Friday, 5 May 2017

Outing for food.

Sole purpose? Running vagrant is a waste of time. Something beyond our grasp, the chaos theory. Recess at the workplace is no freedom at all, what with CCTV hovering above. Smoking corner are character killer as it's a filthy habit to the celibate. No idea why i wite all these, guess it's just sharing a withdrawal syndrome after a hectic day. No one in the right frame of mind will read these.

Is there a right platform to stay connected with those who care? WhatsApp is too short and simplified in a hurried manner. People don't take the pain to explain or express themselves on WhatsApp. I wish to find a special vehicle to carry my thoughts to a new level. Hoping someone will chip in with a feasible idea for me to carry on with my live.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The dark side is real.

No idea how dark people are. On the outside just a veneer. A form of defense mechanism to survive. How pretentious to run the day. Exception is not the rule. Positive thinking? Get real. Just like telling a kid he can't have ice-cream. Brother and sister, this is 2017. Being selfish and greedy are the #1 trait to make a big killing in a world of slavery. How far can one go with 9 to 5? People got betrayed the worst by the one they trust most in the end. Life is precarious, hanging by the thread when venturing for fastbuck. Speed kills, tardiness get trampled over. The right speed will take one on a whirlwing ride. No wonder people sitting on their butt doing nothing.

TV is an idiot box alright. It hassles eyeballs and mess up the brain. Sitting quietly in a room, puffing away with coffee to no avail too. Withdrawal symptom like writing, singing and talking incessantly are a nuisance to audiences. Perhaps silence is the best remedy for the world malady right now. And future for that matter.

I can be reached via mobile +60104327663

Breaking the doursome chain.

I can be reached via mobile +60104327663. Same pattern of writing going nowhere or writing isn't the right vehicle afterall. Meal give energy, energy to make profit. Otherwise how to survive? The ultimate question, energy to do what? How to sell when there is no buyer. Wishful thinking is a waste, writing is a waste. Those prints in the media look like sandpaper as a whole. Either to satisfy addiction or excitement. No wonder food and Youtube garner so much popularity. Writing? One must be kidding. This is not the 70s.

The tool to begin with is cellphone. Everybody clings to like a lifeline. Will it help anyway? Is the cellphone bringing in profit? Must be square clinging onto the cellphone day in day out without progress. Insanity of the highest degree. Personal interaction have much to do with give and take. Sadly, most on the take giving the market a malady with no antidote. Mistake happen foolishly like losing a vital piece blindly in a game of chess. People become ruthless by not taking action at all. No action, no rick. So common seeing people sitting on their butt whole day. It's epidemic.

Listless with no one taking the initiative to reach out. Hoarding personal fortune is the name of the game. Chances are slim for fruitful relation as people are growing more cynical by the day. Worst off, many are trying to recoup losses of the past. Progress? One must be kidding. Negative effort more like it.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Reason to go on and on.

Does it bite? Sanity is bland, repeating mistakes is the norm. Change is painful, costly and risk laden. Couched and comfort rule the day. Digestion for no reason in particular. Energy burnt to the ground, married to gravity. Regular chores like carbohydrate, tasteless and meaningless. Just wanna have fun, what fun? Like a peacock ruffle its' feathers in a land of zombies. Everyone keeping an eye on the moneyball. Errands and traveling, taken for a ride for nothing. The clock ticking away, the day is short. Sleepless night meant a losing ballgame, extratime. Sleep early, time wasted being carried forward to another day, schizophrenic at its' peak.

Patience run thin as resources are depleting rapidly. The quest for new money taking its' toll when everybody's selling and no one buying. Greed has left no room for the reticent and quiet ones. The waiting game is common as sugar, the major addiction of the world population either you are 8 or 80. Bosses treat its' subject like doormat. Begging on the street is a blue ocean strategy afterall. With the aging process, come instinct. Feeling cropped up like flowers in springtime with situation. Experience does matter when meeting or encounter with bad apples.

A long, long cold winter.

Spring is here again. New hope, new aspiration. Don't have to think much, what being subdued all these while is coming to a boiling point. After much searching and cost guzzling, serendipity is dear indeed. Not worth the effort. Anyhow, time passes by anyway with idleness. Chances do come but far too remote and measly return. Chasing after dream is a weary affair while letting luck to rest on shoulder is time consuming. Meal after meal, watching the scene pass by just like movie rerun daily.

Greed over money like moth to the flame is magnetizing. The brain is sucked dry over the affair of money. Can't survive without, it's a painful life to the core. Begging for alms is distasteful, no way out. Seen people chuckling with happy-go-lucky attitude with a smile from ear to ear. Does it work? Truly happy? Not to mention hangovers when left alone. Puffing incessantly and string of coffee are a major pastime. A strong abuse of the body and soul.

People don't change naturally. Going through the same regimen day in day out hoping for miracle to fall on the lap. Will it? Hopping from drama to drama, life is a mess with a keen eye for what truly matters in life. Will excitement and addiction triumph over a peaceful existent? It's a choice. The price to pay is just beyond imagination.