Sunday, 19 January 2014

The next level

No holding back. Don't let setbacks tying you down. Remember thunderstorms don't last. Don't let it lingers in your head. And affect your work performance.

Time flies. Seize the moment. Enjoy it while it last. Bear in mind, good times never last (( ;

We are responsible for our own well-being. Do whatever's possible with your capacity. And more.

Sometimes the goings get tough. Put in more effort lol. Stop being calculative. This too shall pass.

Getting into other people's shoes also has its' benefit. A matter of understanding n be understood.

Might be profound n poignant too to the things we do. Especially when doing it for someone special.

With love interest. Without strings attached. Tugged at the heartstrings. One never knows.

Daybreak is a wonderful sight indeed. A new beginning (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

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