Friday, 30 May 2014

Tell me when?

Oh yes. Paychecks. The rain. Good impromptu. We all need one. They are so finicky to the bone. Luck is everything. Perhaps the lottery shop. Keep hoping. Keep praying. Doesn't mean anything anyway. Gotta carry on with our life. Many hows?

People might got us wrong. Our intentions. Our livelihood. But then again, who cares? Start selling lemonades perhaps to the neighbours. Literally speaking if you wished but the conundrum holds water. Or we will die of starvation with wishful thinking.

Stop asking when? Stupid question. Coz it may never will. Sleep our way thru. No-no. Funny you know, coz sleep is the only marathon that requires no effort. Sad thing is, it takes up lots of time. Be my guest, try tackling time more creatively. i have no answer here either.

Til you found the pot of gold, keep a keen eye on magical rainbows that weaved before you. Can't get those at night though. Gonna wait after a heavy downpour. Coz that's when the enigmatic rainbow appears before us. Choose your colour stripe. God bless............

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