Saturday, 21 June 2014

Stop looking

isn't here. isn't there either. We travel half the globe looking for that special something or special someone. No, not at home either. Like a game of hide n seek or a game of snake n ladder, we breathe in n breathe out. Like making love too, holding tight n letting go.

No sign of letting up in life. Unless you want to spend a life unperturbed. Like spending the rest of your life writing a book by the seaside. Our forefather n grand dame did that. A legacy remembered n forgotten at the same time.

City life is burgeoning with all walks of life. We don't know our neighbours anymore than they know us. Saying hi over the mobile seems remote. Dogs n cats roam the living room. Nobody is taking out the thrash anymore. Neither is fixing what is broken. Consumerism rules.

Perhaps we couldn't care less but the present society have program n tune us in such a way that having time for someone is like the Beauty n the Beast having a first meal together.

People don't reach out anymore. Anymore than saying their name, where they are heading or even can't commit when they will see each other again. The song "When will i see you again?" is playing fervently in the back of our mind like the needle of the gramophone resting on its' groove.

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