Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Feeling refresh and fine. Happy and gay. Everybody loves a good piece of news. Like a new born. Like the launch of a new shuttle. Postman bringing you the latest love letter. Whom doesn't love good surprises?

Having a long scented-bath. Watching a new movie. We go to great lengths to acquire refreshing experience. Not to mention the cost of procurement. Like changing a new car, a new house and a new girlfriend for some.

What is the price of starting a new chapter? A refreshing new leaf? Only the wise can tell you the game people play. Unless you are dumb, open your eyes and you will realise that everyday people harbours dream of their own. Do you have one?

Getting stale and bored with mundane living hit the nerve of many in several parts of the day. It takes stamina and mental strength to overcome fatique. People find ways to refresh. A glass of iced-cold lemonade perhaps. Catch my drift?

To wake up refresh tomorrow requires ample sleep. In modern terms, sleeping needs practice. So-called sleeping pattern. For those whom are dead tired, sleeping is not a problem at all. If I have a million bucks, I presumed I will sleep like a baby and waking up refresh like a beaming sunflower.

Nothing beats our soul and mind when it comes to refreshing our wallet. I bet that's why each and everyone of us is working so hard to make ends meet. No issue here.

Begging for money give one a bad name. City of angels are harping a puzzling tune...............

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