Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What do you good at?

Paperwork. Painting. Multi-tasking. Talking too. There are a myriad things one can do. And good at. Many don't realised their skill until the later years. Never too late to start on the starting block. All it takes is passion and desire.

We might not get a handle on a certain task initially but good skill can be honed at no time. Books, advice and pure observation can get us far. Focus and determination are the main ingredient.

Coming to monetary term. We all penchant to be paid for our work. Chances are we stick to a 9 to 5 routine to earn paycheck to paycheck. On the other hand, many start a business which they think can bring an honourable return.

Overheads and sustenance are parts and parcel of everyday living. The living cost. Utilities, rental, car maintenance, repair over roof leakage etcetera. All these are chalking up to a handsome figure. Sleepless nights are norms for the unfortunate.

We resort to making a reasonable if not handsome income to overcome the above predicament. And we can only earn such income by doing what we good at. No point wasting our time on vocations that are not tailor-made to our qualification and expertise.

Maximisation of income with minimum effort is ideal. But in real life, plenty of effort and energy are required to manouvre and steer our ship on course. Especially in problem-solving. Don't take too much time to fail. Increase the rate of failure and learn big time.

Are you taking steps to better yourself? What have you done lately? God bless...............

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