Saturday, 2 August 2014

Is it worth our time, energy and money?

Is there appreciation? Accolade? Merit? For the things we do. Blood, sweat and tears. Many lost their soul in the rush hour. Gasping for air. Getting a foothold.

Making ends meet takes everything we got. Need all the help we can get. Nobody can survive alone without the help of buddies. Co-operation and connection. Working hand in hand to pass the buck.

No one is above the rest. Superior not. Everybody is good at something. Specialisation. We gain insight and knowledge from people whom are good in their field of work. Learn to listen and understand.

Great achievement don't come overnight. Long hours and patience in the waiting are norms. We can't force matters down people's throat within short notice.

Whatever we aspire to instill in our fellow buddies like confidence and trust needs time. It's no coincidence why many waiting by the cellphone to receive potential calls.

Getting our message across when opportunity comes takes preparation and readyness. Take your time and make your intentions clear. Do consider the outcome too.

No matter what we work for, keep our goal in mind and be prepared for Plan B and so forth. A reserve pipeline.

We can't rely on a sole proprietor for our livelihood. In time of peace, be prepared. In time of danger, there's no fear.................

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