Thursday, 24 July 2014

There is a reason for everything

Why aren't people listening to us? Why the things we do doesn't hit the target? Why are we losing so much time, effort and money? We are banging on the wrong problem.

The truth is nothing is easy. Otherwise nobody will be working. This is not the answer. Selfishness and greed is evil number one. A give and take situation. No free lunch.

Our knees are weak in time of crisis. We feel lost. What really matters by any chance is money. People resort to great measures for fund. Get a job. Be patient is rule of the game.

In between work, we collect our thoughts to move on. Losing control over our life spells disaster. On the other hand, over-focusing on our livelihood leads to burnout. No choice. Sanity is over-bearing. In order to live on, we use our senses to tackle every situation. And to make the best of it.

We are living in a community. In order to survive, we need to play our role and function within. Standing alone will only leads to starvation and incarceration. Reality bites.

Choices is not an option. We better be moving. Strike the next iron. Cook the next meal etcetera. We shall enjoy the process too no matter what. Otherwise we will lose interest of the job at hand in no time. Back to square one.

In time of turbulence, getting back to basics is not bad afterall. Being emotional and splashing our money on matters that we don't need will only spell disaster time and again. The vicious cycle of life is mean. Our perception, motive and action must be clear and justified.

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