Monday, 18 August 2014

What i can do

I am able. Knowledgeable and experienced. There are people whom care though few. I cherish them all the same. My brand of writing is likeable to a broken gramophone. Just tell me I can change.

Thinking myself to a corner is catastrophe also. I am making it a point to be more creative in the near future. New issues and happenings. Like my recent job-huntings. I came to realise that the jobs I am looking for is just not me. Making a big fool of myself. Wasting precious time, money and energy in the process.

As a last resort, I am betting on faith alone. My loved ones whom I hold dear to my heart, my treasured belongings and last but not least my fondest work which is writing.

I have no intentions of hurting anyone or imposed hard times on my friends neither is to me. I just loved to share my periodic feelings over what I had become and the steps I have taken to overcome them. So far so good. Thank God. I need all the blessings there is. I really do.

Keeping a tight rein on personal hygiene and healthcare is utmost. I am doing all I can to my best ability to see them through. Looking for silverlinings and lights at the end of the tunnel pre-occupied my time. I learned to relax and think clearly too. Stress and strain is hazardous to good health. I know.

I am big enough to think for myself. Nobody would. That made life more challenging. I am taking obstacles astride too. One at a time. Not to hurt myself big time. Have a heart and handle life with care. It goes a long way.

Meanwhile, my motto and modus operandi is true, kind and necessary ( :

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The dilemma of over-reliant on a single person.

Oh yes. It's good to have friends. When we are young, our parents always bail us out whenever we get into trouble. The same goes to whenever we are working for someone. We seek solace with a single entity. As we grew older, we realised how important it is to have a network of friends.

For advisory. For a helping hand. For a shoulder to cry on. To share our inner thoughts. In time of trouble. In good times. If we are over-reliant on a loved one, we bound to get hurt when things go wrong. We are left high and dry. Resulting in long cold wintry night.

In time of peace, have some caring for people you know. Stay in touch and exchanges of goodwill shall flourish a friendship in many ways.

Do not underestimate the power of friendship. It's a give and take situation. Stop cheating our friends. Be honest and sincere. Good friends are hard to come by. It takes effort.

To win friends, one needs the right attitude. A good ear for listening for instance. One doesn't have to splash money to win friends. One can spot a genuine friend when he gets to know her well.

With a network of friends, life grew easier when co-operation in many form are essential. We get hurt by over-dependent on a single source that is likely to let us down. Many got cheated by blind trust.

As time goes by, we learn to choose and sticking by our faithful friends. Nothing is more scary than relying solely on someone or something that are not trustworthy or likely to hurt us in many ways.

Choose wisely and start looking for new genuine friends..................

Do you think I am a joke?

I blog. Many things people do. Spending most time with the phone. Driving incessantly. Working around the kitchen. Reading. Watching television.

Sharing my thoughts with the masses. For those whom cares. For those whom browse. And for those whom are catching a glimpse on what I am writing from time to time. The feeling is the same. Godwilling and Godspeed.

We can turn cuckoo at wit's end. Long hours in the office. Commuting in traffic jams. Hurried lunch hour. And waiting for that special someone.

Not to mention calamities that befall us. Looking after the sick. When our car broke down. When our roof leaks. Or even when payments are due. Many had sleepness nights trying to make things right. Pity.

We get into the scheme of things in order to make a living. Staying by the sidelines is a spectator's sport. For the rich perhaps. But then again, how many are they rich folks out there? Majority are struggling for a living. Debts and rentals are the norms.

No joke. No crying wolf. Better late than sorry. Never say never again. Looking for options and finding solutions to everyday problem occupies the mind.

Meeting and talking to people rules the day. No man is an island. Money don't fall from the sky or grow on trees. They come from people. It's a reality. An honest day of work means everything.....................

Are you a reckless person?

Do you listen? Do you give another person the opportunity to talk? Are you so pre-occupied with talking most of the time?

There is a reason for communication. Understand and be understood. Otherwise we defeat the purpose of talking in the first place. Annoying and proving to be a nuisance at the same time.

Keep it short and simple. Waiting for response. Is an art form. Getting to know a person too in the process. No hurry. No jumping the gun.

Like in driving, drinking and smoking, reckless behaviour will be detrimental. It becomes a habit. We get hurt sooner or later. Time to change. Better late than sorry.

Going for fast result, fast money, fast car, fast woman will only quench short term desire. The decadent consequences runs deep. Caught in the web of influence.

Leading a simple life, smelling the roses and penchant for small things are more considerate living. Staying out of trouble and having means of celibacy shall proof worthwhile in the long run. Many lives through their 90's.

Experience never lies. Older and wiser. Don't lose your soul to the Devil. It's a battle worth fighting for. Every bit.

Anger might get things done. But faith is a better option in the long run...................

Is it worth our time, energy and money?

Is there appreciation? Accolade? Merit? For the things we do. Blood, sweat and tears. Many lost their soul in the rush hour. Gasping for air. Getting a foothold.

Making ends meet takes everything we got. Need all the help we can get. Nobody can survive alone without the help of buddies. Co-operation and connection. Working hand in hand to pass the buck.

No one is above the rest. Superior not. Everybody is good at something. Specialisation. We gain insight and knowledge from people whom are good in their field of work. Learn to listen and understand.

Great achievement don't come overnight. Long hours and patience in the waiting are norms. We can't force matters down people's throat within short notice.

Whatever we aspire to instill in our fellow buddies like confidence and trust needs time. It's no coincidence why many waiting by the cellphone to receive potential calls.

Getting our message across when opportunity comes takes preparation and readyness. Take your time and make your intentions clear. Do consider the outcome too.

No matter what we work for, keep our goal in mind and be prepared for Plan B and so forth. A reserve pipeline.

We can't rely on a sole proprietor for our livelihood. In time of peace, be prepared. In time of danger, there's no fear.................