Saturday, 2 August 2014

The dilemma of over-reliant on a single person.

Oh yes. It's good to have friends. When we are young, our parents always bail us out whenever we get into trouble. The same goes to whenever we are working for someone. We seek solace with a single entity. As we grew older, we realised how important it is to have a network of friends.

For advisory. For a helping hand. For a shoulder to cry on. To share our inner thoughts. In time of trouble. In good times. If we are over-reliant on a loved one, we bound to get hurt when things go wrong. We are left high and dry. Resulting in long cold wintry night.

In time of peace, have some caring for people you know. Stay in touch and exchanges of goodwill shall flourish a friendship in many ways.

Do not underestimate the power of friendship. It's a give and take situation. Stop cheating our friends. Be honest and sincere. Good friends are hard to come by. It takes effort.

To win friends, one needs the right attitude. A good ear for listening for instance. One doesn't have to splash money to win friends. One can spot a genuine friend when he gets to know her well.

With a network of friends, life grew easier when co-operation in many form are essential. We get hurt by over-dependent on a single source that is likely to let us down. Many got cheated by blind trust.

As time goes by, we learn to choose and sticking by our faithful friends. Nothing is more scary than relying solely on someone or something that are not trustworthy or likely to hurt us in many ways.

Choose wisely and start looking for new genuine friends..................

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