Sunday, 20 January 2013

The spirit lives on

Sometimes the goings really tough but we keep moving on.

Hoping we made it to the other side.

Speaking the truth n try conveying our messages take its' toll.

Failing health or timid resources doesn't help either.

With years of experience n lessons learned, we know very well that hardwork will see us through everytime.

Time never stood still. Might be little steps we take but the intentions is clear. Every battle must be fought earnestly before the war is won.

Innovative ideas only come through practice. People might shun us for all the wrong reasons due to old-fashion practice. Be realistic, the world is looking for brand new moves n exciting ideas to occupy their time. Don't wanna catch them yawning. Our bread n butter is at stake.

Moving along with our work takes on a new meaning. Playing catch-up, stay update n following the trend are utmost if we don't wanna be left out.

Giving up is easy. Everybody knows it's an uphill climb. And climb we shall.

To make it to the top n catch the bloody view that eludes us all these time.

Some might go through life effortlessly. Mine me, every endeavour we took requires an amount of effort to see the day.

To acquire a comfortable pattern of life, strive is still number one.

Making it a habit will spell good omen for us. Always.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Whom we are

We try to emulate, to copy n living up to standards

And yet, we always know deep down, sooner or later we go back to our ownself

We are what we are. Things we good at. Things that are just not us. Fooling our ownself in the end

Maybe it's time for us to set the record straight

Like being responsible for what we do, giving people our ace of heart n spilling the beans in our daily conversation. Our conscience will be lighter n easier.

Things are easier said than done. Like in a game of cards.

We don't want to reveal too much. Like a flasher, frustration n embarassment ensue if we revealed too much of what is playing in our mind.

It is a problem that bugged us in everyday life. Like it or not, for the sake of diplomacy, we always flashed the little cards first in business dealing hoping for an eventual fair deal.

Trying to be bombastic n pulling a fast one will only drive our customers away.

Rome is not built in one day.

It's a brick n mortar game. Every bit

Friday, 4 January 2013

Too little

There are times we asked our very ownself if what we have done is too little to make a difference? Didn't get enough audience or just another piecemeal to the masses?

This sentiment will only pull us down time n again. This is a form of outright negativity n not giving you fair justice. Be aware of this demon. Uproot them n continue the good work regardless of how the economic climate is.

We learn from the business world that there are cycles to contemplate with. Do adapt to changes n stay adept to viable practice as much as possible. Keep non-feasible business away to allocate more time for the sensible one.

Try not to fall into the trap of spending too much time on certain task that can be dealt with, with more economical options like sourcing n picking up the phone.

Staying alert n be aware of our status also play an imminent role in striking the right balance between planning n execution. For example, budgeting n traveling cost.

We shall not forget the lesson of spontaneity too as too much thinking will defeat the purpose of execution n leave us with more guesswork than footwork.

Last but not least, do not be afraid of failures as practice made perfect n stagnation will kill the goose.

And a sitting duck.