Friday, 27 June 2014

Fear is enemy number one

Fear of the unknown. Never tried. No time. No friends. No infrastructure. No money. The list is bottomless. There are those whom couldn't care more too.

Life goes on. Wonder why those whom are bed-ridden are eager for action? injured footballers whom can't wait for the next game? And employees whom are in anticipation of the next paycheck?

We are all players in the circle of life. Hakuna matata. Time wait for no man. And no man is an island. The ball is on our court whether we like it or not. Retrieving n sending the ball to its' rightful place takes plenty of wit n vigour.

We are creature of comfort. Many times, we just lazed around n cozy up to the surrounding n leave everything to chance. We can't wait that long, can we?

Comes down to motivation. We need love n affection to live a life of bliss. A good companion is really a great blessing. i am looking forward to it.

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