Friday, 6 June 2014

Rushing things

There is no mercy. Meeting deadlines. Unfinished business. Tying up loose ends. Bread n butter issues. i bet i am not the only one.

Being sedentary is meaningless. What with the myriad of chores hanging around your neck. Breaking free requires action. To defy gravity. To kick asses so to speak. it's not an option. Taking a bath, brushing our teeth, refueling, paying utilities n comtemplating the next move. Life never ceased.

To call it a day. Easy for you to say. Money is chalking up mileage in one's pocket. Gonna buckle-up n ride the next job. Complacency hurts in many ways. Awareness wins.

Before we go overboard, well-beings are important too. But that can wait, we keep telling ourself. Life at the office is like a factory. Fitting in like a running cog, we must be crazy if we don't have feelings. Even cold-blooded animals will take a run for its' money.

Until we find a befitting solution, work is all that is. To put food on the table, roof over our head. The feeling is not mutual. Like soldiers on the battlefront, we keep striving forward until the battle is won. Some respite in the bunker maybe but the call of nature is always there.

it's real n it's here to stay whether you love it or not. Tough life.

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