Friday, 11 December 2015

No certainty

Hope for the best. What are we hoping for? So what? People talk of time often. What time got to do with us anyway? Gravity is a neglected topic. We succumb to the influence of gravity daily. Yet we are not aware of it. But then again, we human are able to manoeuvre our ways in a strange fashion. Funny and interesting fashion.

At a loss. What's next? Does it matter? Like a bull charging toward its' matador, a mindless act. Nimble and thoughtful act is enjoyable. Masterpiece are created with sobrobriety and calmness of the mind. A soulful singer croons out a melodic song for sure. Beautiful girls are source of inspiration. No hurry in crossing the finish line. Don't rush, we will fall.

When it rains, sleeping is a great option. A well-deserved rest for a tormented body. Sorry, we are not idiots but hardworkers all the same. Our well-being shall be taken care off daily to ensure good health. Recklessness at our own risk. Working with care goes a long way. We might be push but how we respond dictate a rightful way for our own good. Don't be sorry later.

A sense of guilt always seem rushing in when we do the wrong thing. Something to do with conscience. More wrong than right in every new act. That's how we learn. New lessons not necessary teach us more than the old ones. So do new ideas. Perhaps the old ones fare better in present condition.

Not the least, think right, listen to our heart and try not doing too many mindless mistakes along the way. Don't be afraid. Let's continue our good effort. And take time for rest too.

Don't shrug

Stressful. Just feel the pain. Get comfortable with whatever we are doing. A moment of great revelation lead us to haste. One thing leads to another. Where are we heading to? What we need to see as opposed to what can we see? So interesting. The advent of Internet has brought many things if not everything under one roof. Gone are the days where and when we run around like mad chickens to go about our business.

We get pissed off by run of the mill material. Bore us to dead. New issues like skin magazine and brand new car model attract the masses. A materialistic world. Young beautiful girls are eye-candies. To stay away from a wonderful feeling is antagonizing. We tend to get immersed in pleasure time and again. Why torture ourselves? Arrhhh.... there comes work. Thinking our way towards oblivion. In an ocean of task, take your pick. Manual and automation work hands in hand. Cultivating a disposable work ethic in an ever-changing world. And nothing beats the eating culture. Come to think of it, we just eat and savour whatever dish parlayed in front of us.

Hassle of communication. The world is our oyster. Many content with self-gratification in the hope of not inviting any impromptu intruders into our private solace. Meditation and sleep is bliss. What is life for anyway? A life of pain and suffering with endless work? Or taking time out for recreation? We can only know better as the passage of time leaving us with the hallmark of aging. Sickness and inconvenience in daily affair follows. Arguments and resent rule conversation often. The spirit of listening is regarded honorary by the good. Somehow, evil often triumph. Nasty remarks are ubiquitous daily. Many resort to pulling a quick one on the unfortunate ones. Sad but true.

We can only learn to be wiser for the future. So much has been said since time immemorial but we still practise an honest day's work to continue our effort in thriving an ever-changing economic landscape. Live and let die.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A quiet evening

The dust has settled. Moving on with a slow tempo, going easy on the heart. Irregardless of what I write, new story is inviting. Importance not the least, new happenings bring forth a brand new feeling that spell good in my stock of life. Other people might give a helping hand in writing unsolicited but I do welcome any form of goodwill assistance. Not the reluctant one though. I definitely will read the script I wrote someday. So happy to have come this far. Love ones whom treat me well in the past often on my mind. Regrets at times.

Being soft, quiet and unassuming is shy, shy in an instant gratification world. Hush hush and rash has taken its' toll on the hardworking heart that has been pumping since inception. Have a heart goes a long way though we might get persecuted for the wrong reason. For the umpteenth times, I am learning by lessons well. Like the hare and tortoise fable, the higher we climb, the harder we fall. Handle with care. This life pattern of mine suits me well wherever I go and wherever I am. Though awkward dealing with the furious and impatient ones, the chances of acceptance is higher though sometimes being shrugged in a big way.

Anyhow, the lesson in composure is a brilliant one coz we are able to accomplish fewer task with finesse than having many unfinished task. The sense of achievement is greater and the heart is much more easy-going than when going through a hasten process. To be right in a few undertakings is sufficient. No harm with mistakes. Just don't repeat them too often. Holding on to a passion is blissful. It keeps us mellow and develope solace in a stressful heart that beats to the drum of a never-ending rat race.

Come to think of it, I have been rushing like a madman to get things done recently. Being hasty and rash don't do justice to my conscience. I am listening to my heart now. Many are committed to efficiency and being effective. The question is where are we heading? Is the goal of life we aspire a genuine one?

You know what?

Glad to share my recent experience. Casually but surely, pieces falling into place. Getting the big picture is one. What's it gotta do with me? Travelling is a pain. Narrow path and running traffic a nuisance. Is there a better way. Imagine an episode from Star Trek, beam me out. Mealtime is hassle rain or shine.

Working overtime to satisfy frustration of others is imminent. No time to lose. Assholes are here to stay. How to tackle the situation? Ignorance is bliss. In the old days, Hitler and Napoleon go to war to extinguish its' detractors. Abiding the law nowadays is a must unless you content with the slammers. People work for money. So obvious, need no mention. Licking ass and sweet talk to our paymaster is an arduous task. Won't be surprise many spent a big chunk of their time kowtowing to this phenomena.

The story never ends. For as long as money serve as a legal tender, people will resort to poker face to play the right card in economic endeavours. So are the social circle. No mistakes here. Only a fool is glee and happy with hyenas as company. Options are few. The search for an easy piece of dough is not only futile but null and void. Many go broke trying to be funny with silly ventures without proper planning. Sadly, most don't have much choices as time is running in an unforbidden way. Mistakes made are a golden rule to project us into friendlier circumstance by choice. Awareness and care is insufficient as an ever wave of obstacles are hindering progress along the way.

Business aspires profit. Healthy living crave for new and better way of life. Change is requisite otherwise we might settle for stagnation and worst still, we will be left die standing.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Couldn't care less

Yes, who cares? And those who cares normally shoved sickening remarks down our throat. Notwithstanding, life goes on. Not about finding a better way but pressing ahead with task in hand. Never a time where the finish line is in sight. What finish line? Looking upon the horizon is a sigh of relief after a long spell of discomfort with up-closed and personal project. A window to the world from a laptop perspective is inviting. Holding fast to a closed conscience is disheartening whereas listening to our heart do us more justice at anytime and everytime.

Shirkers at the workplace are to be seen but hardworkers look foolish too in a sense. It's a desperate situation. More practical is following our heart. holding on and letting go just like breathing. Complainants rule the world. Excuses and finger-pointing to the extent of ousting one's nemesis is a game played on and on. The victor will go on preying on its' next target while the loser is subdued to oblivion. People dragging their feet for a reason. Playing for time, benefit of doubt and taking solace are dominants. Ill-feelings and black hearts is ingrained when someone is desperate to quell stubborn subject. Bitter fighting do happen and the casualty suffers. On the other hand, being an introvert, harbouring acidic retort and rejection will come to a boil eventually.

Green-eyed and red-eyed monsters rule the rat race. Unless you are square or blind, chances are you are missing out on the struggle of life daily, big time. Wake-up before critical time impose stringent measures upon us. There must be a missing link in the passage of time where we feel lost and powerless.

Taking the rightful measures to insulate ourselves from impending pitfalls and striking the right balance between work and rest is paramount to guarantee thriving life. Excess and baggages notwithstanding.

Unfinished business

Yes, catching our breath. Deadlines to meet and rushing for mealtime. Losing our soul in the process. Connections are vain coz people do not want to be disturbed. Heartbreak is foolish. Soul-searching in many forms like doing the things we love most to occupy precious time. Rejection from paymaster is possible along the way. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. This is not paranoia but reality in a dog eats dog world.

At the mercy of paymaster is a pain in the neck. Playing for time can only go so far. Sooner or later, critical action is a matter of urgency in the name of bread and butter issue. So silly settling for happy-go-lucky attitude. Being looked upon as a clown in the storm of a social or working circle. The liberty of being serious rest with the beholder. Vulnerability has its' advantage. Being approachable is one. Increace the likelihood of opportunities come knocking. Whereas serious people who go hurting other people's pride beget risk of its' own. I am definitely not those who succumbed to acidic remark from the serious one.

Good friends are few and remote. More true in the present day. Who am I? A celebrity? Tom Cruise or David Beckham? Get real. I have my disadvantage but I am making an effort to upgrade my livelihood if not status as the day goes by. That doesn't made me better than anyone but still an effort worth dictating in the near future. Fighting for independence is an ongoing process. Reliance on help from strangers is frowned upon in this materialistic world unless we have the leverage in bargaining power. Reckless soul that is synonymous to a bull in a China shop is ubiquitous. Couldn't care less.

Banging the wall and speed trap along the way as we curtail the shortage of time daily. Politics and economic factors do weigh heavily on our survival but then again so do an honest day of hardwork and sowing newfound struggle towards a better life.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Topping-up on running blogs

So much infotainment from Google. Does it help? Is it true what we are reading? Will we go the distance striking out on our own brand of thinking? These are the lingering question. Why is besides the issue. What are we looking for actually? For every befitting situation comes a befitting idea. Will we take the time to fathom our thoughts.

Arrhhh.... the feeling is consuming. We feel dumb chewing on our fingernails at times. Switching to a productive mode meant stress and strain on our well-being. Inculcating the passion into the things we do need motivation. No idea how long it's going to last. Doesn't matters anyway if we do it on the weekend. Deviation from work at the workplace is another story. I bet you caught a similar dilemma.

Interesting content in writing is everything. So do Playboy Magazine of yesteryears. Catch my brief. To capture valuable audience to our writings take ingenuity and prowess. Why do readers keep coming back for more? Just like fuel guzzling automobiles keep visiting petrol stations. There must be something addictive in the articles we wrote. We won't be surprising if some readers go over the same article for the second, third time and so forth. The big question is why do writers write?

Under the influence of busyness in our daily work is a dead-end phenomenal. No way out. Unless Lady Luck, the God of Prosperity give us a hand so to speak. Anyhow, life goes on. Nobody cares about the mileage we chalked anyway. Show up is paramount. The #1 reason why people fail in life is they prefer the comfort of staying in the background for comfort and ease sake.

Do you like to become famous? Just be careful not being caught up in the web of notoriety. See you and farewell friends.

Friday, 27 November 2015

New ideas that matters

Tonnes of knowledge but no application. Get a job is obvious. 9 to 5 Mon-Fri. Sounds familiar? Then comes entrepreneurship. Money is needed bridging the gap between our last drawn salary and finding a foothold in a new career. Guess what? Extra expenditure during time lapse is killing. All too familiar.

That isn't all. What's holding us back. Life goes on, we need to eat, that's obvious. Arrhhh... finally. The act of doing our best work do just fine. No turning back. No time to waste. Sorry for my brand of writing. My followers know me well. Short, simple, precise and vivid. Pause for reflection and catching my breath.

The world evolving at neck-breaking speed. Doing something to exceed expectation ensure perpetuity. Mediocre performance will be downgraded not recommendable. To guarantee progress in an organization require initiative on a daily basis. Slacks don't look good on our performance sheet. Worst still, we might be even shown the door.

Benefit of doubt can only hold fort for so long. Sooner or later, the tiger will show its' stripes. But that's not the point. The purpose of writing this article shouldn't go off -track or deviate from its' origin "new ideas that matters".

Not the least, the search for new ideas is common. Stop looking! Just do it!, like the Nike commercial. With what we have, where we are and the skill we possess.

Plenty of guidelines can be gleaned from Google. Don't follow blindly. Have a little imagination of our own as loving ourselves is the greatest love of all. Do not fall into the trap where someone told you so. We can only grow wiser.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Not the finest yet

Piece by piece, journey by journey we go about things. Hoping it turns out fine. So what? There is always hopping to another task.

No explanation to the things we do. Just do it for a dollar's worth. A penny for my thought. Do we think of what we are doing most of the time? A dire situation when it comes to thinking how much we waste our time on mundane and trivial pursuit.

But then again, so do sitting casually with a cup of coffee and sleeping. We need it all the same. Be it watching a movie, listening to a song and looking upon the moonlit sky. We felt dumb at times but these are the things that make life worth living. What's your favourite pastime? Care to share?

Enjoying the moment is a blessing. Can't have it at the workplace. Do we have a choice? Yes, we do. We might be left high and dry in the cold starving if we don't buck up. Even the very rich make it a point to do some serious work from time to time. We would rest in peace someday. Ohhhh... sure we certainly would. But until that very day, complacency is wishful thinking. It certainly holds true for the working class. The pressure, stress and strain is always there. Nothing we can do about it.

Satisfaction with life is a subjective matter. Let's be honest. Our self-conscience won't lie. We can fool others but fooling ourselves do us no justice.

Friday, 4 September 2015


As strong as ever. To resume unfinish business. To refine a masterpiece. Doing is one story. Getting refresh from sufficient sleep is essential too.

Unpaid blogger. Seen it. Heard it. That doesn't stop us from writing. For a good cause. Sharing is caring. Loads of shit to the uncaring. But a life support to those who treasure.

Time is precious, a tool and platform to eradicate problem. Money seldom buy us out of trouble. Older and wiser.

A little saving along the way goes the distant. Good habit. The lights is not out. Just doing what I can.
Apart from writing, reading is good too.

Knowledge we gain thru the years is featherlight. We can carry knowledge wherever we go. It takes an eye for detail when searching for good reading material at the bookstore. Take time.

I have been writing on the Net since 2009. Don't regret one bit.

I can be contacted via Mobile +60104327663

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Devil care less

Streams running across the mind. Tetris syndrome where thoughts are stacked haphazardly. Amusing. Total cleansing with periodic meditation. It works. Looking for new landscape to wallpaper our vision of the future.

A good read. Feeding fish fry in our head. Memorization and recall. Playing the right card in a game of bridge. Seeing the light of a new day. Aha!

Warm, lovely and generous. The characteristic we dream of during a long winter night. The whisper of a love one, promises and good fortune.

Reality causes discomfort. Shy shy. Ignorance is kind. Walkathon along a beautiful path. Umbrellas and parasol. Bare sexy long legs and cleavages. Life is marvelous and remarkable.

Blue skies everything nice.

Signing off, James Chow of Malaysia.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The fight goes on

Yes to financial freedom. 45-hour-workweek is tremendous. Many agrees. The love is gone no matter what we think. Are we slave or something?

On the other hand, entrepreneurship is capital intensive and long duration before breaking even. We are all dead in the long run. Are we nuts?

The market is over-saturated. Gotta be Iron Man to stand out in the crowd.  How many Apple Company are there in the world. Or rather be an oil baron where energy guzzling motorist always come back for more?

When I say I don't have the answer, you probably turn off my blog. Naturally. With a single notion in mind. To share and appease a lonely follower my way.

Tappping and striking on the keypad is not the answer too. That I know. I would rather watch a movie or listening to my favourite songs.

The rest I leave it to your imagination.

Dream on, God bless.....

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Short quips

Just writing to share some good moments. We are feeling empty rushing from day to day. The moment we relax our mind and body, reflections take precedent over urgent matters.

Searching new ideas to the next level lest we feel soil and lethargic. Like fresh lemonade and Coke, the eureka feeling is dejavu. So do taking a long bath.

Doesn't matter what we say, falling on deaf ears anyway. But untold stories are the most painful to bear. Losses, failures etc.

Coffee, wine and cigarettes are good companions during lull. Delicacies and sweet gourmet to satiate hunger too.

There is only so much time one could write. Other chores to attend to likewise