Tuesday, 22 July 2014

So close

..........to signing a deal but a slip of tongue. Missed the flight just because you forgot your passport. Missed your favourite party because of feeling moody. Your sweetheart called to say no at the very last minute. Well, we are always so close to the endgame when it matters.

Like a striker whom wasted a chance of a lifetime in front of the goal post. Not to mention missed opportunity. The most bitter truth of all is destiny playing a wicked and cruel hand on us. Swallowing in self-pity just don't made the cut.

What shall we do when the end result don't go our way? Tired of Plan B? Fed up of taking the same route again? Like lining up the same old pieces after a chess game?

Jumping the gun and being reckless are the norms in everyday living. Heartbreaking. No choice. No peace. Whom are we to argue and complain as everybody is so busy with the current of life?

Rules are meant to be broken. But to do away with the hassle and impending punishment, many toe the line. Painful yet compromising. Time flies. We are only digging the sand. Skin deep. And the sunset.

Have to settle for another day. To get enough sleep is a chore for many. We won't be surprised they are those whom don't slept for days. Panda eyes is a phenomena.

So close yet so far. The journey is long. For those whom are tired of living, one advice. Be patient as everything is temporary in nature. Have faith.

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