Saturday, 24 May 2014

Getting easy

Get the feeling? Where everything hang loose. At a crossroad where everything is possible. Having extra cash in the pocket. Need to go any further?

And yet on the other end, being stubborn of where we are heading, can't get over our ex n problems at the office that can't seem to go away are just driving us nuts.

The lesson to be derived from this is we take matters into our hand too seriously. Much better to leave it to benefit of doubt. More n much better outcome will proceed if we leave it to chances. Chances that we shall take, chances that is there for the picking like low-hanging fruits. Try it the very next time you faced with a dilemma. instead of letting problems eating you away like stubborn stain.

Learn to be relax. For the record here for the umpteenth times, easier said than done. in these ever rush-rush rat race we live in, the call of duty always win. As a result, the call of nature took a backseat.

The only privilege time we can call it easy is when we are left alone in the verandah, in our room or in the middle of composing a romantic poem. Got what i mean.

So, therefore, let your hairs down, release your energy n bask in every opportune time whenever n wherever you can call your own. Seize them

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