Sunday, 26 May 2013

i miss you

You never know how much you miss someone until they're gone. Absence made the heart grew fonder. Especially love ones.

in everyday life, for the sake of spontaneity n convenience we often threw glances n prompt in our dispositions.

There is a breaking point in every human interaction like the exchanges of love, continuity in business dealing n keeping our jobs.

Very much more importance shall be dealt with if we want to keep our caravan of love intact n ensuring livelihood of our noble endeavours.

The spirit of teamwork, the strength of a family n the company we run all depends on our initiative to give that little bit extra n expect less to keep the momentum of life going.

Let's keep sowing the seed of love n hopefully one day we will all be able to reap the joy of togetherness in time of need like rainy days. And celebrate too in time of victory.

i bet this is one way we could all win in the battle against selfishness n greed.

For the time being let's cheers to all whom have come this far to contribute their effort to better living by means of caring n love.

No contribution is either too small or too big. A big toast to my very love ones!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow

Everybody dreams of good things. Things falling into place n matters resolved to heart's content.

We set out on a limb with available resources hoping for an ideal solution. Garnering support in unexpected circumstances n seeking fertile soil.

There might be hiccups along the way like urgent matters to attend to, answering phonecalls n errands to run. During these intervals, we chip in every effort to see our project on track n upgrading work progress.

Sometimes we suffered hangovers due to much thoughts. Learning to relax n taking care of our every move in a casual way will do the job just fine. Don't try too hard.

i bet in time the things we do will develop into a life pattern. Practise. And have plenty of rest too.

Over time, we will realise that our problems solely arise because we think too much for our own good. And being too hard on oneself.

Learn to relax n enjoy life

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Give writing a good name

Going back n forth with our ideas. Great to have pen n paper with us. The net too. in the spirit of sharing n let our feelings shown.

There are many things we could write. With a good start, a good story to tell n our hope for the future. Many times we fell short of having the right ingredient for our story. But it's only temporary. The rain will come

Well, this is only half the story. New episodes in our life n new experience do cast a spell on the things we wrote. i bet old stories will never be the same again as we found new analysis over previous mindset

Come year 2014, we might even realised how foolish we are over the things we fought so badly. Like reaching the wrong conclusion, blaming the wrong guy etc

We crossed path every day with our fellow friends in everyday life. Chances are we are holding the same aces

And the ace of heart rises at every occasion

Monday, 6 May 2013

Caring for the sick

The chain is as good as its' weakest link. in every home, there is bound to have a sick person. Blood is thicker than water. Every family member has a duty to take care of the sick.

Preparing meals, dishing out medicines n cleaning are the norms. it takes lots of patience n tolerance to cater its' need. Plenty of thoughts too. Cause the sick is full of sentiments, listless n all. Everyone is busy with their career. Conflicts among family members taking turns to care for them can reached feverish.

What can we do about it? Understanding, give n take is a lesson to be learned in order to see a speedy recovery of the sick.

No easy task as the sick has antics of its' own. Like reluctance, lack of will n stubbornness. Sometimes we are caught up with sleepness night trying to keep pace with the demand of the sick.

Well, life goes on. i don't have the answer yet. One wish. Praise The Lord for her speedy recovery.