Sunday, 13 April 2014

Why relations don't last?

Benefits is the keyword. Nobody wants to stay in a stale relationship. Especially true when it comes to monetary concern. Let me touch on these later in this article. For both young n old, psychological benefit form a friendship do chalked up mileage too. So-called emotional dependency. Sorry i won't go further on this coz i am not a psychologist.

Money gave us bad name. But everybody needs money. For every economic endeavour if one does it as a hobby or charity alone he or she would be starving to death. For this reason alone, people always used money as a barometer in everything he/she does. Money isn't everything but we can't live without one. Realism bites.

in the old days, barter trade are ubiquitous. For instance, one has to look for twenty chickens to trade for one cow. No puns intended. But with the advent of money, one can simply carry cash with him in the pocket when going to the market. On the other hand, imagine there is no money in transaction. Resources will be depleted sooner or later due to over consumption by the masses both rich n poor. Enough said on the history of money. So let me comes back to my perennial question why relations don't last.

it works as long as both parties in a relationship puts in effort for it to flourish. Simply put, once a party or friend or even a loved one get neglected, the relation is off for good. There are people whom disowned their friends n family members too. Sad but true. A real heartbreak story. One can see it in movies too. Chances are betrayals, backstabbing n money issues play a pivotal role in these break-ups.

Coming to handicaps. There are the most neglected of all when it comes to forging a relationship. There are regarded as lesser capacity individuals in legal terms. More so in reality. Handicaps in another term are those whom are incapable of looking after themselves, the blind, old folks, hearing impaired, autistics n those whom are sicked for a prolonged time of period. Feedbacks on why relations don't last are welcomed......