Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Don't say a word

Words don't matter. Misconstrue at times. Between the lines, the opposite is true n so forth. And neither is action. Nobody cares, do they? in the name of Christ, we are people who do. Sleep notwithstanding.

Diary of a professor or a Princess Diary. We love to keep them in words, don't we? in everyday conversation, proses n phrases are heard in subways, in the office n even in elevators. Communication pull us together. They can torn us apart too.

Short n simple words are sweet. Trouble is people don't get enough. Bookstores still thrive. Magazines are selling like cupcakes n music CD is a turn on.

Giving up on words is not an option. We need to talk. As simple as ordering a cup of coffee. Reporting to the Boss n explaining your taxes. i don't know about you but i love pillow talk. Whispering, chissing. And the kissing as cherry topping.

Words are not enough to say the least. Neither is action. More so in the present world. ironic money still stay supreme when putting people to work. Silencing the harshest critic too when it matters.

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