Monday, 20 January 2014

Watching tv

Getting excited over serials. Episode after episode of non-stop action. Favourite heroes n heroine.

Commercials too to get an update on the latest offerings in the market. Brandy n bargains side by side.

They are news bulletin too as an alternative to newspapers. Weather report n share market indices. Scoresheets on the sports' front never stops to amaze ( :

The remote control is like a magic wand. Surfing channels at my fingertips. i bet the same scenario happens in every household. Modern amenities marhh.....

We can watch for hours on end. it's a miracle what technology brings into our home.

No other appliance works wonderfully like a tv set. Versatile, economical n entertaining.

Need to say more?

Copyrighted James Chow

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The next level

No holding back. Don't let setbacks tying you down. Remember thunderstorms don't last. Don't let it lingers in your head. And affect your work performance.

Time flies. Seize the moment. Enjoy it while it last. Bear in mind, good times never last (( ;

We are responsible for our own well-being. Do whatever's possible with your capacity. And more.

Sometimes the goings get tough. Put in more effort lol. Stop being calculative. This too shall pass.

Getting into other people's shoes also has its' benefit. A matter of understanding n be understood.

Might be profound n poignant too to the things we do. Especially when doing it for someone special.

With love interest. Without strings attached. Tugged at the heartstrings. One never knows.

Daybreak is a wonderful sight indeed. A new beginning (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Captive audience

We have our reasons. Whom read u? Chances are remote. Few in between too. But that's not all.

We never know. There are those whom are interested. But that's not the reason. Knowing n be known is a cats n mouse game. Life is a game anyway. Play it ( :

A channel to profess. A conduit to propel. An all-purpose vehicle. Take the ride. Enjoy the view.

Mediums like tv, social media, videos n audios are abundant. People are spoilt for choice. Churn out your best articles n pictures. And cast your net. Blue marlins are beckoning. You bet.

Winner takes all. Place your bet. Many forms like business dealing, setting out on a career or plain sailing out into the blue yonder.

See no hassle, hear no delay, speak no risk (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

Thursday, 16 January 2014

What would you do?

To improve your coffer. To woo that special someone. To enpasse your career.

Doing business? What business? Gonna have a wide selection of clientele. Meeting people. Setting up meetings. Over lunch n dinners. Plenty of work. Enjoy it if you may.

Skills in maneuvering our every thought n action counts. Customers don't wait forever. And they are impatient. What would you do? Can't go on a wild goose chase forever either.

Must be good if not better in the work we do. Otherwise customers will look the other side.

How often do people look you in the eyes?

if it does, good luck to you. Better be prepared than sorry.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

Copyrighted James Chow

My choice

it takes many years of toil, trials n errors to come up with the choices i made. Love life, career, money is on the line. Stringing them like beads around my neck. An ornament to my friends n family.

Better prospect. Better people to be with. Better cars to drive. Better sunrise n sunset. Things can only get better. Hope n miracles do happen. Touchwood.

Meanwhile, at a juncture, the route to take tantamount to the reserve i have, friends i made n the work i do. This process will go on n on. i am here to play the pieces like a game of chess.

Resources can be exhausted. Replenishing them with new blood n vigour is utmost. Like nutricious food, rich supplements n tonics.

Vacations n spa are a good option too to rest the soul n finding new fortitude.

All in a day's work. The treadill is running. At times, breaking the stride is requisite in order to take stock of my well-being.

Like fun n play for instance (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

Going gaga

Amusing to the things people do in time of stress. Biting fingernails. Going in circles. Heavy drinking. Heavy puffing. i bet many have gone thru this kind of experience.

We are only human. God has made us. Perhaps this is a form of syndrome signalling the next course of action. Bucking up, pulling up one's socks n sit tight for the next ride.

Sanity will bore us down in the long run. insanity will do us no justice either. it boils down to enjoying our life momentously with the things we do well. And loving every minute of it.

Monetary concern is a form of restraint. While on the other hand, what society impose upon us is constraint. Be wise, stop thinking too much n start listening to your heart is a good option if not the best.

Come on, swallow one's pride one bit, be foolish n playful once in a while will chipped off the block upon our shoulder for sure.

For now, carry on with what's left off n join in the caravan of love.

Copyrighted James Chow

The urge

itching for action. Reflex. Taking the very step. Towards your prey.

Shopping for that special something. Connecting with that special someone. Working on an indomitable project.

Adrenaline is rushing high. Waiting to be tapped.

Finding channels to propel ahead.

Both offensive n defensive. Juggling, balancing n rationing.

Like a painter whom paint with 3 colors, the combinations are perplexing n amusing all at once. There will never be another chance. A masterpiece yearning to be borne.

Came delivery time. The finest hour. Like climaxing in lovemaking, the experience lingers n longing for more.

Need to say the less, the rest i leave it to anyone's imagination (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

Music carries me away

Drifting further n further away from shore. Yes, i can get drown with music. Transporting me to another era. Back n forth.

i can leave the radio on for hours on end. Daybreak, bedtime you name it, i done it.

Audio n visual are playground of the present day. Not one day that goes without.

Just like coffee n grapevine, it's one of the favourite pastime of the masses.

Music that i grew accustom to. Oh i am so naive. The music is not about me (( ;

People whom grew attached to ipod too. Earplugs that resemble body parts, headphones that looks more alike to muffler.

Tickets to Philharmonics n live concerts are selling like hotcakes.

Thank you for the music.

Copyrighted James Chow

Writing is not a glamour job

So pathetic. Flushing my thoughts with alphabets. Perhaps i can do better.

What to write next. Occupying time with both adversity n nicety. Can't tell which one it is.

Don't settle for less either. Driving forward with a piece of my mind.

Belting out sentimental n pop culture. For instant current state of affair n those not so new. Future tasking too.

Whom is reading me? From the pageviews, i have a clue that somehow someone has the time to browse a thing or two.

Terms of endearment or social interest i am taking my guess.

I never know.

Copyrighted James Chow

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Working as a team

Plenty of give n take to make it work. Everybody is tied up with work. Time lapse n waiting time is inevitable.

Sometimes backlog of cases push us to the limit. Deadlines to be met. Fouled-up in meetings n missed opportunities are the norms. Chasing the ultimate goal.

Life is not fair. it's a fact. Compromise rules the day. To get something done is a blessing.

There is only 24hours in a day. Time pass by quickly. To seize the day n quick on our feet are requisite.

Unless we fail most of the time, we must buck up to close the deal at lightning speed.

A challenging time indeed. Have mercy, God!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Office work

Oh yes the 9-5 treadmill. Clocking in getting your first cuppa coffee. Switching on the terminal n start punching away.

Putting in lots of thinking too as jumping the gun would produce shoddy document. Going with the flow works wonder. All fell into place.

Lunchtime is another affair altogether. Having it with fellow colleagues, chit-chatting n grapevining over a plate of hotmeal be it noodles, rice or even English bread.

Resuming work with more intensity to beat the deadline is playing on my mind. To achieve that is a blessing. To avoid any backlog marhh.

Coffee break at the office pantry is refreshing. As the day is coming to a close, tidying up spreadsheet for the next day is a requisite.

Going back home is a tight affair. Beating traffic n the occasional heavy rain is foreseen. Well, all in a day's work at the office (( ;