Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Don't lose your nut

Something we good at. Handicraft. In the kitchen. Accountancy. Engineering. And even the magic we weaved when we speak. Not to mention special care for our loving spouse.

Carefree? Going slow? Taking it easy? There are ways we go about things. Nothing worse than losing our nuts. We feel lost in the ocean of people.

Time to crank up that old engine again. To keep it in running. Gear one, gear two and so forth. Of course we are going somewhere if we know the destination. To win a heart. To sell a glass of lemonade. Or even real estate if you aspire great task.

Our house. Our car. Our gadget. They are perfect companion for a life of comfort. How fortunate we are. And our spouse. They are meant the world to us. We will trade anything for something that is meant so much to us. Can't live without.

In order to sustain our love, we need to work hard making sure they are not slipping out of hand. Leading an irresponsible life will only spell disaster one way or the other. Better late than sorry. Let's buckle up and pulling up our socks for the next ride.

The road might be bumpy. Obstacles seem insurmountable. Against all odds, we are looking to yet another sunny day to ply our trade. We might fail. But as long as we are doing our best, any success that comes our way shall taste the very much sweeter.

We choose. We decide. We act.......................

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