Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Long journey

We always equip ourself when embarking on a journey. Baggages, snacks/drinks, aspirin, reading material etc.

Sight-seeing is a bonus. Laid-back, comfy n cozy. Enjoying the ride is much anticipated.

Small talk with our love one along the journey is an experience to behold.

A much deserved break from the routine of daily grind at work.

We will be asking for more vacations like these in the very near future.

Going back to work is another story altogether ) :


Yes it propels everything n everyone forward. it fuels our work n take it to the next level. Without energy, we will be idling for no purpose.

in a sense it is more valuable than time. Cos time is a constant denomination. it works wonder if we put in that little bit extra effort in everything we do.

Creativity play a major role in harnessing of energy. We don't want to incur unnecessary cost over the wastage of energy too.

Therefore a little imagination goes a long way if we want to maximise the output of energy.

Take your time, execute with some dexterity n put in your heart in the things you do.

At such, i bet you will love every minute of what energy can do for you (( ;

The season for jolly

Yes Dec 25th the one day in the year where everybody celebrates Xmas. Rich n poor. Young n old. Good n naughty.

We put on our best clothes, best smiles n most importantly new resolutions for the coming Year 2014.

Wishing better things to come n meeting new people that will enhance our social being.

Wealth, health, happiness you name it, everyone is wishing for that special something or someone to come along. And sweeps us off our feet.

Time, money n energy. Blood, sweat n tears. We go thru the passage of time bringing with us memories both good n ugly. Victories n downfall. And yet we thank the Special One for all the blessings He showered on us.

May the coming Year 2014 brings us peace, joy n happiness. Sigh.....

Friday, 20 December 2013

Random act

We often succumb to act of random. Not that we don't want to work in orderly manner. But the call of nature proof to be a hard act to follow.

Come 2014, with the onslaught of more stress at work, staying calm is utmost. Otherwise our program will get topsy-turvy. One hope. May 2014 a year of smooth sailing.

Not forgetting mistakes made in the past, one lesson learned. We are bound to repeat them. We are only humans after all. Better luck this time.

The people we meet, the things we do, all in a day's work. Finding some solace intermittantly. Like coffee, music video n occasional movies.

There is no telling where we end up to be. Frightening at times. We let our fate to chances. Control is futile. it takes up too much time n energy. Everybody knows that.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Working in the office

Waking up to alarms. Brushing my teeth reaching for the cup. Brewing my morning coffee coupled with my homemade sandwiches. it has become a routine, hasn't it?

i bet i am not alone in order to achieve financial freedom. Sticking to a monthly paycheck the fix income group marhh. Making ends meet n all.

Well we do have a choice. We all do. This is not the end of the story. Gratification can be served. it's an option. We can go for what we want. But then again there is a price to pay for everything, isn't it?

Some are still waiting for the right moment. Whereas many tried to break free with their own concoction of magic formula. This is a free country.

To end this note with some rationale, i believe there is more than meets the eye. if only we know how. Only time will tell.

God bless us all.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

i miss you

You never know how much you miss someone until they're gone. Absence made the heart grew fonder. Especially love ones.

in everyday life, for the sake of spontaneity n convenience we often threw glances n prompt in our dispositions.

There is a breaking point in every human interaction like the exchanges of love, continuity in business dealing n keeping our jobs.

Very much more importance shall be dealt with if we want to keep our caravan of love intact n ensuring livelihood of our noble endeavours.

The spirit of teamwork, the strength of a family n the company we run all depends on our initiative to give that little bit extra n expect less to keep the momentum of life going.

Let's keep sowing the seed of love n hopefully one day we will all be able to reap the joy of togetherness in time of need like rainy days. And celebrate too in time of victory.

i bet this is one way we could all win in the battle against selfishness n greed.

For the time being let's cheers to all whom have come this far to contribute their effort to better living by means of caring n love.

No contribution is either too small or too big. A big toast to my very love ones!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow

Everybody dreams of good things. Things falling into place n matters resolved to heart's content.

We set out on a limb with available resources hoping for an ideal solution. Garnering support in unexpected circumstances n seeking fertile soil.

There might be hiccups along the way like urgent matters to attend to, answering phonecalls n errands to run. During these intervals, we chip in every effort to see our project on track n upgrading work progress.

Sometimes we suffered hangovers due to much thoughts. Learning to relax n taking care of our every move in a casual way will do the job just fine. Don't try too hard.

i bet in time the things we do will develop into a life pattern. Practise. And have plenty of rest too.

Over time, we will realise that our problems solely arise because we think too much for our own good. And being too hard on oneself.

Learn to relax n enjoy life

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Give writing a good name

Going back n forth with our ideas. Great to have pen n paper with us. The net too. in the spirit of sharing n let our feelings shown.

There are many things we could write. With a good start, a good story to tell n our hope for the future. Many times we fell short of having the right ingredient for our story. But it's only temporary. The rain will come

Well, this is only half the story. New episodes in our life n new experience do cast a spell on the things we wrote. i bet old stories will never be the same again as we found new analysis over previous mindset

Come year 2014, we might even realised how foolish we are over the things we fought so badly. Like reaching the wrong conclusion, blaming the wrong guy etc

We crossed path every day with our fellow friends in everyday life. Chances are we are holding the same aces

And the ace of heart rises at every occasion

Monday, 6 May 2013

Caring for the sick

The chain is as good as its' weakest link. in every home, there is bound to have a sick person. Blood is thicker than water. Every family member has a duty to take care of the sick.

Preparing meals, dishing out medicines n cleaning are the norms. it takes lots of patience n tolerance to cater its' need. Plenty of thoughts too. Cause the sick is full of sentiments, listless n all. Everyone is busy with their career. Conflicts among family members taking turns to care for them can reached feverish.

What can we do about it? Understanding, give n take is a lesson to be learned in order to see a speedy recovery of the sick.

No easy task as the sick has antics of its' own. Like reluctance, lack of will n stubbornness. Sometimes we are caught up with sleepness night trying to keep pace with the demand of the sick.

Well, life goes on. i don't have the answer yet. One wish. Praise The Lord for her speedy recovery.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

One beautiful evening

Hands often get twisted when you're not careful. Opening a can of sardines, reaching for an obscured broom. Ointments comes in handy. Rub, rub till the flesh turned spongy. One thing leads to another.

Scooping some coffee from the mug finding remnants befitting another go. Running errands to the neighbourhood grocer will certainly tweets my grand ole moped 100cc to be exact. Putting on the helmet makes my head weighing twice. To be a good roadie marhh.

Thinking twice of picking up a periodic mag as the old stock at home is piling up. The price of a new mag cost the neck anyway. Might as well spend it on a worthwhile tea. Or some jingling coins in the pocket. Any which way i win. Literally. Nothing to do with economic sense.

Doing my weekend laundry is like trying for the umpteenth times mobilising a crane to lift a hen. Not that i had any eggs to laid. i guessed many will shy away from laundry too. Similar to meeting your in-laws 2 weekends in a row. Endless marathon. The ever shaky washing machine dance like a hula hoop. imagine if it had a life of its' own. Tonnes of dirt in its' bowel.

Start taking coffee in my late twenties. Filling up my bowel twice a day capacity wise. Running on ends say 10hour working day. Over two decades that will be treating the Empire States Building with a traffic of 20million souls. Cell-wise.

Perhaps hitting the next nail do us no justice contemplating the amount of blood, sweat n tears we toil overtime. But placing my tools around the hip only weighs down my pants literally. Or is it?

Walking around the city, peacocks ran abound. Fashionistas, working fellas n vagrants crossing paths to meet their destiny. There will be another day. New pictures to paint. And new folks to impress. To get our butt away from our sweetheart gravity.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Scheme of things

No denial the ups n downs of life. Gravity is everything. Bucking up for the next move.

Making a living n chores to do. Care for our love ones too.

Can't be too choosy over things that need to be done. Daydreaming n sleep away precious time just won't do.

Living up to a dayjob perhaps doesn't promise everything. But mustering our energy to a good day's work definitely spells something. Like food on the table. Commendable toiletries for some. And maintaining our household.. A roof over our head.

Take it easy. Life ain't that bad after all. Some respite from the things we love. For instance, what i am doing right now. Pursuing a hobby in writing. No guilt. No hangover. If you ask me.

Taking a stroll on our mobile too. Not mentioning some interesting viewing on the tube.

Sometimes we feel down. We feel tired. Running of the mills they said. It's only natural. Whom doesn't?

Picking up the pieces n get moving with our life sounds dour. Everyone including ourself never feel contented. Hassle-free n comfortable living is everybody's dream.

We get chided from pushie people occasionally. Learning to fulfill our responsibility might be arduous but life goes on. The show must go on or let the grass grows under our feet.

Getting into the scheme of things is a 9 to 5 job. No complaining here. For now.

Saturday, 2 March 2013


People always sound critical. Trying to recoup the best answer. is there a hidden secret recipe? is there a hidden motive? Getting something from me? Why me?

Amusing. Don't you find? History started off with barter trade. Follow by agriculture produce. And services.

Everyone has something to offer. Many seem powerless. There is a reason. And chances are they are being too harsh on themselves.

Reasons like no money. No skill. No opportunity. ill-health. Getting old. Too young. Handicapped. The most unfortunate is no "want".

Unless we have cerebral palsy or something, we subject our livelihood to alms. But with time, many do learned from their past. There are either losing interest in life itself or pure lazy. No one is to blame. Free country. Everyone do have choices.

The economic pie is not judged by its' size. Supply n demand either. Those are old school of thoughts. For instance convenience shop. Neighbourhood apple-pie outlet. Or even selling unheard of items on the net. The trade scenario has taken added malady into its' business. Not just old malady but a new set too.

Like competition. Customers spoilt for choice. Shopping malls coming up like mushrooms. Buying power. The aging society. Breadwinner has many mouths to feed. impatience etc.

These are elements that will bring up prices. Unorganics. Preservatives. irresponsible workforce. Unscrupulous employers n so forth. The impact could only get worst as human behavioural study concludes.

As the human population profess itself, the future of trade is anybody's guess.

We can only do our day's work with some proper etiquette, try not inviting troubles n minding our own business.

Unless you are the maverick type.

Or aspires to be a Circus Clown.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Responsible for ourselves

is there a way to make it on our own? To our own ability? To our confidence? No matter what the challenges are?

From experience, we are too afraid of failures. Afraid of economic sanctions. Afraid lack of support.

With some amount of thoughts n guidelines, i don't think anyone out there shouldn't be able to. Learning from mistakes. Trials n errors. Being thrifty. Are some of the lessons we can induct into our new work.

We maybe good in writing. Good in accounting. Good with people skill. And selling too. There is no short cut. Many give up within short notice. Getting bored. Feeling lost are some of the setback on the journey towards independance.

Have a vision. Try to achieve something by taking steps. Finding ways to solve problems. Stay focus. And so on. Be sure to finish off our assignment too. With time n some practice the goal you're seeking should be within reach.

For instance, if you're selling something. is there a demand? Where the market would be? Will i be able to market them? What are the cost? What is my punchline? Where shall i start? When will i be able to sell a specified quantity?

Whenever we found difficulty in doing anything, start asking ourselves what we can do. Do not shy away or give up too easily. There must be a way. Somewhere. Somehow. Anyhow, where would we start? The time is now.

What if i don't have money? What if i don't find the time to do things? Whom shall i talk to? Whom shall i call? What am i doing right now? We should start somewhere or we will be forever at a crossroad. Afraid of leading our lives. Afraid of taking that 1st step.

We are blessed with certain attributes. Something we good at. Something we love. Don't let that go to waste. if money is the main criterium, chances are we are not going to start anything at all.

Start working on something n get into the scheme of things. Problems n solutions are stepping stones in every enterprise. You never know if you don't try.

Try taking one step at a time n see for yourself the changes you make towards making a better living.

Better late than never. Take it slow. You love it!


As time goes by, we realised how things have changed so fast. Getting older. Tired. Meaningless.

Going with the times, sanity drives away our customers. Much more so otherwise. Doing our best to run business both the macro n micro side.

There is no easy way out. Working, pacing n practising our skill in the hope of getting results.

Solitude n finding rest also works. No point working fervently where we most often misdirect our energy n getting frustrated in the end. Well, that's life. Getting frustrated is a human feeling. Don't get too hard on yourselves.

We fall. We crawl back. All in a day's work. Once we realised we are only human, we will feel much better of being our ownself. No undue influence. No duress. At your own pace.

Little victories along the way like cutting on smoking n drinking more water. Reducing our anger n minimising on impulse. There is no end to what we can do to improve our life.

Don't get too carried away with external forces. Think right. Doing the right thing etc. Go for what we want. Take that very 1st step. Don't give up easily. And be kind to yourselves.

Like getting enough sleep. Take it slow. And personal hygiene.

No shame. No shame. We might be slow. But we are taking steps for the road ahead.

Safety first.

Friday, 8 February 2013

The unspoken word

We are hiding our thoughts. Not spitting them out. Not playing to the tune. We have our reasons.

Once burn twice shy. The motives may vary but the facts isn't far away from the truth. Playing safe, saving our graces n not inviting troubles among others.

The probability of hidden elements is low. Everybody knows money is one of the criteria in every dealing. No bullshit here. We won't be surprise people go in circles to get anywhere near money. One thing for certain. Money is taboo. Not a conversation piece.

For centuries people has been hiding in a cloak of secrecy when soliciting for money. They are justified. Deliver the goods n you get the loot. Simple. That was yesterday.

Continuity n the burden of labour are ingredients of perpetual income. If you want to survive. If you want to pursue the task ahead. The road is long. The burden is unbearable.

Options are dear. At a crossroad. Pick the wrong choices n one will end up in a maze of economical doldrums like heaping overheads, multiple start-ups n annoying hiccups. Sometimes, we put our thoughts aside n carry on with the endline in sight but accountability is not on our side.

There comes the harsh decision. Pursuing bad debts, imbueing new capitals n restructuring gameplans are hovering above our head. More true to the breadwinner. We can lead a simple life. But the present world we live in have no mercy. Especially to the complacent lot. Time is running.

Many found themselves in a dilemma over the juggling of expenses, time n commitments.

Our hands our full.

Everything n everyone changes fast.

Catching the next "train".

Catching our breath...............

Thursday, 7 February 2013


We can expressed ourselves in many ways. Finding time. Finding the mode. And sacrifice.

We can be a money-making machine too. Thrown away our feelings. Cast aside our conscience. And breaking hearts. For the sake of survival.

In the line of duty we need to reply to demands n doing our day's work in the name of responsibility. The problem is we are spending too much time to cater to the needs of others to the detriment of our very own rice bowl.

Explanations are just futile especially when you are committed to perform for someone or a company. The salary-workers are just working unrelentlessly to make ends meet. Any demands will be frowned upon by the Employer as deadlines n new commitments are coming in streams.

In order to make a living, we are always getting the short end of the stick. Compromising on our precious time, no-deal replies n repressive attitude. At the mercy of our customer.

As the market is flooded with goods n services n saturated with desperate money-seeking mongers, cash is getting more elusive by the days. Starvation of cash irritates n resulted in frenzy sellers everywhere looking for a fast one. Rock bottom offer is killing the bread n butter of the working community.

Things could get worst as cost of living is rising n overdue payments are tying a noose around one's neck.

No matter you are delving with trade or services, the story is the same.

Everybody wants money. Whom is gonna be the paying samaritan?

The question is clear. And the answer is..................

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The spirit lives on

Sometimes the goings really tough but we keep moving on.

Hoping we made it to the other side.

Speaking the truth n try conveying our messages take its' toll.

Failing health or timid resources doesn't help either.

With years of experience n lessons learned, we know very well that hardwork will see us through everytime.

Time never stood still. Might be little steps we take but the intentions is clear. Every battle must be fought earnestly before the war is won.

Innovative ideas only come through practice. People might shun us for all the wrong reasons due to old-fashion practice. Be realistic, the world is looking for brand new moves n exciting ideas to occupy their time. Don't wanna catch them yawning. Our bread n butter is at stake.

Moving along with our work takes on a new meaning. Playing catch-up, stay update n following the trend are utmost if we don't wanna be left out.

Giving up is easy. Everybody knows it's an uphill climb. And climb we shall.

To make it to the top n catch the bloody view that eludes us all these time.

Some might go through life effortlessly. Mine me, every endeavour we took requires an amount of effort to see the day.

To acquire a comfortable pattern of life, strive is still number one.

Making it a habit will spell good omen for us. Always.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Whom we are

We try to emulate, to copy n living up to standards

And yet, we always know deep down, sooner or later we go back to our ownself

We are what we are. Things we good at. Things that are just not us. Fooling our ownself in the end

Maybe it's time for us to set the record straight

Like being responsible for what we do, giving people our ace of heart n spilling the beans in our daily conversation. Our conscience will be lighter n easier.

Things are easier said than done. Like in a game of cards.

We don't want to reveal too much. Like a flasher, frustration n embarassment ensue if we revealed too much of what is playing in our mind.

It is a problem that bugged us in everyday life. Like it or not, for the sake of diplomacy, we always flashed the little cards first in business dealing hoping for an eventual fair deal.

Trying to be bombastic n pulling a fast one will only drive our customers away.

Rome is not built in one day.

It's a brick n mortar game. Every bit

Friday, 4 January 2013

Too little

There are times we asked our very ownself if what we have done is too little to make a difference? Didn't get enough audience or just another piecemeal to the masses?

This sentiment will only pull us down time n again. This is a form of outright negativity n not giving you fair justice. Be aware of this demon. Uproot them n continue the good work regardless of how the economic climate is.

We learn from the business world that there are cycles to contemplate with. Do adapt to changes n stay adept to viable practice as much as possible. Keep non-feasible business away to allocate more time for the sensible one.

Try not to fall into the trap of spending too much time on certain task that can be dealt with, with more economical options like sourcing n picking up the phone.

Staying alert n be aware of our status also play an imminent role in striking the right balance between planning n execution. For example, budgeting n traveling cost.

We shall not forget the lesson of spontaneity too as too much thinking will defeat the purpose of execution n leave us with more guesswork than footwork.

Last but not least, do not be afraid of failures as practice made perfect n stagnation will kill the goose.

And a sitting duck.