Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Doing all we can

To earn a living. To gain respect. To do a good job. Otherwise we will be wasting our time. Like holding on to a job, an honest day of work is no easy task. We often cheat ourself with the alloted precious time. What should we do?

There is no limit to what we can do as the saying goes. But it takes knowledge and experience to do a good job. Older and wiser. Bulldozing our way and doing things blindly is a disaster. We gotta learned.

Comes to selling our product and services. Selling points and easy to the ears. It must be special and ring a bell. Attention span is short. People are impatient. To catch the rush hour, many are losing their breath. Not to mention their bearings.

It takes two to tango. Better in step and in tune with the opposites to strike a chord. To cut a deal. To gain an understanding. Most importantly, for future rapport.The hallmark of good salesmanship and goodwill. All the right attitudes and standings.

This is not an article on selling. The truth is, we need to sell. Everybody does. What is the gimmick? Any free samples? Any discount? Coupons? We encounter sales gimmick everyday. Going to great extend to give a good impression to our Boss in the office too. With the work we do. Same goes to our trait and responses to our Superior too. Our job is at stake to put it nicely.

Nobody wants to be square. But the way we sound and how we communicate speaks volume. Don't be fool. People are listening and watching. Judging too. They are just not telling you in the face.

Inculcate a good character and personality in you. It goes a long way....................

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