Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pointless and useless

Even though nobody is listening. Paying heed. Have a heart etcetera. To keep soldiering on come rain or shine. Gone as far as the horizon searching and looking for friends of a feather. To no avail.

Looking for both sympathy and emphathy. So pathetic. Am I to blame? Do I have a choice? In this city built of concrete, love is as thin as ice. And money is the root of all evil.

Hanging by the fingernails, many toil each day to make ends meet. Incomes are rare. Many times none. Startups require money. And seldom take-off. What with the present economic scenario.

Breadwinners have mouths to feed. Keeping sanity at bay is like scaling Mount Everest. Competitive market doesn't help either.

Everybody is doing its' best to look after itself. Unless one needs a haircut or requires a surgeon, chances are, they are doing just fine managing oneself. It's no surprise that reaching out to someone in time of need gets harder by the day.

Perhaps we are lack of hormones or suffering from hormone imbalance, the brain is working overtime in the name of survival. Our health and physique needs attention too. Otherwise we will suffer big time in the present rat race.

Feeling worried and down brings no benefit too. We know damn well that life has to go on no matter what phase we are in. Selfishness and greed are the greatest evil. Love shall triumph but the odds are great.

Last but not least, self-sufficiency rules the day as asking for help is an ever difficult task for most in these stressful society we live in now. More so in time of emergency......................

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