Thursday, 16 January 2014

My choice

it takes many years of toil, trials n errors to come up with the choices i made. Love life, career, money is on the line. Stringing them like beads around my neck. An ornament to my friends n family.

Better prospect. Better people to be with. Better cars to drive. Better sunrise n sunset. Things can only get better. Hope n miracles do happen. Touchwood.

Meanwhile, at a juncture, the route to take tantamount to the reserve i have, friends i made n the work i do. This process will go on n on. i am here to play the pieces like a game of chess.

Resources can be exhausted. Replenishing them with new blood n vigour is utmost. Like nutricious food, rich supplements n tonics.

Vacations n spa are a good option too to rest the soul n finding new fortitude.

All in a day's work. The treadill is running. At times, breaking the stride is requisite in order to take stock of my well-being.

Like fun n play for instance (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

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