Wednesday, 24 September 2014

There is no answer

God wants us to toil. To sow. If we have the answer to everything, there would be no social ills whatsoever. Life is perpetual. There is no end to the human race. And so I think.

Many gave up. Why is there so much heartaches and sad stories? We read it in the news, over radio and even experienced it ourselves. Why do we feel bad for no reason at times? It's an enigma.

We tried. We did. We learned. And yet there is very much more to learn. And yet so little time to spare. We adjust our disposition too to fit into the society.

Being a boring person is doomed to fail. On the other hand, there is a catch in being an interesting and entertaining soul to your associations. Overdo it and you will be treated as a clown. Ironically, to some extent, our objective in life is not so much of too pre-occupied with entertaining our associations. We have a job to do so to speak.

Whom doesn't want an interesting and meaningful life? Having fun with the right crowd. Friends whom understands. Those whom stick with you come rain or shine. Like a love story, an interesting and exciting plot is what most of us are looking for. An exciting career too. Unless you are square, the above doesn't apply. You will be missing out the real life big time.

It's a dream. It takes effort. Passion. Desire if one don't wish to waste one's precious life away. One lifetime. And time is fleeting.

Do not be square and learn to read between the lines. Most importantly, don't believe everything you see, hear or listen. It's what you want. Listen to your heart and do take great care of yourselves.

See no hassle, hear no delay, speak no risk. Health and happiness is in your hands................

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