Sunday, 25 May 2014

To please

People talked about stop pleasing everybody. What's the point? People still do it every time. it's the mechanics of human interaction. Try it n chances are people will give you the cold shoulder. Grimaces notwithstanding, you can kissed future collaboration goodbye for good.

Talk is cheap. And action brings consequences. We might have good intention but people don't see it that way most of the time. We are wasting our time. Better luck elsewhere. The hide n seek game persist to a new level where the finder not necessary be the keeper. i rest my case.

Pleasing our superior, our breadwinner n not forgetting our spouse can give you a mouthful of candy. Or it can backfires. Good intentions is not a sure betfire. Tough luck. Tough days. What else there is in our daily struggle if not to get the acceptance of our paymaster.

Do more than expected as the saying goes. Stay out the comfort zone etc. i sincerely hopes these do hold water in the long run. As the Chief Economist, John Maynard Keynes profess, we are all dead in the long run. A better way of putting matters in perspective is much sought after.

Last but not least, what we manifest must be true, kind n necessary. Otherwise they will hold sway the thoughts of the innocent. in bright daylight

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