Saturday, 21 June 2014

New path

Taking a new route. New hobby. Spending on new items. Designer food. All in good times. Holding tight will only give us thyroid. Letting go n finding new means of outlet like reading poems for a change, watching cables, thronging a new mall etc.

Stop looking for answers. Keep treading. Keep doing or staring at the same old walls. Limber up n clawing our fingers thru our hair, stretching those legs n swinging thy arms are invigorating. The dance of our life. Ekeing out a living is a sorry state of mind. Both body n spirit.

Routines are killing. inevitable. Breaking these chain requires ingenuity. Sometimes we are caught numb n powerless. Keep an eye for revolution LOL. For change, for new stuff in the freezer n new upcoming movies in the channel.

Before long, we might be better off ploughing the next field for new 'crops' before saying sorry. One thing utmost, sanity n health is foremost to leap the next faith. Otherwise old bondage will ruin any chance of revival in our plan.

Momentum is one thing, calling it a day sounds true when the bell isn't ringing anymore. Not in the near future. instances perhaps but the remoteness of luck play a hand nevertheless.

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