Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Long marathon

Endless obstacles. No horizon in sight. Energy and stamina to continue the race. Help is scarce. Everybody is jostling for a slice of the cake. Putting in countless effort rules the day. Otherwise one would be left behind. Biting the dust.

More so at the bottom of the social hierarchy. The battle is fierce. Can turned ugly, wicked and cruel if one is not careful. More so in handling human affair. A give and take society. To gain respect and earning a day's work is prerequisite.

To gain competitive advantage, one has to harness the best that the body, mind and spirit can offer. A lack of resources will put one down the economic ladder. Extra input will be needed to produce the same goods.

It's a marathon we can't afford to fail lest we will suffer the consequences. Like poverty and begging for handouts. The people whom suffer the most definitely are the homeless. No roof over their head and deprived of a good rest.

Like a boat looking ashore, the struggle is painful. And confidence is important to pull any success of making a kill in the unforgiving present market. Overheads run high and the clock is ticking away at feverish pace. Time waits for no man.

Many try the happy-go-lucky attitude but at the end of the day, it boils down to bread and butter issues. Better late than sorry.

It's a tiring race. Giving up is not an option. Unless you don't need food to survive, the show must go on. Family and friends are alike. Co-operation is a 2-way relationship. Based on the fundamental of act of kindness. God bless..............

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