Saturday, 29 December 2012

Here we are

Fate brought us together  n faith will take us on a long journey. Hope it never ends. Sweet notes n in remembrance of the good old days. Cherished every moment.

We never know what life brings. So far so good. Food on our table. Clothes over our back n roof over our head. Blessings indeed. Most importantly, we are blessed with the room to grow. Some teething problems perhaps. But nothing that we can't handle.

Friends old n new are like cozy companions on a cold wintry night. All the gold n money in the world will not replaced the silent whisper of a good friend in time of need.

Very much better with new longings like looking forward towards a new project, new wisdom n of course new hope. Lessons of the past only make us stronger n not giving up too soon whenever we stumbled upon an obstacle or glitches.

There are only 'temporary' as no thunderstorm lasts forever.

Let's wait a little while for better things or better someone to come along.

Meanwhile, let's tap a few lines or two to keep our friends informed from time to time. Believe me, there is always someone out there whom misses us a lot.

Don't keep them waiting.

Like a pianist composing a new song, everything we wrote can only gets better. Like old wine.

For those whom like to write, the journey of love has just begun.

Friday, 28 December 2012


It's an irony many times when you are looking for that special something. Never seems to find it.

Walking out into the blues, pop n the thing right in front of you. Like God has placed it there for your convenience or rather to end your relentless search.

A lesson to be learned. Doing the things we know best certainly counts. Do not wait for things to happen. It pays to be patient too. Learn to differentiate n choose.

Some problems are destined to be left alone. Some to ignore. While the rest requires immediate attention.

It's a miracle we are endowed with the capability of our senses. Learn to use them well n we are destined on the road to discovery. New lessons to be learned n new experience to be cherished. Especially the sweet one.

Foolish it may seem, sometimes we spent precious time seeking solution to a stupid problem. The world will be a better place if we delved with constructive n beautiful problem instead. The end of our search must be bliss n bring happiness for instance. Begin with the end in mind.

Problems n solution are two sides of the same coin. Do not mint an ugly coin.

Either we differentiate our problem n choose a solution or seek a viable solution to a cluster of problems.

God work in mysterious way. Still is. It's a miracle indeed.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Saving our dimes

Man's basic necessity are food, clothes n shelter. With the onset of post-modernism era, how true these gonna be? Many has tried to shun the desires of this era but failed. There is a myriad of problems associated with a vow of celibacy.

Beauty, the mechanics of want n the need to be noticed shouldn't be taken lightly. As the bread n butter of everyday life depends on our sheer existence, it becomes more pertinent for a person to be held in esteem. Not surprisingly, many go to great extent to be showy.

Fast car, trendy suit n accessories are bought at a premium to put them on the road of the fame n favourite. The rest of the story is bound to make a mega-buck movie producer to tears. Wheeling-dealing, flesh trade n decadent lifestyle are agendas of the day without fail. Or at least the tendency is.

On the other hand, for the frail, the poor n the handicapped, ekeing out a living salvaging for scraps are a stark contrast to this so-called creme de la creme or upper echelon of our pyramidal society we live in.

At the end of the day, one will envision what life has brought n what does it really means to us?

Money is the root of all evil.

But then again, the world has never changed much in two schools of thought. One monetarily n the other spiritually.

Or is it?

Monday, 24 December 2012

Toying with a gadget

Videogames come to mind. Fingers clicking good.

With not much awareness, we can go for hours on end fidgeting with the screen big or small.

The characters are so attractive n the real-time action are so mesmerising.

The scores notwithstanding, but then again who's counting.

We can switched to other games too when the goings aren't so 'friendly'.

Wherever we go, young n old alike, we can see them so preoccupied with the games to be oblivion to the crowd. Ironic.

In times to come, i have a vision there are more gadgets to play with. Some are pleasing to the masses n perhaps some can only be played indoors.

But then again, the good old handheld cellphone is still functioning as purveyors of smses, calls n cameras. At least for the future.

Meanwhile, let's keep our fingers crossed that there will be another revolution in the cellphone upcoming technology.

And sweep us off our feet once again.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Own sweet time

Going through our favourite magazine with a special brew cuppa coffee

The clock is just a wallpaper 'n a few of our favourite little things lining up to occupy our time

Devil may care 'n come what may

Afterall tis the season to be merry

Reflections on what the year has been

Naughty 'n nice

Eager to start the new year on a new note

New friends 'n new gadgets to toy with

How blessed we are

Look at the bright side

We have plenty of time to set out on a new journey

The journey of love

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Good day to write

Every day is a good day

Love to share with my friends what was going on lately. Well, there are lots of happenings at the Mall.

A multitude n variety of goods are being dished out for Christmas. It's an eye-opener of course as seldom so much branded n quality products are on display.

Spoilt for choice, there are customers whom hopped from Mall to Mall to get the best bargain. One could get sore feet if you spent the whole day there. Roller blades come to mind ( :

One could get a certain amount of discount if you purchased the same item in quantities. Others percentage wise. It comes down to one's judgement n personal taste when making a decision to buy.

Be it paying by debit card, credit card or cold hard cash, business is rolling like snowball. i bet when the day comes, the atmosphere would be colourful, cheerful n joy with the amount of goodies changing hand.

Fashions, make-ups, handbags n shoes would be on parade as eye-candies for the searching eyes this festive season.

Couldn't wait an iota ( :

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Time n space

Oh yes, the freedom to write n to share our ideas.

Sometimes it crosses my mind how to show someone your ideas in 3D. In writing form.

Like enjoying a cuppa coffee on the seafront.

Embracing your sweetheart in privacy.

Or a joyride along the coastline.

You know, the depth n volume of one's feeling.

So much has been said over what can be done over the net. I agreed with u 100%.

With the various portals n apps, i am convinced there are more to come.

A social platform it maybe, perhaps there is a little more behind the scene if we care to look at the multi-faceted information we gleaned day in day out.

Don't you agree?

Monday, 17 December 2012

New resources

To replenish our stock, many a time we venture out to look for new resources.

New ideas, new contacts n new stores to ply our trade. Foremost in our mind, economy n value for money practice are important so as not to deplete valuable resources.

Where to find, whom to reach n justification of time also played a role in our search.

Challenging as it is, the market is a lonely place. Sometimes. It pays to solicit help in the most unlikeliest place to get what we want.

With a little bit hardwork n tenacious, we shall be able to reach our target if we persist. There is a reason for everything. Against the odds, so much time, energy n money has been put forth to ascertain success.

Giving up is not an option as we need to practise our trade just like oil to an engine. Losing sight of our goal is not only futile but seeing an end to a hard-fought horrendous journey.

Whatever it is, we need to economise in every measure we take. Budgetary control of time is utmost as we should not delved too long with unjustified ventures.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blog mileage

This is my blog #86. Not in my wildest dream, i come this far. My initial target was 37. What you see is what you get ( : Windows 8 has given me a good hand so far. Not of best-seller material of course. But i am doing my best to go with the time

With my very own capacity, bound to perform 'n seeking a commendable merit, i wish i could go on forever. Writing is fun 'n therapeutic. i found my niche in what the current technology has to offer. The convenience of the net. My sincere thanks ( : With gratitude

English is my preferred language. i have always felt cozy with English reading material since childhood. i started off with the Oxford Dictionary, Enid Blyton 'n the Reader's Digest. And here i am, 46 tapping away with a clear conscience 'n soberity.

Putting our thoughts in prints is one matter. Churning them into an interesting piece of work is another. Especially to the discerning lot

Catching the whims 'n fancies of the creme de la creme readers is exciting. Both in the weaving 'n plotting of a continuing saga

Of course, trendy stories, mega-buck idea factories 'n tuning into the latest buzzwords are the crowd-pullers

To sustain  a long run in whatever we do, passion, desire 'n ambition are the main ingredients. Can't do without 'n within. Don't leave home without it too ( :

Meanwhile, do take great care of our goodselves. Sleep well, eat well 'n take time to progress

Tomorrow is a new day. Let's make our dream a reality, God bless.......

When it rains

Young and old alike. We can't venture out. Taking shelter wherever we are. Finding things or someone to occupy our time. Ironic

For those whom are well-equipped, they are more prepared for the next move. Having a car or an umbrella in hand, for instance. Life takes on a whole new meaning when we are aware that rain will not stop anytime soon

Groping for new avenues, planning for the next activity when the rain stops 'n so forth truly is a challenge. You never know what in store when the time comes. For example, an impromptu meeting with an interesting character due to run-off of schedule or seeing new things as time stood still when one is idling on a spot

In major cities, corridors linking skyscapers 'n open spaces in rustic remote areas are a stark contrast. People is either carrying on their life as usual or while away their time sleeping in cottages or huts. i leave these to your imagination

For artist 'n the work-driven, rain cast an emotional 'n sentimental spell on every mood. History tells that some of the most ingenius creation are created during a rainy spell. Do you agree?

The effect of sunshine on work performance is leaving a plenty of room for experimentation 'n arguments. i leave this to the experts. See you next time ( :