauty n the Beast having a first meal together.

People don't reach out anymore. Anymore than saying their name, where they are heading or even can't commit when they will see each other again. The song "When will i see you again?" is playing fervently in the back of our mind like the needle of the gramophone resting on its' groove.

New path

Taking a new route. New hobby. Spending on new items. Designer food. All in good times. Holding tight will only give us thyroid. Letting go n finding new means of outlet like reading poems for a change, watching cables, thronging a new mall etc.

Stop looking for answers. Keep treading. Keep doing or staring at the same old walls. Limber up n clawing our fingers thru our hair, stretching those legs n swinging thy arms are invigorating. The dance of our life. Ekeing out a living is a sorry state of mind. Both body n spirit.

Routines are killing. inevitable. Breaking these chain requires ingenuity. Sometimes we are caught numb n powerless. Keep an eye for revolution LOL. For change, for new stuff in the freezer n new upcoming movies in the channel.

Before long, we might be better off ploughing the next field for new 'crops' before saying sorry. One thing utmost, sanity n health is foremost to leap the next faith. Otherwise old bondage will ruin any chance of revival in our plan.

Momentum is one thing, calling it a day sounds true when the bell isn't ringing anymore. Not in the near future. instances perhaps but the remoteness of luck play a hand nevertheless.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


No, not hunting for food. Hunting for jobs perhaps. Hunting for lines. Dialling, SMSs, emails. You named it, all laid out on the table. The ubiquitous dailies at the newstands. We all get a hand in one of these from time to time. Not in the old days when we sharpened our tools to hunt for elephant.

On the destop, we hunt for information n knowledge. Not all are useful though. But we struggled to siphoned as much as possible nonetheless like finishing up a bottle of icy Coke. i love cheesecake too for the record. All comes with money.

Holding on to a job doesn't guarantee everything. But the days seem worthwhile. What with the paycheck at the end of the month. Like reaching the shore after a month of tossing n turning in the middle of the ocean. Not a pervasive figure of speech afterall since many are settling for the same trade, employment.

At the end of the day, cleaning ourself, savouring our meal n hitting the sack seems to be the daily ritual. Thinking out of the box can be just that coz the morning after we are back at work pronto.

Like grapefruits in a blending machine, we are beaten up by the ritual of time. Prayers for blessings are important too. To have a save passage. Good health n glad tidings..................

Queueing society

Long queue. Bumper to bumper. At the check-out point. Queueing up to pay the cashier at the mall. Taking turns at the clinic. Pending court case. Waiting to be seated. Longing for paychecks. Whooshh! The Gods must be crazy. Do we deserved these?

Only silverlinings, the plans in our head can wait too. To wait for Mr Right. To wait for deep pockets. Being couch potato at home, commercials are brainwashing our grey matters in great numbers. Jingles seem marching in single file right through our ears. Streams of visuals are hassling into our eyeballs like commuters packing into a bus.

No panacea to solve queueing problem. Ever i guessed? One thing seems certain. People are dead stubborn when it comes to consumerism. Like all men to one woman. Take your lucky guess. The next refueling station is miles away. Why not settled for the good old coffee aroma?

At home, feeling at ease is not an option too. Not at the present world. Fidgeting with smartphones, compromising on buffer time is an example of queueing too. No let up here. No thinking here.

When it comes to life n death, obviously there is no queueing. We can snapped anytime, anywhere. With the way we abused our body, mind n spirit, only God has the answer. God bless....................

Gonna make sense

it takes a while. Or a lifetime before it made perfect sense. Seldom people care. Well, they have their reason. Much obliged.

Kicking the ball n thumping our fist don't made a better Humpty-dumpty. Gotta clicked with people when we want something gets done. Otherwise the answer will be no. Outright rejection. Wasting our time. Money speaks too. Make life more convenient. Buying our way to Nirvana.

For the time you have, complacency will only helped in digestion. Doing our sacred work will carry us far at least for the day. Don't pushed your luck. Don't bother either.

When the time is right, at the right place, talking to the right people helps a lot. Just like one of those days. Bad days too. But that doesn't count.

Come harvest time, our pocket speaks the loudest. Without a care in the wind, following whims n fancies occupy selfdom. Not forgetting to sow for the next season too. With the hope of better return, the least setbacks etc.

Meanwhile, staying alive is a privilege. One sort.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ring a bell

The bell tolls. The bell chimes. Does it ring a bell? Make us want to act out of the blue. Putting on our clothes, rising up from bed reaching out for car keys. Off we go.

Striking a chord in our nerve to iron out creases in every chore. Not forgetting the occasional meal too when the need arise. Cravings marhh. For those whom are addicted to tobacco, fishing out the next stick is inevitable. Hazardous to health.

Looking for clues. Window shopping. Googling for news. The new starlet. Singers belting out new songs. New movies premierring n so forth. The calender is smoking hot. Day by day, day n night.

Home is strewn with rubbish. So much for decorum. Hire a maid perhaps to tidy up the mess. Chalking up expenditure in the process. Giving too much thought on spending can made us cuckoo. Shrugged it off then. For now.

Stocking up on goodies at home to keep us occcupied works wonder too. Venturing out too much can leave a bitter taste to our mood. Too much to stomach maybe but we do fine all the same. Until we find another sweet spot, settling for the present might just do the trick.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Don't like what we see. Don't believe what we hear. it doesn't matter to us. How often do you get excited about something? Everything seems to be a rerun. Like spinning of the wheel going nowhere. We get this feeling from time to time. Doesn't helped.

On the other hand, when we believed in something, we tend to hurt ourself by following blindly the sweet spot in our head. Easily got hurt, don't we? Coming back to disbelief. We shrugged off everything n everyone in our path because of remorse n disgust. That doesn't helped either. What is the purpose of life anyway? Gonna find the answer. Real quick before it hits home.

Of course, there must be something or someone that tugged at our heartstring. Problem is affair of the heart is fleeting. We gotta worked real hard to keep our love alive. in limbo, airborne n within grasp. Lots of work erhh? That's my point.

Self-indulgent like listening to our favourite music, reading our best book, going to our familiar vacation spot n making love to our spouse are real joy n fun. The so-called honeymoon period. Come Monday, we are back at work n the vicious cycle of pain n joy continues.

Gonna believe in something eternal. Like spiritual. Like worldliness. is there any other?

Friday, 6 June 2014

Rushing things

There is no mercy. Meeting deadlines. Unfinished business. Tying up loose ends. Bread n butter issues. i bet i am not the only one.

Being sedentary is meaningless. What with the myriad of chores hanging around your neck. Breaking free requires action. To defy gravity. To kick asses so to speak. it's not an option. Taking a bath, brushing our teeth, refueling, paying utilities n comtemplating the next move. Life never ceased.

To call it a day. Easy for you to say. Money is chalking up mileage in one's pocket. Gonna buckle-up n ride the next job. Complacency hurts in many ways. Awareness wins.

Before we go overboard, well-beings are important too. But that can wait, we keep telling ourself. Life at the office is like a factory. Fitting in like a running cog, we must be crazy if we don't have feelings. Even cold-blooded animals will take a run for its' money.

Until we find a befitting solution, work is all that is. To put food on the table, roof over our head. The feeling is not mutual. Like soldiers on the battlefront, we keep striving forward until the battle is won. Some respite in the bunker maybe but the call of nature is always there.

it's real n it's here to stay whether you love it or not. Tough life.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Try to resist

Resist to act. Resist of accepting the truth. Resist irony. To no avail. Coz we are dying for survival. Don't know what tomorrow brings. Gonna share our thoughts n ideas with our loved ones before it's too late.

Skating on thin ice, saying too much for our own good just taking it to the next level. Writing something spicy perhaps but the intentions is clear. We are only human, not made of steel. With heart n soul. There are heartless beings out there. Just leave them alone. ignore them. That's the best we can do. For our own good too.

Resistance is futile. Just like action-flicks, the hero n heroine goes to great extend to save its' skin. More true in reality. No one will fight for us. We have only ourself to blame when the chips are down. Don't go begging if reality rears its' ugly head. Brace ourself.

Taking it too easy? Reality bites. Hope for the best n prepare for the worst. Saving every dime for a rainy day for instance. Goliath always win n David is ekeing out a living believing in gratitude that is shoved their way by irresponsible soul. Afterall, we can improved on gratitude. Take it one step further by improving our livelihood.

Real life never stops. Sitting on our ass is.

Will it worked?

Do more. Stop expecting. The question is a stupid one. Work harder, place more bets n take more chances. Resources might be depleting but it depletes anyway no matter how you played the game. Don't lose hope n don't spent too much time hoping either. Just tidy up our work n let faith do the trick.

We are hitting the walls. Speed trap n potholes muddles with our life. That doesn't mean we stop the journey. No time to enjoy the view coz we are keeping an eye on the road. A ladder perhaps to enjoy the view at the top. That can wait too.

Meanwhile, have a good meal, a good sleep n listen to some folksy music to enlighten the soul before it gets squeeky. Torrential of thoughts are cloudying our mind. Start by sharing. Social media, at the workplace or talking to someone to share the burden. it might works, you know. Therapeutic too.

Whether it works or not doesn't matter coz we are glad to be alive. The great redemption for our body, mind n spirit has just begun. Keep an eye for results n remember failures do not justify the end.

Keep trying..................

New strategy

if you tell someone, it ain't new anyway. Gonna show them it works. For the 1st time if you may coz it doesn't smell right the 2nd time around.

Plucking a different route, work harder n spice up our act is an alternative although doesn't worked all the time. Gotta try marhh, better than sitting around with wishful thinking.

Time runs. Before you know it, sundown is in. To raise the curtain on another day. Sometimes, same shit, different day. Groundhog day. Feeling good can be tiring if there is no outright achievement on our part. Gonna cracked our head n our soul to please that very special someone. Dislikes doesn't matter a bit coz we are aiming for the bottomline. Disheartening.

To venture out on our own can deplete resources in no time. Many tried n never give up. Just like keep putting on your chips on the table at the casino. Losing one's pants in the process. A classic tale of David vs Goliath played out in present day.

Keep working to the bone so to speak to garner two meals on the table before it's too late. Everybody knows that idling just won't do. Like adding salt to the wound, it can only get worse. Therefore, keep up the spirit, stop thinking shit n move on. God bless......................