Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Looking for solution

Look at the bright side like endless hours on TV. Make believe. What to expect? 48. Aging. Wished I am a good looking 28-year-old lady. At least making a living would be much easier. Selling insurance for instance.

Desperate to replenish reserve. Like printing and handing out namecards. Not to mention prospecting through various media. Legwork too. Getting help in high places is another story altogether. Getting entertained? Audience? Either you are lucky or pure kidding.

The bucks don't stop here. Idling means no income. Pure and simple. Giving someone a treat means extra expenditure. Prospects and friends are alike. Unless you have deep pockets, drinks and meals on the table does ring the cash register. The onus is on you. Double trouble.

Sitting tight at home calling for retirement spells trouble too. Whom is going to upkeep our livelihood? Being square is no help either. I believe miracle is our only saviour in desperate situation. Perhaps the magic of Disneyland.

Get real, we must be crazy to convince the masses of our magnificent cashcow before earning our first dollar. Like giving out free samples. Doing charity, mad advertising etcetera. These pre-occupation will only made us look like cartoon characters in this ever realistic world we live in.

No wonder it's called the rat race. Ever searching for the Holy Grail to bring us food on the table with an honest day of work.

For those whom has little choices and limited options, life is definitely getting more and more stressful. Love is just not enough. Our mind, body and spirit needs nourishment. Many live in a sorry state due to malnourishment. Sad and tragic.

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