Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How stupid can we be?

Banging on the same drum. Putting our wallets n keys at the same place. Slouching on the same couch. There must be change.

Traveling the world. New reading material. Watching Transformer 4. You get my picture. The feelings too. Like savouring a new dish for the 1st time. Making love to a brand new woman.

Whom didn't love surprises. Like a birthday present you've always wanted. The thing is, we are so entrapped in the scheme of things, we often unaware that we are placing our juice into the same mold over n over again. Like bad habit. Smoking for instance. Filthy.

At the workplace, rushing matters is order of the day. No brainer. Like a train running on track, same old station, same old schedule, kowtowing to the same head. Nothing creative. Nothing rings nor knocks.

We are feeding our soul with make-believe at home too. Drowning ourself with hobbies n heartwarming moments. But then again, everything runs thin. How much is too much? How little is too little? it takes lots of spirit to uplift our mood.

We can only relate to life experience as we do. Like watching a movie for the 1st time. 1st love n 1st of anything. it all depends on us to fill up the vacuum in our heart with new found freedom, new pockets or even a new found friend whom is heart rendering at its' best.

Stupidity has no limit, quote Einstein. it's all up to us to make life journey a happy one.

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