Friday, 9 May 2014

Feeling bad for no reason

At times, we just feel bad for no reason. Why? No explanation. Our mind just going nowhere. Powerless.

Searching for clues to rebound. Not unusual.

The good thing is taking the next step. Try not thinking of it too much. Getting a foothold on things of interest will lights up our mood again. Like taking the next stop on a train ride. Looking for new inspiration. Something that tickles the body, mind n spirit.

Everything is getting stale. Our regular meals. Routine at the workplace. Banging on the same mode of leisures like watching reruns on movies, browsing n scrolling the daily facebook n drowning ourself with youtube. Stuffy things.

Going outdoor n doing extra-curricular activities are refreshing. Hassle n cumbersome though. Win some lose some. The sad thing is, when u had enough, it's a long way home. And the deadly cycle of stuffiness n intermittant reprieve rear its' ugly head again. Only solution is to forget the whole episode altogether. Our subconscious mind is really a stubborn stain to play with. Playing truant with our heart.

Learning to adapt is getting more important in the present society we live in. With the distractions. With the rising cost of living. And most importantly, in realising what really counts in life.

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