Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What should we do?

When the reserve is low? When nobody seems to care? When everything you do seems hitting the wall? Tried seeking solace. But time is running out. Feeling tired. Perhaps a question of confidence.

Moving forward and staying put bringing the same result. Resources are dwindling and potential income are far in the horizon. What should we do? The most popular answer, be patient and wait out the storm.

Meanwhile, what should we better be doing? Homework? TV? Internet? The present society are so orthodox when it comes to solving immediate problem. Stress and pressure has cornered us to become less creative and productive than what we really are. No choice.

To break out from this chain of dischord, many falls deeper and deeper into desperation. Like holding on tight to a job they no longer desires. Like seeking solace in cup after cup of coffee and smoking a pack per day.

Our health meter is running. And it's not a happy meter. What should we do? Habits die hard. Abstinence is impossible with the ever increasing strain in family life.

in order to make a living, many rise before sunset and goes home after sunset. Family time is compromised. We become heartless due to the stress and constraint of time. Everything must be done fast and quick. No more i love you. No more i do care.

Reality bites. The truth is sad and tragic. Of course, the poor suffer the most. Ekeing out a living and surviving on bare necessities and hope is bare minimum. Question left unanswered...............

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