Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Shooting blank

Menopause. Taboo. When everything you do doesn't made sense whatsoever. Depressed and not feeling happy for our ownself in the first place. Feeling listless and useless at the same time.

Staring at the ceiling and the four walls. Numb and powerless towards all efforts. Doesn't feel like doing anything. To regain our composure and start living again requires a miracle. Like a magic antidote falling into our laps. Money falling from the sky and so forth. All wishful thinking to no avail.

Men and women alike. The lost of passion and desire is tragic. it's a psychological thing. No cure in sight. Perhaps we have our ownself to blame. Stop cheating ourself. With all the disguises, hypocrisy and tall tales. Many suffer in silence.

Like a mice in a treadmill, we go over the same track time and time again. Getting tired and fed up of the long process of survival. Better late than sorry. We should come out with a solution to solve this vicious cycle of depression before it affects our health big time.

Getting hilarious and inculcating a happy-go-lucky attitude only gets you so far. Everything takes its' toll. We couldn't be lucky all the time. Before we know it, we might have been skating on thin ice.

Jumping the gun and reckless lifestyle is a bad karma. Time to reflect on what really counts in life. Love, affection and handle life with care.

These might be fairy-tale sayings but at the end of the day, before calamity falls upon us, it's better to heed the warnings and early signs with caution. Have a heart and be kind always.

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