Wednesday, 24 September 2014

There is no answer

God wants us to toil. To sow. If we have the answer to everything, there would be no social ills whatsoever. Life is perpetual. There is no end to the human race. And so I think.

Many gave up. Why is there so much heartaches and sad stories? We read it in the news, over radio and even experienced it ourselves. Why do we feel bad for no reason at times? It's an enigma.

We tried. We did. We learned. And yet there is very much more to learn. And yet so little time to spare. We adjust our disposition too to fit into the society.

Being a boring person is doomed to fail. On the other hand, there is a catch in being an interesting and entertaining soul to your associations. Overdo it and you will be treated as a clown. Ironically, to some extent, our objective in life is not so much of too pre-occupied with entertaining our associations. We have a job to do so to speak.

Whom doesn't want an interesting and meaningful life? Having fun with the right crowd. Friends whom understands. Those whom stick with you come rain or shine. Like a love story, an interesting and exciting plot is what most of us are looking for. An exciting career too. Unless you are square, the above doesn't apply. You will be missing out the real life big time.

It's a dream. It takes effort. Passion. Desire if one don't wish to waste one's precious life away. One lifetime. And time is fleeting.

Do not be square and learn to read between the lines. Most importantly, don't believe everything you see, hear or listen. It's what you want. Listen to your heart and do take great care of yourselves.

See no hassle, hear no delay, speak no risk. Health and happiness is in your hands................

Long marathon

Endless obstacles. No horizon in sight. Energy and stamina to continue the race. Help is scarce. Everybody is jostling for a slice of the cake. Putting in countless effort rules the day. Otherwise one would be left behind. Biting the dust.

More so at the bottom of the social hierarchy. The battle is fierce. Can turned ugly, wicked and cruel if one is not careful. More so in handling human affair. A give and take society. To gain respect and earning a day's work is prerequisite.

To gain competitive advantage, one has to harness the best that the body, mind and spirit can offer. A lack of resources will put one down the economic ladder. Extra input will be needed to produce the same goods.

It's a marathon we can't afford to fail lest we will suffer the consequences. Like poverty and begging for handouts. The people whom suffer the most definitely are the homeless. No roof over their head and deprived of a good rest.

Like a boat looking ashore, the struggle is painful. And confidence is important to pull any success of making a kill in the unforgiving present market. Overheads run high and the clock is ticking away at feverish pace. Time waits for no man.

Many try the happy-go-lucky attitude but at the end of the day, it boils down to bread and butter issues. Better late than sorry.

It's a tiring race. Giving up is not an option. Unless you don't need food to survive, the show must go on. Family and friends are alike. Co-operation is a 2-way relationship. Based on the fundamental of act of kindness. God bless..............

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Looking for solution

Look at the bright side like endless hours on TV. Make believe. What to expect? 48. Aging. Wished I am a good looking 28-year-old lady. At least making a living would be much easier. Selling insurance for instance.

Desperate to replenish reserve. Like printing and handing out namecards. Not to mention prospecting through various media. Legwork too. Getting help in high places is another story altogether. Getting entertained? Audience? Either you are lucky or pure kidding.

The bucks don't stop here. Idling means no income. Pure and simple. Giving someone a treat means extra expenditure. Prospects and friends are alike. Unless you have deep pockets, drinks and meals on the table does ring the cash register. The onus is on you. Double trouble.

Sitting tight at home calling for retirement spells trouble too. Whom is going to upkeep our livelihood? Being square is no help either. I believe miracle is our only saviour in desperate situation. Perhaps the magic of Disneyland.

Get real, we must be crazy to convince the masses of our magnificent cashcow before earning our first dollar. Like giving out free samples. Doing charity, mad advertising etcetera. These pre-occupation will only made us look like cartoon characters in this ever realistic world we live in.

No wonder it's called the rat race. Ever searching for the Holy Grail to bring us food on the table with an honest day of work.

For those whom has little choices and limited options, life is definitely getting more and more stressful. Love is just not enough. Our mind, body and spirit needs nourishment. Many live in a sorry state due to malnourishment. Sad and tragic.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pointless and useless

Even though nobody is listening. Paying heed. Have a heart etcetera. To keep soldiering on come rain or shine. Gone as far as the horizon searching and looking for friends of a feather. To no avail.

Looking for both sympathy and emphathy. So pathetic. Am I to blame? Do I have a choice? In this city built of concrete, love is as thin as ice. And money is the root of all evil.

Hanging by the fingernails, many toil each day to make ends meet. Incomes are rare. Many times none. Startups require money. And seldom take-off. What with the present economic scenario.

Breadwinners have mouths to feed. Keeping sanity at bay is like scaling Mount Everest. Competitive market doesn't help either.

Everybody is doing its' best to look after itself. Unless one needs a haircut or requires a surgeon, chances are, they are doing just fine managing oneself. It's no surprise that reaching out to someone in time of need gets harder by the day.

Perhaps we are lack of hormones or suffering from hormone imbalance, the brain is working overtime in the name of survival. Our health and physique needs attention too. Otherwise we will suffer big time in the present rat race.

Feeling worried and down brings no benefit too. We know damn well that life has to go on no matter what phase we are in. Selfishness and greed are the greatest evil. Love shall triumph but the odds are great.

Last but not least, self-sufficiency rules the day as asking for help is an ever difficult task for most in these stressful society we live in now. More so in time of emergency......................

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Funding blogger

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Feeling refresh and fine. Happy and gay. Everybody loves a good piece of news. Like a new born. Like the launch of a new shuttle. Postman bringing you the latest love letter. Whom doesn't love good surprises?

Having a long scented-bath. Watching a new movie. We go to great lengths to acquire refreshing experience. Not to mention the cost of procurement. Like changing a new car, a new house and a new girlfriend for some.

What is the price of starting a new chapter? A refreshing new leaf? Only the wise can tell you the game people play. Unless you are dumb, open your eyes and you will realise that everyday people harbours dream of their own. Do you have one?

Getting stale and bored with mundane living hit the nerve of many in several parts of the day. It takes stamina and mental strength to overcome fatique. People find ways to refresh. A glass of iced-cold lemonade perhaps. Catch my drift?

To wake up refresh tomorrow requires ample sleep. In modern terms, sleeping needs practice. So-called sleeping pattern. For those whom are dead tired, sleeping is not a problem at all. If I have a million bucks, I presumed I will sleep like a baby and waking up refresh like a beaming sunflower.

Nothing beats our soul and mind when it comes to refreshing our wallet. I bet that's why each and everyone of us is working so hard to make ends meet. No issue here.

Begging for money give one a bad name. City of angels are harping a puzzling tune...............

What do you good at?

Paperwork. Painting. Multi-tasking. Talking too. There are a myriad things one can do. And good at. Many don't realised their skill until the later years. Never too late to start on the starting block. All it takes is passion and desire.

We might not get a handle on a certain task initially but good skill can be honed at no time. Books, advice and pure observation can get us far. Focus and determination are the main ingredient.

Coming to monetary term. We all penchant to be paid for our work. Chances are we stick to a 9 to 5 routine to earn paycheck to paycheck. On the other hand, many start a business which they think can bring an honourable return.

Overheads and sustenance are parts and parcel of everyday living. The living cost. Utilities, rental, car maintenance, repair over roof leakage etcetera. All these are chalking up to a handsome figure. Sleepless nights are norms for the unfortunate.

We resort to making a reasonable if not handsome income to overcome the above predicament. And we can only earn such income by doing what we good at. No point wasting our time on vocations that are not tailor-made to our qualification and expertise.

Maximisation of income with minimum effort is ideal. But in real life, plenty of effort and energy are required to manouvre and steer our ship on course. Especially in problem-solving. Don't take too much time to fail. Increase the rate of failure and learn big time.

Are you taking steps to better yourself? What have you done lately? God bless...............