Sunday, 11 May 2014

Go ahead n write

Even a person with a life of shit can write something good. This applies to me. Matters just crossed my mind n the urge of letting them all out is natural indeed. Second nature. 1st nature is enjoying life to the fullest like working on my available resources. Sipping that cup of coffee n googling for amusing anecdotes henceforth.

i am no Stephen King or Jeffrey Archer either. Just the everyday James stirred not shaken. No lack of materials to write on, everything i wrote came from hands-on episode in my daily struggles. Not far from a personal diary. An old man's diary. Appealing or not i don't know. You be the judge.

Perhaps i could send this to the editor n get it published to earn some pocket money. i wrote an article before in my 20s with the length of 500 words. Editted to 120 words eventually. i got paid 4 Ringgit Malaysian money at that time. The article served as a comment on the importance of fastening seat belt on Malaysian road. Oh hell, i still remembered the 4 Ringgit. What's writing worth huh?

Sitting comfortably on my lap, striking these keys on the keyboard feels like sowing young shoots on the padi field. Guess what, the time to reap maybe never. Why do i care? i enjoy writing marhh. Whom knows?, one day i might become another J.K. Rowling or Charles Dickens or someone in between. One never knows.

For now, i might be better off sharing my daily snippets with those whom cares. Can't go overboard.

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