Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Artistic pride

A work of art. Need no explanation. it touches the soul. Among million other things. We come so long to project an image. An image of love, compassion.

We feel so empty at times. So lonely. So desperate. So restless. A by-product of everyday life. Toiling. Waking up from bed. Rushing to a destination. Trying to convince someone.

Like a bull in a China shop. Like a mad man scavenging for coins. We are numb n powerless to the overpowering waves of civilization. A moment of reflection on the sidewalk or having a cup of coffee on the couch seems comforting at the very least. Learning to relax is an art.

We have no idea what we are talking whatsoever. To a stranger n a loved one alike. Besides, our mind is clouded with illusion n clarity thinking to no avail. We know that.

What constitutes the rightful way of life is yet to be discovered. Playing time, getting busy n laying our hands on instrument of joy only buy us lapses. The lapses of self-denial, betraying oneself n most disheartening cheating ourself in the process.

i love art. it cherishes the unthinkable, brought out the child in us n provide solace from the wicked world we lived in. More so the one off relation in everyday conversation we are trying so hard to indulge n fathom.

Last but not least, a time for rest n reflection is really a good change. A change for our impatience attitude, a change to our vicious routine n most of all a realization on what really count in life.

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