Saturday, 24 May 2014

Leaving it to chances

At times we feel like having it all. Chances are we aren't. Unforeseen circumstances. Calamities n rejections. At wit's end. By taking the next step, we increase the chances of success. if we don't, the answer will always be no. Everybody knows that.

Working thru our fingers, backbreaking act wouldn't promised anything but it's everything that we got. Nourishing our body, taking the requisite nap n intermittant joy will feed our tired soul n spirit. Not forgetting the money we spent in the process.

Feeling lonely in this cold world is inevitable. No complains here. Like a Captain steering its' own ship, looking for a shore to harbour is likeable to looking for a companion to share a shoulder. A total respite. We can't chase after what that doesn't belongs to us in the 1st place. Until the right one comes along, we leave it to chances yet again.

Waking up in the morning whether we plan the day or not, chances are playing on our fate. By having a good faith alone shall determine the outcome of our every endeavour. We can't get whatever we aspires, can we? The bottomline is our bread n butter issues more or less are determined by the acceptance of the masses. Can't forced a mouthful into our object's throat, literally speaking.

Having faith in the Almighty Lord shall do us just fine. God bless...............

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