Friday, 27 June 2014

Different mode

Peddlaring our product. Words of mouth. Thru prints, social media. Pictures n audios. We are trying all means to capture the audience. Otherwise, deadlogged n push to the back-burner in no time.

Advertisement. A daily affair. Like going back to our woman everyday. Gotta tell her how much i care. Nothing is more pervasive than the constant reminder that we care.

Perhaps the game-plan is arduous n requires playtime. But all work n no play makes Tom a dull boy. How true. Video games n consoles playing a major n pivotal role in present day. To while away empty times n shy away from boredom.

Same goes to our vocation. The things we do. The things we don't do doesn't count. Pulling strings of contention preoccupy our precious time. To seek, to find that special moment that pull matters n people together is a surefire.

The onus of redemption rest on our shoulder yet again.

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